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Who Was on The Plane and Where is the Manifest

May 9, 2009

Photo released. Someone quit. Okay, who was on the plane?  Where is the manifest?  What does this person quitting have to do with how low the plane was flying and scaring the individuals on ground? Or was the guy who quit piloting the plane? Is his another example of another “Maverick” division like the one in DHS who issue reports the DHS Secretary does not know about? Will we ever get facts instead of *spin*. Nah, doubt it.

The *Base* Long Awaited Speech, Karzai gives Advice & Free Speeches, literally

May 9, 2009

Score one for the *base*.  It would seem that the long awaited and anticipated speech in a Muslim capital  to make them happy will commence in June.  How lovely:

Obama pledged during the campaign to address the Muslim world from a Muslim capital within the first few months of taking office. Picking a site proved challenging for a range of reasons — from diplomacy to security — and the decision took longer than expected, with Obama commissioning options from a research team.

Having settled on Egypt, the White House today announced that he is adding a stop there to his early June overseas trip. That trip will also take him to Normandy, France, for the anniversary of D-Day, and to the Buchenwald concentration camp and Dresden, Germany.

Choosing Egypt will inevitably bring comparisons with a major speech that then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave in Cairo 2005, urging democracy and reform in the Middle East.

Well, the only thing we can hope for is that we don’t have to listen to too many apologies, being put down, or any of the other things that normally depress those who are truly proud of what this country has to offer.  It’s sad that people have to *fear* what will be said.  Especially those *cringing* on the inside and wonder how much more depressing, morale dropping rhetoric we will have to hear.  Everytime things start looking bad, the administration pulls out one of the campaign *gifts* like a reject version of santa claus to make people happy.   Hopefully someone will take in consideration the fact that listening to anti america rhetoric is not something those deployed or in garrison will want to hear. But I am sure there will be those who flock to the speech to see the unelievable. Back to back episodes on the last administration or how now we will now be *global citizens* , how were sorry, how things will be different now etc etc.

And the media, being the paid whores they are, well some, will make a big deal out of it and magnify every insult directed our way and highlight it as praise to include bogus polls on how *popular* this administration is.  Someone should really tell them that  people do NOT like there country being put down by others in someone else’s country.

Weighing in on what *we* should do, Karzai offers up some advice that sounds like it could of jumped off the pages of the past campaign:


Karzai briefed a small group of reporters because of what he said are fundamental misperceptions in the United States about his country.

“The Taliban and Al Qaeda often communicate with the outside world better than we do,” he said, adding that he has deep gratitude to the U.S. for joining Afghanistan on a “journey that began seven years ago — The War on Terror. ” 

However, he said that “a War on Terror cannot only be won with financial resources or military power. You have to have a higher moral platform.”

“The War is not in Afghan homes. It is in the sanctuaries and training grounds and the financial system that backs it,” Karzai said, noting that his he is satisfied from his meetings with Obama that the two nations “are now on a platform of seeing eye to eye on the issues.”

Karzai faces re-election in August, and Friday marks the deadline for presidential nominations. The president said he expects the election will be conducted fairly.

Apparently someone has been paying very close attention because this could of been written by som-

When we speak of corruption we mean when large sums of money are lost in the process of contracts and subcontracts,” Karzai said. “Of the $32 billion that the world has given us, only $6 billion has gone to the Afghan government. We are fully accountable and responsible for the $6 billion spent through our government.”

A World Bank official told FOX News that the bank did not say no corruption has been seen with funds that go directly to the Afghan government, but that the Afghan government has created adequate processes and safeguards which mitigate the risk of corruption. The official added that the money is going to the purposes outlined in the budget and has resulted in
demonstrable achievements that make the nation more accountable. 

For these reasons we have long been strong advocates that donors should put more
funds through the Afghan national budget (all of the World Bank’s own assistance
goes through the budget), and we have taken actions to facilitate this, like
establishing and administering the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund

We are fucking screwed.  Seriously. How can anyone not realize and look past what some want you to see and here and view what is actually there?   When Karzai dropped by did he get campaign advice and free samples of  past speeches  as well and  the *gropergate*  speech writer to help toss out a couple of free lines amended and adusted to fit there community? 

Or what about this:

Karzai said an attack in the province of Farah on Monday that reportedly caused the greatest civilian casualties since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 has stoked anger among ordinary people and inflamed local populations. As many as 147 people reportedly were killed when U.S. troops launched an aerial attack after being called in by the Afghan police force overwhelmed by fighting with Taliban militants.

Pakistan has also warned about aerial and drone attacks on high value targets, which officials say just stirs support for the Taliban. However, a joint U.S.-Afghan investigation is underway over the air strike after NATO’s top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan said Wednesday that preliminary evidence suggests at least some of the casualties were not caused by the U.S. bombardment. 

“There is no doubt that the casualties were high and some were caused by bombing. Air power did play an important part in civilian casualties,” Karzai said. 

Okay you got an election. Is this someones attempt to say that they are *bitching* the U.S now?  Giving the impression that now we don’t hold the power we used to? Can’t help but look at it that way because I am attempting to picture these remarks  and accusations  being made in the last administration and can’t seem to get the picture to unfold.  People are getting bold.  They know that based on the past campaign message from the last two years that any accusation of so called *wrong doing* will have people reacting before even bothering to check the facts. Case in point the “patriot act” story that had those in the *librul* blogoshere advocating for someone’s release without all the facts.

Yes We Did, Yes We Can & Yes We Will

May 8, 2009

Yes, we did achieve so many things and achieve so many accomplishments by individuals who believed that one day we would be a nation of laws and not a lawless nation. Yes, we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves with hard work and effort while understanding that a help up with tools and resources are a whole lot better than a free hand out. We will begin to move forward on a path to prosperity as soon as we move those obstacles out the way on the  path of defeat we are currently traveling.

Watching liberals has become fascinating.  In the sense that they don’t understand the idea that you don’t walk *lock step* with those of the same *party* because you should walk *lock step with the ideals they were founded on.  That is what I do not understand this constant need to support the words of the people within the party and not the foundation it was built on.  Anyone can place a “D” or a “R” behind there name. Does that mean they automatically adhere to the principles of the party they are in?

A article on Daily Kos, a blog I observe frequently because, well, it just simply amazing how some think. Well this article is fascinating in itself:


Thu May 07, 2009 at 10:53:52 PM PDT

Yeah, yeah, I will change the title as soon as the first complaint comes in.

the niceties must be observed. (original title, STAND. THE.  FUCK. UP.)

But listen up….Lefties…and the rest of you here who nominally pretend to be. The game is fucking on.

The GOP is dead. Muerte, Ka-fucking-put.

And yet STILL we are not getting the CHANGE we fucking need.

Because of you.

Because YOU are being reasonable. Because YOU are being patient.

Because YOU are not being heard. And you are NOT being heard because you are NOT ……STANDing. THE.  FUCK. UP.

Because YOU trust that the system will work, because you trust Obama ….because YOU trust Obama will do YOUR fucking job for you.

But as great and brilliant a man as Barack Obama is…and he is…he can not do YOUR FUCKING JOB.

And your fucking job is very simple right now.

YOUR job is to STAND. THE.  FUCK. UP.

I consider myself a progressive but not the kind some normally think of when they hear thevword. In the sense that there are principles in both parties that I like.  But the thing is, I look at  the *principles* within a party the same way I look at our NCO creed. As guidelines.  Guidelines that allow the leader to not only understand the principles but use common sense and your own judgement as well.  Case in point Sectary of State Clinton who is a prime example.  I supported her based on her past documented and researchable policies and the plans she intended to implement.  I believed and still do that experience is necessary and OJT is not something that should be a requirement for the highest office in our nation.

See, the thing is, she motivated people by her actions, while teh liberals were motivated by there candidates words.  They were looking for hope, while we were looking for inspiration to lead to change, but implementing solutions, based on actions.  Liberals you believe solely in *words*.  You place your hope and faith and trust on *just words* and you will be burned each and every time.  Case in point, Speaker Pelosi lying about being briefed on enhanced interrogation in 2002.  So desperate in wanting to *believe*, you literally blocked out the fact that there is no way in hell there were Democrats who would not know.

Not only that, but you put down, degraded and insulted your OWN intelligence community. Even worse, you actually attempted to prosecute those who gave legal advice or legal opinions in memo format. Those memo’s mean absolutely nothing. Why? Because it was “advice” given, opinions given on what “could” be and not necessarily what was.   They have set a dangerous precedent because in allowing your anger to get the best of you.  You never realized that four years down the line, someone else could attempt to hold THIS administration accountable for actions during our war time mission.  It’s not so simple now huh? When it comes to national security and protecting this country all bets are off because we cannot think of solely ourselves because we have to understand that what affects us, affects the global community. But the biggest transgression is the belief some are above the laws we govern by and actually believe people have zero idea of what is going on.  That will  not only be the downfall but the destruction of *both* parties and could lead to a viable third one when history tells a story of how it all went down and came about.  I honestly believe in my heart as the truth and more is known and come to light there will be a sweeping change in 2010 that will be unprecedented that no amount of campaign money will fix. 

And if we back down on security measures to satisfy solely one group of people, than that means everything else will fail and this country could possible fall and if it do, we won’t be the only ones to go down.  We maintain our standing by governing with a big stick and smart power, pay ATTENTION.  We should never convey a weakness because it will be exploited.  When it comes to security we should all be on the same sheet a music and on board. That is why even if you literally hate the opposition party, everyone needs to be at the table to prevent the current chaotic situation that we have now.

They need to adjust that table to reflect individuals from different sections, parties and agencies so everyone will have the exact same information so we can prevent a issue like this from happening again and becoming someone platform to get elected or reelected.  The problem is, there using the past mistakes of past administrations and anger to get support from there followers. And THAT is why you can’t *excite* your base because the only tool you have to excite them is based on hate, smears, race baiting, smear campaigns and lies. 

You know nothing about how to fight without using the actions of the past administration. Without resorting to *your racist* for those who don’t agree.  You wield the *ethnicity* card like a sword. As if we, African Americans will not have anything if you don’t support certain policies.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we were born from dissent. With individuals who fought for our rights to equal representation and one thing we know how to do and do well is fight for a cause. So don’t use the *minority* card to give the impression we can’t do something on our own.  Because, yes we did, yes we can and yes we will always progress and move foreward based on perseverance and the knowledge that some things are always worth fighting for even if you have to do it on your own. Maybe if you start believing in something and not just someone, you might begin to find your *fighting spirit*.

Defense Spending is Always the First to Go, how Lovely

May 8, 2009

Imagine that.  The new budget is in the trillions and like 1 pecercent of cuts that all originate with defense equaling around 17 billion suppose to affect something? No, something this small has zero impact on anything therefore there must be another reason for this..  Is it just me or does it seem as if Defense is always singled out? Not just Defense but just military period. Sorry the evidence speaks for itself. Message? Instead of making enemies and looking for enemies within, lets pay attention to the enemy at the gate. But apparently that is us to according to DHS. We just can’t win for losing:


Washington, D.C. (AHN) – President Barack Obama recommended cuts in more than 100 federal programs on Thursday that could save the federal government $17 billion next year. However, the largest cuts would be in defense spending.

Obama would cut nearly $3.4 billion from proposed equipment purchases, such as the F-22 fighter plane and combat systems for vehicles, as well as recruitment and retention for the armed forces.

Defense spending customarily accounts for about 20 percent of the federal budget.

Obama would reduce or eliminate funding for 121 programs including ending a navigation system that has been made obsolete by the Global Positioning System, canceling remodeling of the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center, and ending a children’s education program that the administration said was overhead-heavy.


The Air Force Times has an article about the whole *doing away with* the Air Force article written by hater Kane.  So you can’t help but think this administration really wishes it didn’t have one. Sorry. Nothing I see leads me to believe that they have our best interest at heart. But yet again the guy who actually created a spread sheet to show the enemy, china,russia, terrorists, world exactly what would be cut is at it again:


Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget, released a statement in conjunction with the president’s comments.

The president’s cuts “are part of the administration’s larger effort to change how Washington does business and put the nation’s fiscal house in order,” the statement said. “Today represents a significant installment in our commitment to review the federal budget line by line.”

The recommended cuts amount to about one half of one percent of the more than $3.5 million in approved spending for 2010.


In the spirit of the DHS  (dictionary) Lexicon, here are two new definitions you need to understand for this administration:

Defense Cuts:  The ability to do away, cut or eradicate beneficial programs that allow a agency or company to have the capability to provide security to a country, state or county.  These measures are in direct contrast with the ability to effectively execute and ensure measures for national security as well as having a possible negative impact on operational security.  Race, nationality or demographics is not important. The key factor in determining and identifying these individuals is simple.  They are the ones who answer to a higher calling or agenda or even ideology that is similar to the rap group Wu Tang Clan: “Cash rules everything around Me”.  The individuals in question do not transcribe to a specific affiliation because they will change there mind, words, remarks, agenda, thought process at the drop of a dime, and usually do.

Defense Spending: Giving just enough money to barely get by.  You can spot the individuals who use this word in public  because they are the one who like the phrase “support the troops” but behind closed doors they are the ones who will strip out every single measure and every single dollar that will allow said troops us to perform a job that they send us to.  These individuals are the ones who care only for one select group of individuals and hold strong partisan beliefs.

 Left up to them we would probably deploy without weapons or any form of weapon system because it might not *lift* our moral standing and all. Or maybe someone would get hurt, no, not us, cause apparently we are expendable.What did anyone expect? I knew exactly what we would get because they campaigned on a “anti military” message. I mean come on, remember this from the campaign: “air raiding  villages and killing civilians”.  I was so pissed. I don’t recall that phrase ever part of our mission statement while deployed.

Nor do I recall it being on our orders, or briefed by anyone. I mean that is one hell of a description. Well reading is one thing, when I personally heard it, well, I was very unhappy because I couldn’t believe anyone would make that statement attempting to be president. Really who or what country  policy advisor can brief that  was our mission was *air raiding villages and killing civilians*.  Because those  people in those “villages” might just believe this is what is happening .  But for those who don’t remember here it is again:




Admiral(Retired) Joe Sestak (PA) for the Senate!

May 7, 2009

Okay, I know the Democratic party has chosen the winner for PA already, however, that does not change the fact that the issues still should be important. Therefore I will be adding to my sidebar the Act Blue links.  I am still going over all the info but Admiral Sestak, yeah yeah I know, he is retired but it’s a respect thing. But anyway, he endorsed Secretary of State Clinton in the primary and later on the potus in the general.  The committee assignments are interesting and I will have more later as I continue to read more.  Let’s see how big this “tent” is:

Admiral(retired) Joe Sestak (PA) for Senate









Act Blue Page



Committee assignments

President Hamid Karzai Makes Plea

May 7, 2009


Afghan President Hamid Karzai has long pleaded with the U.S. to minimize civilian deaths during its operations, contending that such killings undermine support for the fight against the Taliban. Karzai quickly ordered an investigation into this week’s violence.

Well there goes the mission.  I don’t recall anything like this happening before but what should we expect when our own administration gives the impression we are “war criminals”.  Wheres the “plea” for suicide bombers to stop strapping bombs to themselves and killing soldiers?  Wheres the “plea” for them to stop using mortars and IED’s?  Or are we expendable?  Exactly what side is this administration on?  If we are going to act this way for the next four years and get accused of any and everything. Why even send us there? What? Next will we begin to deploy without weapons and protective gear so we can show how humble we can be at the price of losing our life because now, it’s no longer important because you know, it’s all our fault anyway.

I know everyone likes to believe that we are just “mysteriously” being killed and that the individuals doing it are just “misunderstood”.  But I have a sick feeling that this is something to expect for the next four years.  I wish they would just come out and state how they really feel in this administration because it does not take a rocket scientist to see that it’s not our  lives being lost in Iraq and Afghanistan that are considered  important. The words  just don’t coincide with the actions.  It’s time for some to face the truth and the writing on the wall because when you combine this with other incidents that has happened, you would have to be a literal idiot and a fool to believe for a minute we wont cater to the islamic community the next four years. Hell they erased there presence off of every single report in regards to terrorist organizations as if they don’t exist to even include the word. If you are in the military in my opinion, your screwed.

General Jones and Smart Power Approach or Team Building

May 7, 2009

Ah yes.  One of the things that inspires the most is witnessing military discipline at play.  This is the number one story in the blogosphere today.


The New York Times has a article I like on General Jones with a money quote that could define so much what we are seeing: 

General Jones described that behind-the-scenes “teeing up” process as an example of how he could be helpful to the president. He maintained his cool even when asked about sniping from staff members that he went biking at lunchtime and left work early, although he did, at one point, seem about to crush his coffee cup.

“I’m here by 7 o’ clock in the morning, and I go home at 7, 7:30 at night; that’s a fairly reasonable day if you’re properly organized,” he said. What about officials who pride themselves on being at the White House deep into the night?

Congratulations,” he said. “To me that means you’re not organized.”

So so so very true.  Organization. Structure. Outlines. Plan. Solutions. Delegation of authority.  May sound unfamiliar to some but it proves a point because it SHOULD be familiar. Holbrooke sums it up beautifully:


But Richard C. Holbrooke, Mr. Obama’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said that General Jones was “a Marine, and he believes in team-building,” an approach that Mr. Holbrooke said had produced “a sophisticated, multilayer decision structure at the N.S.C. that did not exist before.”


The only thing that this tells me is that there must be certain people who could benefit from this type of organizational planning. Or maybe get more individuals who understand exactly how to go about executing it. Because it is desperately needed based on the actions of the DHS maverick department of there agency where it seems there is zero organziation or any form of discipline.

No Hope but There is Inspiration which Leads to Solutions

May 6, 2009

There are many memorable moments that impact a persons life.  Events that will transpire that will either set you on a path or road to discovery.  Challenge your way of thinking or questioning the actions of those around you.  Good days and bad days, and days you do just enough to get by.  But despite the road to discovery, whether the information is favorable to you, or unfavorable, the road to the truth and personal discovery sometimes end up being something that you may not want to know, or may not want to see, or even worse, something you may not want to believe.  But the thing with “truth” is that despite whatever words spoken, one thing you just cannot hide are actions.  Because threw it all, no matter how your mouth is moving, your actions will always speak louder than words.  There are very few individuals on the political scene that I hold respect for that reside in the Democratic party.  And as of right now, the Secretary of State is the last one standing. Not based on being “female”, please. It was based on the same exact qualities that I witness in many of our leaders, other soldiers. 

  • The ability to do your job in some of the worst circumstances when everyone seems to throw obstacles in you way.  Attempting to get a message across while there are those who attack the message without even bothering to listen to what the message is about. Perseverance. 
  • The ability to get out there and fight for a party that didn’t even attempt to fight for you while they called you everything but a child of god. And when that wasn’t enough, they made things up and called you racist while all stating to stand aside and step down. Loyalty and Courage
  • Stating live on air during a interview that if you didn’t win, you would get out there and campaign long and campaign hard, you, and President Clinton. Even when we knew, had proof, seen, viewed and watched Acorn literally bring the dead back to vote to include mickey mouse making donations, and utube videos posted showing there actions. She still got out there and stated she would do everything in her power to ensure she supported the Democratic ticket.  Honor
  • She told us the truth. She stated what she would do, when some wanted her to take her 18 million and go to Denver and have a knock down drag out fight right there live on the floor. You damn real we would of stood with her.  Even when no one wanted to hear that she would campaign for the individuals who were no more than common thugs. Who terrorized her supporters, made threats, hacked blogs, hacked emails, spread lies and called names.  Integrity
  • She took a break but came back out and kept her word because she understood something more important.  But the day after the convention when Gov Palin came on the scene and those poll numbers began to hit the ground as the white women left the ticket scattering like roaches when the lights are turned on (no offense).  The cry went out loud and clear for her to come back on the scene because we were close to saying President McCain and Vice President Palin , lie to yourself if you want, but let the record show.  Until they called her back out to state she would never ever eva run for President because some  people like myself was willing to have McCain and Palin in 2008 to have our SOS in 2012.  Duty
  • She could of quit because it was already pre ordained. Not by clergy but the *party elite*.  Something like how Spector was so 100 percent sure he has the PA primary in the bag. History is repeating itself once again.  But instead of quitting when they were all against her. She continued on the path as the obstacles known as Olberman, Brazile, Martin and other haters threw a whole bunch of trash known as there opinion out there.  From the back of a pick up truck to dirt roads in the middle of damn near nowhere.  She got her message out there despite it all, despite the name calling and the words that when you listen to now, you cant even believe that a former First Lady, Senator and Presidential candidate could be treated with such lack of respect is damn near amazing.  Because she dared to not quit  when they wanted and they had no clue or idea why.  They asked themselves “why”?  Why would anyone keep on going when the MSM did too her what they threatened to do to the man from Chrysler.  THAT is an example of what that threat means. Selfless Service

That, this is the reason why I am able to support and relate and support our Secretary of State because these attributes are familiar to me. They are known to me. They are are Army Values almost in reverse.



It doesn’t matter that I came to this party based on what I witnessed during the primary.  That it was exciting to witness someone exhibit what I was familiar with and so many other military women, and  military spouses when normally we are ignored, or forgotten or taken off the shelf for the prerequisite photo.

You can only look back on these things as you witness how hard this administration will go to keep the “torture” debate live and well.  Too the point they will scramble for any small piece of *evidence* to not support national security measures and those who fight and work for it.  It’s embarrassing. It’s saddening. It’s shameful.  To watch so many grasp for straws because without them they have no idea how to govern.  They will strip away any and everything, motivation, morale, just to cater to one group of individuals when they should cater to all of us.  How many? How many individuals will be bought out in the next four years who have just “discovered” or “remembered” a memo drafted on a computer five or six years ago that may have or may not have agreed with a opinion or piece of legislation that will all of a sudden be *remembered* when things start looking bad?

Where were the individuals in question when the last administration was in power that stood up and fought for this? Cowards. Anyone unable to stand up for what they believe in because it may or may not be popular at the moment is a coward. I dont want anyone representing me that has zero idea about how to fight. If you are speaking the truth with our countries best interest at heart and are willing to get out there and fight to get your message heard even when there are those throwing the kitchen sink and the house at you all at once. It wont matter if you don’t win the fight because it’s the overall battle that is more important. THAT is what people remember and the reason you will always have support.  Because even now there are those who wonder why the hell Secretary of State Clinton has her own so called *branch* of the Democratic party. Why there are those who refer to themselves as *clinton dems*. Why she has websites and blogs tracking her every movement. Or those like myself that have a Internet handle or blog in her name.  Because even though they attempted to tell me that she was *racist* and as a *black woman* I am a  *sellout*, yes, they called me that to include the derogatory term one of “hillary’s plantation niggas”. I didn’t give a flying fuck then, and even more so now I could care less. Because these individuals only know how to *fight* behind a computer screen. They need a *majority* to be able to have the heart to speak up.  They need more than one person to tell them there ideas and solutions are right because they can’t think on there own.

The Democratic party does not have a big tent. But Clinton does. She has liberals, moderates, progressives and even Republicans and anyone not believing that must of missed the individual republicans in PA switching over just to have the chance to cast there vote.  I understand that she is part of a administration of the person who has the title that rightfully belong to her. She supports our president, I support her, and the OFFICE of the president. But I will never support what I personally first hand witnessed during the past year. Never.  But I will support real leaders with real values that reflect the values of this country and the people and I will fight tooth and nail to never witness this country fall or bow down to tyranny.  When you believe in something enough, you are willing, you are literally willing to suffer for it. You are willing to stand up and defend it. You are willing to get out there and fight for it. You are willing to disregard every single individual who will tell you to stand down or suffer the consequences because you know in your heart that what you are witnessing is wrong and you are willing to raise a army against them. Something is not right with this administration. I believe with all my heart that there is a very serious problem. History will tell a story years from now of how we were attempted to be bought down, but there were those who stood up. I cannot in good faith state that everything is as it should be.  I never understood why I was targeted by the *bots* and why they would constantly go on attack because I blog, do video’s and speak my mind. It’s mine. I earned it in Kuwait. I earned it in Bagram. I earned it in Uzbekistan and Iraq and no one can take that away from me.

Pentagon get’s Rid of Valuable Program

May 6, 2009

Simply amazing.  Now the truth comes out from the Washington Times:

In a highly unusual reversal, the Defense Department’s inspector general’s office has withdrawn a report it issued in January exonerating a Pentagon public relations program that made extensive use of retired officers who worked as military analysts for television and radio networks.

Nothing is deemed “unusual”.  There is a purpose for everything.  Now I understand why there are so many “anti military” stories out there with bad information:

The inspector general’s office began investigating the public relations program last year, in response to articles in The New York Times that exposed an extensive and largely hidden Pentagon campaign to transform network military analysts into “surrogates” and “message force multipliers” for the Bush administration. The articles also showed how military analysts with ties to defense contractors sometimes used their special access to seek advantage in the competition for contracts related to Iraq and Afghanistan.

They make everything so political when in all actuality politics has nothing to do with it.  It’s about morale. It’s about our values. It’s about motivation. It’s about patriotism and the ability to be proud, not just proud of what you do, but to have pride doing it. It’s about standing behind those who do a job we get sent by our own administration.  But even more it’s about facts and questioning the purpose behind back door attacks against your own military. But yet based on this article and the fact that the program in question no longer exist.  My question is why no one is fighting this. I pay attention to everything because one day I will transition from the military to the civilian world.  And one thing I see is the constant attacks that go unnoticed.  There is nothing I dislike more than bad information reported in a way to make us look bad and have to sit there and just damn take it.  Silence is agreement.

They will fight to be able to be at Dover to see us brought back in flag draped caskets, while fighting constantly to ensure we have just the bare minimum when it comes to funds as if we can’t read or hear what they say and how they really feel on CSPAN as they get up there to cut any and everything because of that word they hate to hear “war”. But yet they refuse to get out there and explain the need or justify the necessity because it goes directly against the views of “there base.  But yet everyone wants to be in a phot op with us to show that they “support the troops”. 

However, everyone get’s representation out there except for us. I have sent countless emails and so many know it asking why no one will ever ask where these questions or go on the record stating that certain information wasn’t true. Nothing.  Before this article, I honestly believed that some just literally don’t care or otherwise occupied. Because nothing can make me understand why anyone would be party to lowering the morale and attempting to degrade the same ones some claim to support.  That is the reason why I blog military issues and politics because they go hand in hand in my opinion and these people dictate our lives and career.  There choices and decisions can literally mean life or death for us so yes, I am going to pay attention and remain involved because we have the right to have our voices heard. But even more we deserve the right to have representation just like anyone else. In order to be a 21st century military we have to remain moving forward while doing away with the old ways of the past.

It is unfair and I cannot believe the Pentagon would be party to stripping this away.  Our communities are part of this country as well. No one ask for special priviledges. No one asks for special favors.  Just the ability to ensure someone has our back as we are overseas or even in garrison doing the job that we have been tasked to do.  It’s ironic.  You see everyone stating how they should have *diversity* as everyone state how it’s there *turn* to have a voice with the Souter pick.  You have the hispanic community wanting there chance.  Women stating there should be another *female* justice, on and on.  Everyone has a valid reason for why someone should be representing them and people agree.

They take care of everyone but we are always left out to fend for ourselves while not allowing anyone to have a voice. But yet again when it comes to *representation* for just the basic ability and chance to have advocates to beat back on this anti military narrative we get, nothing. Why, why would anyone in the House or even the Senate look the other way? And yes, I can state that because I have been asking this question for a very long time.  Do they even understand how easy it is for terrorists to get there agenda and idealogy out there to slam us in the MSM when they allow any and everyone to say whatever without even once asking for evidence to support there claim?

How long will they make us have to sit here and just take every single hit thrown our way? Will they waite to the point when everyone develops a “I dont care” attitude because someone feels this administration is against them?  How motivated would you be if you see more consideration for rights given to detainees and those who would wipe our ass of the face of the map if given the chance be treated as if we are the ones who are wrong? Yes, I am sorry, some things are worth fighting for and I cannot excuse anyone military or otherwise not fighting for this.

They are FAILING us if they allow politics to dictate this situation. They ruin morale, steal motivation and take away the ability to be secure enough to transition or even do there job.  They actually had our benefits on the table. I don’t care about “D”s or “R”s they should of never even been an option.  Would of been a distant memory and they would of moved forward if not for the alarm that went up in regards to it. I will always side with my military and those who support us. It gave me a stepping stone that allowed me to achieve the goals I set for myself and I serve with a greatful heart. Despite the fact that right now I am in the WTB or that I may not be able to do the things that I used to but what short comings I have, I make up with heart and perserverance.  I will always side with the military and those who support us no matter color, gender or party.

But whoever stopped this program is dead wrong and for once, the one thing I try to never do is allow personal viewpoints to cloud my judgement.   Although on this, I am unable too. On this, I call foul. I think about all of the times I talked to various soldiers and spouses asking why no one will set the record straight or push back on false stories just to find out that a program that they used to have at the Pentagon no longer exists. And the reason for it is because if they allowed it to continue to have military surrogates, bullshit stories like Seymour Hersch could of had someone else with knowledge and experience call them out for it. Someone WANTS these false stories to play out in the court of public opinion and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  They won’t defend there military, but they will defend terrorists like Bill Ayers: 

























Last but not least, the anti-military crowd. The people who will write a story attacking the military, there military, who  will side with any organization out there that spins a story to make the armed forces look badly.  These individuals will utilize any information at there fingertips to smear our name and our leaders.  All because they transcribe to the belief that its not duty, flag and country, but  “political party, step on the flag, and just straight screw the country”.  On November 4th, I made a promise that I intend to keep. They will see these words again. Every attack, written slur and hateful video. Good luck with 2010 and 2012.  From the number 2 soldier bashing blog on the web, guaranteed to find some of the worst references and comments directed towards us:



This administration does not deserve to lead this military. Yes, let me state it again.  They. Do. Not. Deserve. to even stand in the same room, and breath the air we breath whatsoever. Why? You would promote a inaccurate story such as this when we have soldiers deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. You would promote a inaccurate story such as this to give the fucking enemy the heart and will to fight against us because of some percieved insult towards individuals whose religion is the foundation of there life?  A ten year old could tell you that this is a dangerous accusation to make.

Silence means agreement. THIS is why we need individuals out there. Because when no one disputes this, it gives the perception of truth. Unbelievable.  They need to get down on there knees and apologize to every spouse, friend, family member of every individual deployed for placing there loved one in danger. They might as well put a big X on everyone’s back. The damage is done and this is unforgiveable and whoever is responsible for this story needs to be held accountable. This is not about politics. This is about LIFE and not a game, nor is this a “I am sorry” moment. It’s like some want something bad to happen and I just dont get this.  Our surrogates and advocates no matter what letter is behind there name need to protect us against this before people start getting killed.  Religion is a major part of there life and to ensenuate something like this without facts need to be investigated before someone believes them to be true:


    •  again, where, oh where is Wes Clark??? (3+ / 0-)

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      Gary Norton, possum, Shaviv

      I don’t have a clue why a progressive 4-star like Clark, a fierce opponent of this religious warrior stereotype horsepucky, and a national resource, IMO, is left on the sidelines for these fights.

      Thanks for this. We need lots, lots, lots more exposure of the military being used as an arm of the (irony alert) ‘christian’ warriors!

      Fear is the mind-killer – Frank Herbert, Dune

      by p gorden lippy on Wed May 06, 2009 at 07:35:26 AM PDT

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  •  How about a new rule? (2+ / 0-)

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    Shaviv, watershed

    If you are a member of the U.S. military, and you engage in proselytization on behalf of a religion or religious organization while in uniform and/or on active duty, you will be summarily discharged with pay one grade below the last you earned.

  •  21st century Crusaders (2+ / 0-)

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    Gary Norton, Shaviv

    What the heck. Worked out so well in that part of the world a thousand years ago…

    The two most important things in life are good friends and a good bullpen. —- Bob Lemon

    by miamiboats on Wed May 06, 2009 at 07:38:28 AM PDT


    •  Different (0+ / 0-)

      The crusaders weren’t terrifically interested in converting their enemies, only in taking their fortresses and lands.  The point of the crusades wasn’t to make Muslims into Christians — the crusaders in fact tolerated a wide variety of faiths under their rule — but to assert Christian (specifically, Roman Catholic) ownership of the sites holy to Christianity.

      Widespread dedication to conversion was a mark not of crusading but of colonialism, and of a latter stage (post-Reformation/Counter-Reformation) of colonialism as well.  Although efforts at conversion in colonized countries were made from the 16th century on, they got their biggest boost in the 19th century with the rise to power of evangelical Christians in the U.K. — coincident with the development of Victorian morality.  These chaplains are reasonably regarded more as neo-Victorians than as crusaders.

  •  You know what bothers me the most about that (1+ / 0-)

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    first video?

    For people who say they are Christians, they are treating those Bibles with an awful lot of disrespect.  I bet you they wont put a Bible written in English on the ground like that…

    Maybe that is just it: They disrespect it BECAUSE it is not in their language, but in the language of those ‘darker skinned’ people.

    They are not true Christians, who live by the VALUES of Christianity, values of Respect, Dignity, Honesty, Honour, etc.

    They are Christians in NAME only, and what they are doing is extremely disrespectful, and damages the image of Christians, and of Americans.  Not to mention the danger they are putting the other troops in with their idiocy.

    ~shakes head and sigh

    “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of every good Government” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    by watershed on Wed May 06, 2009 at 07:44:36 AM PDT


The “Maverick” Division of Department of Homeland Security

May 5, 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has to go, seriously. It is not personal but this is beyond the pale. Unbelievable.  You have to read it to even believe it:

The Homeland Security official who spoke to FOX News said the office that released the report had taken on a “maverick” attitude by acting without authorization and is now being “reined in.”

The article continues to state:

Department spokeswoman Amy Kudwa said the report was not authorized and is not being used. “The lexicon was not an authorized I&A product, and it was recalled as soon as management discovered it had been released without authorization,” Kudwa said. “Since this happened prior to our last experience, our new internal protocols were obviously not in place. Even so, this product is not, nor was it ever, in operational use.” 

Are they serious?  You mean to state there are people within this agency able to publish a report not viewed by the head person in charge that has the ability to make it to other local and state agencies? Dear god do they understand that totally undermines the purpose? Department of Homeland Security?  If you cannot manage your own office and agency, how in the hell can you manage intel involving something so important? Who the hell is in this “maverick” division? They intentionally put out a report that was not based on fact but even more, they did not know who did it?

What is WRONG with the people in this country that no one has just realized we just broadcasted the biggest ” I am incompotent” message around the world! Does anyone not care that we actually have enemies? NONE of this agencies reports reflect any of the actual terrorists and organizations out there. No, this is very very dangerous and not over reacting. Someone has to investigate this because something is wrong with this entire picture.  I am sorry there is a traitor in the mist. I believe it 100 percent and would swear to it on a stack of bibles.  Look at that report, actually read and look at that report and you will figure it out.

The people in THIS country have been labeled as the *extremists* while the actual *extremists* have been left out. WHY? Why would anyone do that? It’s like someone wants us to believe that terrorists no longer exist and are no longer a threat to lower our guard so we can get screwed when we least expect it.  We need names. We need NAMES of this so called “maverick” division who did this.  By DHS stating what they did about it not being authorized but managed to get out to other agencies?  You mean to state there are individuals with access at this level that could get away with it before someone caught it?

You allowed some outside “maverick” group to insult your military, vets and god knows who else and then state it was not authorized or approved and think “I am sorry” is going to cut it? What else do they have access too?


May 5, 2009

When I am wrong, I am wrong and I admit it.  I’m wrong. 100%.  Senator Leahy was correct in stating we need ALL information provided to move on. This administration was right about transparency.  National Security is at stake. Therefore, I am 100 percent for releasing all information that could damage national security and place this nation in danger. So all the information requested should be seen by the one thing that binds this nation together: the People.  So I have a list of things that I want to see released to the public since the Democratic party believes in transparancy to move forward.  Get on board Republicans, get on board.

Cause, see, I cant *move forward* until I see a couple of things, you know, transparency and all to move on.  Because now that they have gone on record stating that our laws are important, I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that now.  All information requested will now be bought forward. NOW.  We should all aid in ensuring that we remain a nation of laws. Because no one is above it. I applaud these *truth commissions* cause I like the truth. Love it in fact.  I love our laws as well.  Republicans AND Democrats need to join in together and make sure that all information is released. No picking and choosing or watering down information, or creating it.  If you have the information and it holds weight, is legitimate, than lets roll.

Let’s show the world we lead from the front. If crimes were committed by those who believes themselves to be above the law? Prosecute them bitches to the fullest EXTENT of the law.  We are not prosecuting  legal advice, or opinions made by legal council of another administration  who were asked for advice. That’s straight bullshit, if that’s the case, no laywers would ever offer an opinion if they will later turn around and be sued. Especially when our elected officials were there the entire time and knew what was happening the entire time.    Na’h we are holding accountable and need to prosecute those who have blatantly no hold bars down violated our laws and constitution.

 It does not matter what group they belong to, what color they are, where they live what they do or anything else. And on a side note, it the MSM wants to water the truth down for anyone? Hell, cut it off, you dont have to watch anything. They work for us.  We are setting a dangerous precedent during a crucial time when we have so much at stake world wide from Pakistan, to Afghanistan to Iraq and China. Playtime is over and only the strong will survive.

Now that this has been put out there the countdown now begins.  Will we be a nation of laws or a lawless nation?

Department of Homeland Security and there Dictionary

May 5, 2009


*special note: the certificate is fake, found it online and thought it hilarious, laugh when you can and how you can sometimes, anyway they really don’t issue out these certificates, well right now

Oh god the Department of Homeland Security is at it again!  They created a dictionary that is just over the top. What the HELL is going on? It is on Fox right now and I am just damn near amazed. Anyone wanting to truly see and know that the DHS report was truly a straight character hit job, look at the REAL annual report that the Department of State has to brief yearly on Terrorism for Congress created by the SOS for this years briefing. This is just bad and makes us look bad and yes, they are right, it is one hell of a morale dropper when it seems your own government agencies are out to make you out to be the bad guy.  The SOS needs to get into the DHS Secretaries ass on this because this is just plain damn piss poor. Her and her crew need to head over there and explain to her how this affects national security, as well as those tasked to protect and execute it.

Better yet, no, there needs to be some hirin and firin going on. To many things are happening right now world wide than to have to deal with agencies defeating the purpose. Some people can’t do everything at some point you need to have reliable people in position so you don’t have to worry about doing everyones job.  This reminds me of a story when I worked in the Orderly Room. When I used to get the reports at the beginning of each month, the UCFR (Unit Commanders Finance Report), 162, 095 or C10, just to name a few. Well, of course the UCFR was the commanders report but before I would give it to him, it would go to the 1SG.  But before it went to her, I would do all the work. Why? Cause when you have experienced trustworthy individuals in place, you trust the work they do. So I would go through with th162 and make sure everyone who was on it was there and if they were not, I did a memo to add them on as well as providing the supporting documentation like there orders arriving them to the group, battalion and unit to attach it to the memo. If there was someone that was not suppose to be there, I would do a memo to remove them and provide supporting documentation for why they should be removed ie a copy of there ETS or PCS orders.

Then I would check to ensure whatever entitlements like BAS or BAQ was on there for those who were suppose to recieve it and if there was someone on there that should be getting an entitlement that didn’t reflect on the report. I would go to there file and pull there 4187 or 5960 showing there BAS or BAQ was already submitted depending on whichever it happened to be or if it wasn’t completed, I would do the paperwork to include the supporting documentation showing they were authorized the entitlement, ie marriage certificate, apt or mortage contract certified by the commander.

After ALLLLLL of this was done, THEN I would place a routing coversheet on the 1SG folder and place it in her inbox with ALL the SUPPORTING documentation for her to review before she initialed off on the routing slip and gave it back to me to give to the Commander. But better believe, even with ALL of the supporting documentation given, if SHE had a question, you better provide a answer that is verifyable because shit rolls down hill.  Cause that report once it is turned in by me to our higher headquarters goes to someone else, who answers to someone else. And when that “someone else” has to ask questions to the first “someone else” based on what WE turned in. It better be correct.

Because ALL reports have a purpose that ties into a bigger picture. Mission readiness. Yeah , I could go on and on about this but the point I am making is that I am trying to prove a point that when mistakes are made with reports “I am sorry” just don’t cut it. This information was sent out to agencies to include local law enforcement who use this to do there job.  So what happens when they utilize this bogus info and end up targeting a person or group based on a report that has bad information?  When you have to look to your higher headquarters to provide information, you want to be able to trust the information and trust the individuals providing it.

This isn’t the “campaign trail” with *gotcha* moments where you can retract the info or come out with an apology. Lives, LIVES are on the line and the individuals tasked to do these jobs deserve better.  You can’t lift our moral standing by stripping away the morale of others to do there job. My point is that there seems to be a lack of some kind of coc in DHS. Someone needs to start putting individuals in place that can do the job and realize the importance of it and do it quickly because at this point, there are only a handful of people I feel comfortable with and I doubt those individuals can be everywhere at once.

Feinstein’s Secret Torture Probe

May 5, 2009

It’s time to get real about this and lay it out on the table because the Tin Foil hat crowd are burning bridges.  No, people dont believe in “torture”.  But torture is not the issue at hand. It’s these conspiracy theories and remarks that border on unhinged accusing people of heinous crimes to include soldiers.  This “war crimes” in Iraq narrative will end up coming back to haunt the Democratic party.  This is why when people hear the world “liberal” they cringe.  Because you don’t seem to comprehend that everytime you state “war crimes” were committed in Iraq. You fail to understand that WE ARE THE ONES THERE. Bush and Cheyney were not deployed in Iraq so where were these “war crimes” committed.

And just a side note. For the detractors that visit. If you rush to *prove* and write a article attempting to find *horrible* manufactured stories about soldiers to *prove* some kind of war crime theory.  Maybe someone should ask you why you are so intent on making us look bad when we all should be on the same side. Because at this point, I am seriously wondering why if inidviudals believe this. Why did it take so long considering our side had the majority, to man up and do the so called right thing. In other words,  I look at inidviduals like this as suspect because if this “probe” was so “secret”. Why is it broadcasted everywhere on Daily Kos?

Maybe they should ALL be investigated by independent council to include an ethics committee for sowing chaos and intentionally causing divide instead of explaining why on some issues in the last administration happen to still be the same now.  THIS is why I think about not being affliliated with these parties because this is just apparent and pathetic.

2008 Primary, The Anti-Military Crowd,Campaign Finance, Pakistan, National Security Event Round Up

May 4, 2009

Sorry Sympathy level zero. First of all, John Edwards AND his wife knew that the affair was important and would cause a major backlash.  Plus, I think we should be doing some spring cleaning in our “big tent”.  First and foremost, if it was me, I would have someone  vet these presidential candidates.  People donate in good faith with the hope there candidate will be the next president.  Some believe in there candidate enough to make sacrifices and do without things because they actually believe that this individual has what it takes.  I hope they not only investigate Edwards, but find out why the hell he believed he would be the next 44th and why he felt that his affair would not be important. But not even that, using money from those who contributed in good faith to give to your baby momma?

I knew alot of former Edward supporters back from my days over on Taylor Marsh who switched over to Secretary of State Clinton and stood with the campaign through all the crap they threw her way.  Please they knew this would come out and that he didnt’ have a chance so why, WHY was he there?  Ironically this morning when I was getting ready to go on base Fox News summed it up.   Believe me, waking up to hearing his name and how things went down in Iowa was not the best way to rehash the primary.  But this is just backwards in itself. They are investigating Edwards donations but won’t investigate why the fuck people in Jakarta was donating to the Obama campaign? Are these people on drugs? Can we fire them and replace them?

What part of fucking Mickey Mouse donating makes sense? Hello? Mickey Mouse? People named “XVYGT”? Places that don’t exist? I don’t care if John Edwards used all the money in his campaign for this chic. I want to know why the fuck people in foreign countries made donations. I want to know why the MSM doesn’t report it. I want to know why if this was Clinton, or Bush or Palin we would hear this shit 24/7 but no one can ask the damn question why the hell Acorn allowed the goddamn dead to come back to vote, mickey mouse donated money, and where the HELL is Jakarta Georgia!

Is everyone that scared? Is the mainstream media and certain elected officials lack the balls to ask the basic damn question? I don’t care if this administration has a approval rating of 100,000. Plus, polls can be manipulated anyway.  Axelrod old company was all about creating the perception of something being there that is not. Please. In what world do you live in when the percentage of how people personally feel about you equals job performance.  I think my hairdresser is outstanding and give her a A++ in personality, but her business ethics just plain downright  damn suck. In all actuality these individuals are making US look bad and should not have any control on certain things like military, foreign policy issues and national security until they can answer some damn questions. Because I for one want some damn answers.

Do they think we are stupid? Seriously. Do they honestly believe that people don’t pay attention? I pay attention to everything and it is simply fascinating that anyone would believe some will just look the other way.  Let me get this straight because honestly it seems unprecedented.  First, our funding is tied into the closing of Gitmo, yeah, it pays to discover.  Then you have Gates on a middle east tour to reassure our allies that no, we arent a bunch of pussies it just seem that way sometimes on tv. Then we have to give verbal warning number, how many to Pakistan, again, in regards to the Taliban? Let’s see, Admiral Mullen, General Petreaus, Secretary of State Clinton. 

But yet and still they are still a marchin towards Islamabad and taken over Buner which is about 60 miles I think from there? Anyway, message to base? Maybe it’s just me but it’s my belief they are going to do just enough but not enough, meaning they ain’t gonna do to much of NOTHING! We are going to ask them to do more until they are a stones throw from Islamabad. Sorry. Don’t like the current plan. How many times will we have to ASK them to do what they should of been doing the entire time? Yeah, any minute now those on the border like India will jump in, whether it’s before or after the Taliban get the nukes is up to them. But seriously, 25% of the Pakistan Army are Pashtun the same as the Taliban. Really, how hard are they going to fight when they may or may not believe in there cause?  Good luck with that.

Yeah, I am sure the let’s link hands crowd would look at that as being *war mongorin* but maybe someone should explain what nukes do.  Or better yet what would happen if oh lets say, China or Russia or some group that could gain standing from turning us into there bitches because nukes tend to do that to you when you have to keep askin nicely for them to do something.  They don’t want to seem to want to take our advice, but they damn sure seem to like taking our money.  Imagine that. Maybe we should make it a stipulation. Take our advice, now, and get the money. Sorta kinda like how we can only get our money for funding thats tied into gitmo.

Oh and today in news, the anti-military crowd is out in full force in soldier bashing central with a new article titled:

US Soldiers in Afghanistan Told to “Hunt People for Jesus… So We Get Them into the Kingdom”

New video evidence has surfaced showing that US military forces in Afghanistan have been instructed by the military’s top chaplain in the country to “hunt people for Jesus” as they spread Christianity to the overwhelmingly Muslim population. Soldiers also have imported bibles translated into Pashto and Dari, the two dominant languages of Afghanistan. What’s more, the center of this evangelical operation is at the huge US base at Bagram, one of the main sites used by the US military to torture and indefinitely detain prisoners.

If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be cute, if it didnt piss me off so badly. Especially this:  “What’s more, the center of this evangelical operation is at the huge US base at Bagram, one of the main sites used by the US military to torture and indefinitely detain prisoners.”

Really? Evangical Operations?  Ironic how this just happens to coincide with this report:

“…The broadcast of this video comes just days after a new poll of White Americans found that, in the US, church going Christians are more likely to support the use of torture than other segments of the population. The Pew Research Center poll found: “White evangelical Protestants were the religious group most likely to say torture is often or sometimes justified — more than six in 10 supported it. People unaffiliated with any religious organization were least likely to back it. Only four in 10 of them did.”

We can’t win for losing. We are under attack from our own government and administration. We dont deserve this shit.  How long do we have to take this?  As of right now, this tells me that we are unable to be defended. So if that’s the case, lets get some people out there who can. I nominate myself.  It’s so blatant it’s transparent. Because this is straight BULLSHIT.  If they refuse to defend our military and soldiers they better get the fuck out of the way because this, they don’t deserve it. If you can’t defend us, you should not represent us, you shouldnt have your job, and should take your ass home.  They do not deserve this at all!  They are playing the *race card* left and right and no one will call them out for this. I have an idea.   Let’s take our Senate and our House and the shill authors that trash us and let’s replace them with soldiers we have out there and let them do our job and see how hard they end up fucking praying that they come back home alive.   It may not have been my religous affiliation while deployed but I damn sure went to services held by the chaplain and prayed. Because the funny thing is, I doubt god disregarded my prayers because I happen to have a certain letter behind my name.  Right now it’s a *D*. But if they continue on this path. I cannot in good faith affiliate myself with any group that refuses to support it’s countries military. It does not matter who or what you do or what party you belong. Attacking us will get your ass sent to the house. They are on notice. I am tired of constantly writing articles defending something that should never be under attack.

I love how they take things so out of context but those is on our community will read this and shrug it off because our chaplains deployed providing spiritual guidance can literally mean the difference between life and death.  The context of this is something I am so familiar with.  It’s not about attempting to convert someone to a certain religion. It’s about intervening and bringing someone in, who may need help that may or may not be the type to go to church services or who may not be the type to state that they may have personal issues on there mind or problems at home.

Because if they have positive things to state, you just don’t get to see those type of stories in print.  Because it takes away the narrative and message of *bringing the troops home* if said troops understand they still have a mission to do that they were deployed to do, and act accordingly.  This is has to, no, this will end. Change will come because what is happening is not right.

It’s about getting your *buddy* help by any means necessary when it seems either no one cares, or may understand. Almost equivalent to the ACE program. See what we do is attempt to fix the problem of preventing suicides. Of preventing our soldiers from taking a step that could be prevented if they know that they have someone on there side.  So maybe if this fucking administration wouldn’t constantly attempt to put us down, we might start feeling as if our civilian leadership is on our side. WE can read. We can hear. We can understand.  The Huffington post seems to have a problem with reporting positive stories in regards to soldiers. That is, if they are reporting a story about how bad life is or how they hate this or hate that.

We are living in dangerous times.  With the attempt being made to take control of the internet away from the U.S.  The major cyber attack that happened last month in CA.  Or lets say Telecom attack since they don’t call it *cyber*.  It should put fear in anyones heart.   This infighting is not the way to go. We need individuals who can lead. Meaning real leaders. I guess I will be using the phrase will the real leaders stand up from now to 2010 to 2012.

Arlen Specter Has Officially Lost it

May 4, 2009

Dear god is this man okay? Is he serious? Is there something in the water? Its like watching a train wreck backing up away from it but not able to stop staring because your just plain downright fascinated.  These are the people who control so many important aspects of military life and it is scary witnessing some of there thought process:


Well, I was sorry to disappoint many people. Frankly, I was disappointed that the Republican Party didn’t want me as their candidate,” Mr. Specter said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “But as a matter of principle, I’m becoming much more comfortable with the Democrats’ approach. And one of the items that I’m working on, Bob, is funding for medical research.”

Mr. Specter continued: “If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine.”

Ookay…well, this is kind of scary and awkward because if I am not mistaken this man took it upon himself to state that he didn’t want, (live on camera mind you) the republicans in PA dictating his career. I know, because I watched the words come out of his mouth.  But now he states: “Well, I was sorry to disappoint many people. Frankly, I was disappointed that the Republican Party didn’t want me as their candidate”

Say what? This happened like a couple of days ago. IF there is one thing that I dislike more than anything are people who lack the ability to be loyal. This man has zero morals because to make that statement when he stated basically that he couldn’t win and just switched to the other side is beyond dishonest.  But if that isn’t bad enough, he totally goes out on a limb with this next statement:

Mr. Specter continued: “If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine.”

This is a nightmare. Our elected officials are literally losing it and WE have to wait on them for important decisions when they are talking and making statements as if they should be seeking help. I feel so sorry for the people in PA as well as the HRC supporters there.  Especially since that is clinton country. Now they will be saddled with a guy who has no scruples whatsoever since he is changing his own damn words from a couple of days ago. But to blame someones death on a political party you were once part of is just plain sick. I heard of spinning a situation but not spinning your own words from your own remarks.

Power Trip

May 4, 2009

If this isn’t an example of a major “power trip” I don’t know what is. Dem’s “own” the country now? What? Uh…this borders on slightly delusional.  Sorry, this just makes me feel as if shackles are on my hands and ankles reading this. This is just getting way out of hand and honestly bordering on extreme.  To be this cocky and think a entire group will just disappear after just almost over three months is just plain naive.  This is turning a whole lot of people off:


 The national GOP is effectively dead (4+ / 0-)

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I mean, look at the fool that they elected as chairman. The national party is a joke and everybody knows it. Teabagging parties?!? Sarah Palin? Hannity and Limbaugh and Joe the plumber as their spokesmorons? Are they freaking kidding me?!?!?

Clearly, they’re in rebuilding mode, and usually that means going back to the states and even cities. And with as talented a president as Obama, Dems much more popular right now, and all the things that they’re likely to pass over the next few years that are likely to please most of the country, there’s almost no way, short of a national security or political disaster, for them to make a comeback for at least another 5 years, and probably longer. Dems own the country now and smart Repubs know it. And nearly all of them are at the state and local level, and will keep a relatively low profile while slowly building a viable record and appealing public image, and attempt a comeback in either the ’14 midterms of the ’16 presidential election (a la ’66 and ’68).

It’s all a neverending chess game (2D, thank you), and right now Obama and Dems are its masters. If Repubs are smart, they’ll do the above. If not, they’re gone in 5 years, like the Whigs. And at this rate, it’s not that far-fetched. If they implode, Repubs like Huntsman, Snowe, Collins, Crist, etc., will bolt and form a third party with the likes of Lieberman, Nelson and Landrieu, and perhaps Specter, and let the wingnuts self-destruct. I’d almost give it even odds at this point.

“Reagan’s dead, and he was a lousy president!” — Keith Olbermann 4/22/09

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The True Realities of War

May 4, 2009

I was never a supporter of the idea of allowing the media to be there during the arrival of flag drapped  coffins of our returning soldiers in Dover like the ones pictured below:


I did not support the idea based on a hidden agenda, but the belief that one day it will be used as propaganda for someones campaign to sell there agenda.  I have seen individuals stoop to all time lows, do and say just about anything for personal gain.  Because when I first viewed the photo on a blog, my first instinct was anger because I believed it was used as a prop to push a point.  But my point is this for those who support us.  Don’t do it only when we come back like this but do it to help ensure that we don’t.  There are so many factors that can cause so many outcomes.  Political posturing can be seen everywhere.  From the smallest things to ensuring we have the necessary protective gear and equipment to the most basic supplies.

One thing I have learned is that actions speak louder than words.  Because it’s human nature to tell people what they want to hear, while doing what some don’t expect you to do.  Believe me, it pays to discover, because when I managed to stumble across the fact that our funding was tied in to Gitmo it was sickening.  Because I knew and realized it for what it was.  The actions of those who would rather see every mission we have fail just to cater to one group of people. The logistics of closing Gitmo are astounding especially when you take some things into consideration. First, the military aspect in reassigning those stationed there.  Also, the civilian contracters who realized that there jobs have just been stripped from them, just to ensure someones *base* remains excited and motivated.

To find out within a year that you will no longer have the ability to support yourself and your family in a split second decision made without sitting down and outlining where to go from here.  Then you think of all the money gone out the door for builiding and construction of various facilities. No contingency plan or ideas or even speaking and planning with the foreign countries and allies who are there as well.  What will they do when the individuals who no longer have job security because no one seems to no what will happen next, ask questions? People livlihoods are on the line while the MSM cheers on the sidelines.

Under the bus A Special Tribute to the Intel Community:(

May 4, 2009

Might as well get used to it. Don’t worry, we been there since 08:

Edwards in Hot Water

May 3, 2009

Good. No, seriously, why did it take this long? 

RALEIGH Federal investigators are sifting through the records of money that helped John Edwards’ presidential campaign to determine if any was used to keep quiet his affair with Rielle Hunter.

Plus, this reminds me that I really dont even understand why he was in the race for the White House. Taking donations from people who probably really thought he had a chance.  I know it has to hurt but really, Idon’t care, because it just keeps reminding us of the truth. He was a plant, even more, this is like throwing salt in a wound and just make people angry all over again.  It just reminds me of the committee meeting in Florida and the ghetto math used to screw our SOS.  If you really want to get angry just watch it on utube. Yeah yeah yeah they say how everyone has moved on, that the SOS is down with Obama now. Whatever.  She stated from the day she did the interview that if he won she would get out there and carry him campaign for him. I knew that, didn’t like it, but I knew it. What I didn’t expect and what I didn’t think to see was non stop back to back episodes of running around from state to state.  The dem ticket could of stayed home and that was what pissed me off. People voted for Clinton. “It’s just like Hillary’s”. But yet they can’t even get health care passed. Umm hmm. Yep. Look at it this way, our SOS health care plan was like L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon and this mess they are attempting to come up with now is like eating at McDonalds.

Secretary of State Clinton 30 April State Department Congressional Report on Terrorism

May 3, 2009

Finally the  annual report issued by the Secretary of State for Congress on terrorism came out on the 30th and yes, it’s the real deal and not the play play kind issued for the *base* and the MSM  by DHS and probably written by someone at or Daily Kos that caused world wide embarrassment and anger from soldiers damn near everywhere. Here is a portion of the report: 

 The Department of State released the annual Congressionally mandated Country Reports on Terrorism 2008 today. U.S. law requires the Secretary of State to provide Congress, by April 30 of each year, a full and complete report on terrorism with regard to those countries and groups meeting criteria set forth in the legislation.

The Country Reports on Terrorism 2008’s “Strategic Assessment” chapter highlights terrorism trends and ongoing issues in 2008. This chapter sets the scene for the detailed analysis that follows. Significant achievements in border security, information sharing, transportation security, financial controls, and the killing or capture of numerous terrorist leaders have reduced the threat. But the threat remains, and state sponsorship, improved terrorist propaganda capabilities, the pursuit of weapons of mass destruction by some terrorist groups and state sponsors of terrorism, and terrorist exploitation of grievances represent ongoing challenges.

The terrorist groups of greatest concern – because of their global reach – share many of the characteristics of a global insurgency: propaganda campaigns, grass roots support, transnational ideology, and political and territorial ambitions. Responding requires a comprehensive response that focuses on recruiters and their networks, potential recruits, the local population, and the ideology. An holistic approach incorporates efforts aimed at protecting and securing the population; politically and physically marginalizing insurgents; winning the support and cooperation of at-risk populations by targeted political and development measures; and conducting precise intelligence-led special operations to eliminate critical enemy elements with minimal risk to innocent civilians.

Significant achievements in this area were made this year against terrorist leadership targets, notably the capturing or killing of key terrorist leaders in Pakistan, Iraq, and Colombia. These efforts buy us time to carry out the non-lethal and longer term elements of a comprehensive counterterrorist strategy: disrupting terrorist operations, communications, propaganda, subversion efforts, planning and fundraising, and preventing radicalization before it takes root by addressing the grievances that terrorists exploit and discrediting the ideology that provides their legitimacy. Actions that advance these strategic objectives include building and strengthening networks among governments, multilateral cooperation, business organizations, and working within civil society. It is crucial to empower credible voices and provide alternatives to joining extremist organizations.

Working with allies and partners across the world, we have created a less permissive operating environment for terrorists, keeping terrorist leaders on the move or in hiding, and degrading their ability to plan and mount attacks. Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Jordan, the Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other partners played major roles in this success. Dozens of countries have continued to pass counterterrorism legislation or strengthen pre-existing laws that provide their law enforcement and judicial authorities with new tools to bring terrorists to justice. The United States has expanded the number of foreign partners with which it shares terrorist screening information. This information serves as an important tool for disrupting and tracking travel of known and suspected terrorists. 

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Will the Real Leaders Stand Up

May 3, 2009

In 1787  the framers of the Constitution didn’t abolish slavery, they wrote it into law.  Determining for the purposes for taxation and representation that we were only worth or considered 3/5ths of a person. Over time as our country progressed there were various means and ways to bring and hold people down, hold them back,  which led to compensation, from the jim crow laws to the 40 acres and a mule.  Our history is filled with so many things good and bad but it also include the ones who fought for civil rights that are no longer here today. Real leaders who didn’t know at the time they were paving the way for a generation of individuals who would pick up and carry the mantle for those who believed that civil rights was every ones rights and they refused to back down, turn away, or stand down. They are the ones I think of when someone has the audacity to say stand down.  


We are carried on the shoulder of giants who fought against suppression to later remove the shackles that bound us together.  They stood up opened a door that we all still follow till this day. A door that doesn’t  recognize color, but character, and doesn’t recognize party designations,  or affiliations. This door is on the path of equality traveled by people like Victoria Gray who walked through it  so long ago.  I love her story, her words, her message, because through her actions she inspired so many people based on the belief we are all equal with the underlying message that when things don’t go your way, when you get turned away, sometimes you just have to dig down deep, go out there with your message and just plain fight for it..  Secretary of State Clinton said it best: “Never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on”.

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Guantanamo Bay will Be the Democratic Parties Down Fall

May 3, 2009

I was the first to state that the witch trial  lawsuits true intent was based on wanting the ability to lock up troops for perceived infractions based on the words of our own people here and information they released to help the other side. Those  in the MSM who got that email I sent know this to be true. The Democratic party will end up making a choice.  When this choice is made we will have all the answers that we seek. Will they choose to back and stand behind a campaign promise and pander to the left to piss off the right. Or will they choose to stand behind the safety of our country and the welfare of  our people and stop the politial posturing.

If they choose the former, I am unable, no, I refuse to support any actions that are a direct conflict with what I know to be true, our oath is simple. I do not belong to the left wing or the right wing, I support those who support us and those who represent us, and those who believe in the laws within this country and that we are a nation of laws.  I will stand against anyone who don’t hold this belief.  Because it is literally irresponsible,AND  inconcievable that anyone would not have a plan with something that is so huge.  The task of closing Gitmo is not just about detainee’s. There is more at stake.  But even more, there is no plan which is extremely dangerous.

If they execute this plan to just let people go or bring them here. At least have a PLAN and not just words.  Because, yes, the facilities they will be located at will become terrorists hot spots.  This isnt fear mongoring, this is understanding that terrorism exists.

Keith Olberman, MSNBC, the DHS Report & Media Bias

May 2, 2009

Keith Olberman is one of the most irrelevant individuals MSNBC has ever utilized to actually attempt to report news.  From his hate filled rants against the Secretary of State and his infamous remarks on taking her into a back room where only “one” person comes out.  To his unhinged rants bordering on delirious. Or his ability to have guests on his show, oh like Seymour Hersch, without veryfiying any facts and not caring that his *guest* spouted lies that hurt many people. But if you want proof that what happens on these blogs manage to make it into important places like reports and agencies or within the MSM.  Here you go from last nights episode of Olberman’s show, however on a side note just to state….I may not like his message but I will always fight for the messenger to have the chance to have there *message* get out there. Freedom of speech. However, that does not excuse people from blatantly disregarding the facts and manipulation of said facts.  But my original point.  The “Kossack” Contest seems to have made it live to degrade those individuals out there who probably wonder why based on there affiliation, they are considered idiots or why they are subject to ridicule: 


 So if your not a Democrat, your an idiot. It’s actions like these that make me want to become unaffiliated but the party itself is not the problem, it’s the people. This is not the high ground, or exhibiting some form of moral integrity or moving forward.  This is embarrasing.  The truth is, all the name calling and hate and racism is coming from the party in power. Just because I have a registration card that states *D*. It doesn’t mean I don’t see what is in front of me and it’s not just me focusing on it. Go to the liberal blogs and look at there articles and comments and see for yourself. It’s sad because they actually pay people to go to other blogs to leave hateful remarks and racist comments to give the impression that the blog owner permits it. They actually plan and discuss there actions on there own blogs like people can’t read it. Pathetic.




Let’s Keep it Real and Let the Record Show

May 2, 2009

This is not for the weak or  faint of heart and I will challenge/debate anyone who would attempt to disagree without providing the facts to support there claim.  This is a very sensitive subject but for some reason they are opening up old wounds with rehashing the primaries.  Taylor has a article titled No Daylight that I don’t agree with at all when it comes to Secretary of State Clinton and Mark Penn. Yes, he is garbage, I could of done a better job. But a couple of things to point out because for some reason there is this belief that the Obama campaign was the best run campaign in political history.

Bullshit. It was the best PR stunt/event in history. Look, one thing about the court of public opinion, if you tell people something long enough they will begin to believe it. For instance Polls. Hell they used them against us in the primaries to attempt to beat down HRC’s support. The polls were bogus.  A fake swell of online presence and ground support to give the navel gazing media the opportunity to report things that were not even remotely true.  But to even pretend that this was historical? Yeah, it actually was historical.  The first time race baiting was used to such  advanced degree.  Even more, the media bias was astounding during the primary that is why it is literal Karma now how everyone get up in arms because ALL stations aren’t navel gazing.

A day didn’t go by when every old liberal democrat didnt drag themselves to a camera to tell HRC to “step down”.  She is *hurting* the party, when if it was not for her, said party wouldnt have the White House.  But this is interesting from Taylors article:


So if anyone can sense Obama’s high flying performance as president, as well as the reaction from Americans but also the entire world, it’s . Obama’s stature is something she has to respect, because he’s proven that in this time and place there’s no one else who can match it. It’s ’s time and if anyone knows this it’s Hillary.

There is also reality. Presidents hire, but they can also fire, which applies to everyone in his cabinet, including Secretary Clinton.

Stature?  What stature? Respect? Has to respect? Respect is earned.  As for no one being able to *match it*? Like there are no more legitimate AAs that can accomplish anything? Hell let me be president for a day and I would give you a plan for Iraq, Afghanistand and Pakistan with one hand tied behind my back.  This whole *it’s his time* meme is naive.  We are facing unprecedented situations simutaneoulsy and people are concerned about *time* in our history?  Playtime is over. On the real?  The reason why the situation is as it stands now is because although some don’t trust anyone in this administration, they are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because certain individuals are within this cabinet. People can lie to themselves if the want but they better wake up and see the writing on the wall.  Everyone is not happy and if some would take the time and utilize there own minds and think they would see people are pissed.  They might want to stop believing the allusion that all us *black folk* are just escatic. There are going to be some really embarrassed individuals when they realize that this *groundswell* is all bullshit.  All of this shit is manufactured. Fed to people by Roland Martin, Brazille and Sharpton that entire *it’s racist*.  Life is great for those who agree. But those that don’t? I know first hand from experience exactly what happens when you actually speak up. They dont’ care who you are, that your not an elected official, they will attack you, use individuals to access your records and anything else.  For some reason I made it on the so called *radar* and  you would of thought I was part of Al qaeda.

But people don’t like to hear the truth because it would ruin there false sense of happiness because they voted on *emotions*. They dont want to see the evidence and proof to support your claims or read the hate mail, remarks or threats.  They want to believe in something so badly they ignore the truth.  They fail to realize that this country is not what it is today based on one man or for that matter woman.  WE are what binds this country together and not the idealogy nor the *catchy* phrases of an administration. How hard is it to think for yourself and actually just research on your own and quit refering to yourselves as if you reside in another country. As if your *party affiliation* is equivalent to this country. People are tired of listening to excuses of what the *past administration* has done or that they *inherited* this from the past administration or how our moral standing is bad based on the last administration. Who would want to be allies with any country that has done what agencies within this administration  has done? Do people get what has been done to us? They labeled us fucking future disgruntled right wing terrorists, countless and I mean countless articles bashing military AND vets and so much more, thats documented for those who want to act as if it’s all talk. For every denial made, there is evidence to support my claim.

Overall, I don’t know why people are bringing this up but what I do know is that history will tell a story based on the words and actions of those in the past.

Providing more Legal Protection for Terrorism Suspects: Military Commission Trials to Commence

May 2, 2009

Let’s see. They terrified and terrorized the people of New York with a fly over for a picture op reminiscent of 9/11.  The DOJ wanted to try detainee’s in federal courts in New York.  Pilots can’t carry licensed weapons, detainee’s were going to be housed here and provided with “free money” etc etc. .. Now, our very own mainstream media loves to join in on the love fest to prove that the most important individuals in this new administration just don’t happen to be us.  This is me calm because in all actuality? Furious:

The Obama administration is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting terrorism suspects held at a detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, even though the president has criticized the system in the past, the New York Times reported. Officials told the Times the administration’s first public moves on the issue could come as early as next week. The plan would amend the system created by former president George W. Bush to provide more legal protections for terrorism suspects.

More legal protection for terrorists?  Why not just come out and state there citizens of the U.S  and deserve the same rights as we do. But even more, I understand the rules of law. But I have seen the damage first hand of what these people do and are capable of and believe in me, they don’t give a flyin flip about whether the fact there actions have resulted in shrapnel causing chunks of skin and bone missing from a limb causing it to look sunk in.  But no, let’s provide more protections for terrorism suspects. Or disfigurements that require reconstruction to your face, arms or legs because we extend our hands daily to do a job but for some reason they still attempt to take it off. But no, let’s provide more legal protetion for terrorists.

You know, because when you have individuals like the two women suicide bombers responsible for the recent attack refered to as the “24hrs of Hell”.  I am sure that there are those thinking at that time that we should provide more legal protection for there actions.  We get the message loud and clear. I am under no misconceptions whatsoever about anything because actions speak louder than words and the writing on the wall is huge. This bypasses polls, opinions, remarks and speeches.  It is a whole lot bigger than what some even realize. Yes there will be repurcussions because you cannot spend over a year and a half constantly making statements to give the impression that terrorists rights are more imporantant than our own.

Or spend more time defending the ones who would see us wiped off the map than spend time standing behind the ones defending your own country. I have documented this entire thing because one day history will tell the story how we seem to be attacking our own. Proof. Evidence. Supporting information to prove a point. It’s not like it was hidden, it was plain to see for anyone wanting to see it.  The anti military articles, the soldier bashing, the threats, hate, negativity.   I tracked it all because it allows me to understand what I am witnessing now. There will come a time when some will regret there actions and when that time comes I will have zero sympathy because we should of been the last ones to get sold out. Some  might want to go back through there archives and look at some of there stories and articles and the type of  hateful and deragotory comments that look like they were written by Al Qaida or the Taliban that they allowed and then turn around and read there own writing now on how they always talk about “hate” and stereotypes. I sure did.  Then go back and read the DHS report.

Let’s look at some recommendations online which make you really wonder exactly who and where these *suggestions* come from.  Makes you wonder if you will see this “recommendation” in some agencies report. Or who agenda it serves:


Yes, this is important because I have seen remarks and comments online manage to make it into reports so I wouldn’t be suprised if we begin to hear them call for the new “detention center” to be put in DC.  You can read more here.  But even more:


State Secrets

habeas corpus

Senior Military Officials Weigh in On H1N1 Antiviral Medicine

May 2, 2009

As everyone scrambles to blow up this manufactured crisis in regards to the virus formerly known as Swine Flu. On a side note, does it not feel like we are going through a plague or bad luck as we keep having incidents that seem to appear to be pushing for a certain goal for a certain reason to achieve a certain outcome? Don’t hate the player hate the game.  I believe 100% there is more. But anyway…  Once again leadership is found within the ranks, as well as common sense. FYI?  This is an example of leadership and looking out for those you are tasked to represent:

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2009 – Senior military health officials are warning against taking antiviral medicines to fight the H1N1 flu virus until a doctor has confirmed the diagnosis.Most patients treated at military medical treatment facilities for flu-like symptoms don’t actually have the H1N1 or any other kind of flu virus, officials said.

“Everything that looks like flu is not flu. Most of the cases where people think they have the flu, they actually have some other respiratory disease,” said Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Wayne Hachey, director of preventive medicine for the Defense Department’s health affairs office.

Taking the flu medicine without having the virus causes several problems, Hachey said. First, the medicine will have no effect on what actually ails the patient, so the symptoms may only get worse.

Pause.  First, is it just me or does it sound like someone wants us, the military, take anti viral medication even though as the article states, it could cause medical problems? Are they fucking crazy?  But hold on, theres more, and of course I had to put my tinfoil hat on because I really hate to say it but I honestly don’t trust to much of anything.  But let’s look back at the article: 

The antiviral medicine does not act like a flu vaccine to prevent the flu. Taking the antiviral medicine before diagnosis simply depletes the national stockpile available to those actually diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, Hachey said.

Finally, Hachey warned that all drugs have potential side effects. “Taking a medication that you don’t need subjects you to increased risks,” he said.

I would be in Leavenworth.  I am not taking, if even bought up, anything because I am sure they have zero idea how it will interact with various medications because they have researched nothing.  Giving some new anti virus meds to those in WTBs who are going through treatment and not knowning how it will interact with other medicines is a literal suicide mission/plan.   See this is why it’s hard for me to trust this administration because they put things out sometimes that would benefit those that would seek to do this country harm.  Do they know how easy it would be for someone to use it as a opportunity to bring down our military fighting force? Good god even the most naive person knows this! We have so many contingency plans in place to combat and fascilitate these type of things.  Believe me, we are waaayyy ahead of the game versus our civilian counter parts.  But it’s all a moot point anyway , speaking plainly for better understanding? “I ain’t taken nothing from these anti military individuals running around here.  Plus after that kerkuffle a while back about a company  putting live viruses into there vaccines. NO thank you. In my opinion this is all suspect and I wouldn’t put it past anyone to cause a fake crisis that is supposedly affecting the “globe” to attempt to pull off some new kind of international world order meme.  Yeah, my tin foil hat is spinning but I like to research since the MSM lacks the balls to do so cause there scared to be *gasp* racist.  It’s amazing. There are so many holes and gaps and red flags with this virus formely known as Swine Flu  narrative a 5th grader could *break*the story.

I guess being held hostage by the race card is powerful indeed.  How does it feel to be owned to the point you can’t even write what you want or report what is true?  Even more question.  It’s like watching a train wreck. That if you even attempt to say something different your called racist and attacked. Sometimes I feel sorry for the bloggers that became no more than lackeys regurgitating talking points. Believe in me, sometimes it’s amusing  watching people with the same talking points refer to themselves as if they are a entire subgroup in itself.  A I really doubt after this we will have another african american president anytime soon.  All people will remember is how everything they say is racist, from asking questions, to not agreeing. Anyone doubting that should really stop lying to themselves and ask them if this was someone like, oh lets say Gov Palin. Take everything everyone is oh so scared to talk about and turn it around and apply it to them and then ask yourself if there is a difference. People are hypocrites. Seriously. If  an article was written stating Palin was wearing a five hundred dollar scarf made with bear skin supposedly made by a detainee…the liberals would be exploding  and combusting all over the place attempting to prove she was out of touch based on the economy, while screaming “release all detainees even if they are guilty because it’s the moral thing to do” as there rallying cry.  Even more, if the past administration would of suggested we take a antiviral medicine for some new manufactured mysterious virus they would of been ran out of the white house by people with pitch forks.   THIS is why people are “disgruntled”.  The double standard is so huge it’s sickening.  People can’t help but wear the proverbial “tin foil hat” because everything looks suspect.

Thank You John Edwards

May 1, 2009

As well as the Democratic Party! Way to screw the knife in and twist it around for reminding us, yet again how politics work. Yes, we know Edwards was only there to skewer the votes. Seriously do people believe no one pays attention or grasp the true intent of Edwards during the campaign? Puh-Leeze. I don’t think people truly grasp the level of anger and bitterness about what happened. Are they serious?  Hell hath no fury and all that but even more, on live national television, they TOOK away delegates and gave them to another candidate that willingly took themselves off a ballot!!  On live national television!!! Then, guestimated, yes, GUESTIMATED, it doesn’t matter that it’s not a word, and did some ol rinky dinky math to spread the wealth delegates!

To make matters worse and this is what makes my blood literally boil, you had people donating from countries that don’t exist, cartoon characters making donations and people damn near using there sears card to contribute.  But no, the deal breaker was watching live the DNC convention as people cast there votes enthusiatically towards Obama in states CLINTON goddamn WON! Then attempted to tell us that WE had to fall in. Hell no, I wanted Hillarycare but noo they said over and over everything was *just like hillary’s*. Bullshit.  Hell yeah I am still angry. Look at what we have now. There is no way in hell if our SOS would of been president  and allow a agency to label us terrorists right wing or otherwise in a report.

Speaking of Napolitano who is currently live on Fox news wearing a shirt that resembles the hide of a dead cow.  A question would be why that report is not being investigated.  Even more, the more she talks, the less I believe. Why the hell are they bringing all of this up again? Even more, someone really needs to understand Napolitano is inspiring positively ZERO good feelings and thoughts.  After the intel from that DHS report the only way I will believe anything from this administration is if Secretary of  State Clinton sends me a memo authorizing me too with the signatures of every single missing officer to include past and present. 10 CIA officers, 5 FBI, 6 Republicans & 1,000 disgruntled veterans.

Based on what we know now, Edwards did not have a prayer of a chance and either the Democratic party did not vet him and find out about this or his purpose was to keep blond ambition from making it to the finish line. Okay, I need to get off this subject because my boyfriend knows this is a touchy subject still and he is tired of listening to me state that we need a do over while I tap out this post. But seriously, what they are doing with Spector, guaranteeing him PA without even caring that people have to vote proves what happened in this past election. How can anyone be 100 percent sure a year and a half before an event even happens that he will win? See? Point made.  But it’s all good.  Some are walking towards the end of there careers and don’t even realize it. It’s amazing people think everything is just “forgotten” .

Let’s see, what did Donna say? Hmmm. Oh yeah, to stay home on election day. Yep. Ms Brazille had the balls nerve to say *STAY HOME* and that the Democratic party would be led by the youth. Or her infamous, “my momma taught me” moment during a committee that was suppose to be up front the entire time instead of being behind closed doors after there lunch break.  So why was Edwards running for President when his affair and extracurricular activities would be discovered. Why was Richards when he was doing illegal things as well.  They knew this stuff would come up unless they were naive enough to believe if they won there secrets would not be discovered. Because if Edwards would of won and this would of came out? The Democratic parties big tent would turn into a shelter half. Plus someone would of waited to break the story until after the nomination to ensure as much bad impact as possible.

Here we Go Again with the “Race Card”

May 1, 2009

Well it seems the CHC has just took a card,  from the same deck as the CBC.  From Politico:

On Wednesday, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) released a fearmongering video, asking if Americans “feel safer” under President Obama. But one image in the video has caused outrage in Congress. After a shot of Obama shaking hands with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the video cuts to an image of Obama meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus

Yesterday, the group sent a letter to Boehner, demanding an apology “for the inclusion of the picture of the CHC meeting with President Obama in the video.” “The video posted on Congressman John Boehner’s official website is a completely inappropriate message for the leader of the minority party to send to the American people,” said Rep. Nydia Velázquez (D-NY), chairwoman of the CHC. Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ) called the video “not only inflammatory,” but also “racist.”


Now they are throwing out the race card by making the claim that a recent video is “racist”. So now, if you don’t agree or have the same ideas, nine times out of ten you will be called racist. Sickening. Never before have we ever seen anything like this. It is truly disgusting that elected officials find some usefulness in labeling people “racist” just because they hold separate beliefs. I am willing to bet my next five military pay checks that the Democratic party will lose and lose big in 2010 and 2012.  People are downright disgusted with this “racist” narrative that proves they are unable to articulate a point in a sentence without going for gutter tactics.


As a person who not only knows there history, I understand the pitfalls of constant false charges of racism. All it does is lessen the impact for those who actually experience it and will be ignored because people are going to believe it is being used the same way and reason it is being used now.  Organizations like the NAACP should really hold those in the CBC and CHC to task because they are literally destroying the true intent and purpose of civil rights.  Have they forgotten the story about the boy who cried wolf? Even more especially those who make there money by bringing *race* into every topic.

The people in this country will not put up with four years of listening to everything being *racist*. If the Republican party is so irrelevant, why do they care on the other side of the aisle? These are the things people think of. They ask themselves why if they are almost at 60 and can pass whatever they want, why do they spend so much time being bitter and playing the race card? After a while, listening to the race card gets redundant.

It has Begun….Message to ALCON

May 1, 2009

I knew it was coming.  Weeks ago when this “torture” narrative began I sent a very important email.  Those within the blogs & MSM can go back thru the ones recieved from me and note that I spoke true in regards to what the true intent and purpose was of that entire narrative.  First and foremost everyone seemed to miss the true intent and purpose of the information being released by the DOJ and others.  They all had a key denominator and factor.  One thing people refused to understand is that there hate for the past administration is what set the tone for what we are seeing now.

No, it was never about prosecution of the last administration or “torture”.  It was about idealogy. Idealogy of terrorists and there organizations.  It was about power and control. It is my opinion and belief that the whole we are currently walking towards was dug by our very own.  The thing is, the “hate” was fueled to get a desired result. First of all to be so naive to totally disregard the actual roles of the House & Senate to give yourself a false sense of security in thinking the past president and administration has sole blame is just ignorant.  Do you honestly believe that no one with a “D” behind there name did not have any idea what was happening behind closed doors?

To grandstand for votes they placed the lives of those tasked to do a job in danger just for political posturing. Because there is no excuse whatsoever why before the 2008 election they could not do anything. If they cared so much about the current issue, show the legislation put out there they initiated. Because the thing with that “moral” high horse, you can’t get on it when you want, you would always have to have been there. And don’t refer to a past “speech”, that means nothing.  Democratic party members have a very big problem, one in which I stated weeks ago was the case.  I cannot respect any leader willing to place the lives of people in danger just to serve a personal or partisan party agenda.  The individuals who postured for some *truth commission* as if they did not have the majority or been around the last eight years need to stand before an ethics committee because they are now no better than propaganda pieces for other countries. 

I stated this was what it was all about from the start:

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s prime minister demanded that American commanders turn soldiers responsible for a predawn raid on Sunday that left two dead over to Iraqi courts for possible trial, in a first test of the U.S.-Iraqi security pact concluded last year.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued a statement calling the raid a “crime” and said it violated the terms of the security agreement, which requires the U.S. military to coordinate maneuvers with Iraqi counterparts.

The U.S. military said it had informed Iraqi authorities ahead of the raid. The military said the raid — in the city of Kut, about 100 miles southeast of Baghdad — targeted members of Shiite militias allegedly funded by Iran. It said U.S. troops shot and killed one suspected weapons smuggler and detained six militants, and that a woman was killed in the crossfire.


A raid on Sunday by U.S. soldiers in Kut, Iraq, killed two, and Iraq called it a crime. Above, men carry the coffin of a woman killed in the raid.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

A raid on Sunday by U.S. soldiers in Kut, Iraq, killed two, and Iraq called it a crime. Above, men carry the coffin of a woman killed in the raid. Hundreds of Iraqi protestors took to the streets in Kut in the raid’s aftermath on Sunday, denouncing the U.S. operation. Iraqi media reported that Mr. Maliki had ordered the arrest of an Iraqi brigade commander and a battalion commander for allowing American troops to conduct the operation without proper coordination with the Iraqi government.

The issue of immunity for U.S. troops remaining in Iraq was one of the most sensitive issues during the protracted negotiations over the pact last year.

It is unclear on what basis Mr. Maliki will claim jurisdiction over the U.S. soldiers who carried out the raid. The U.S.-Iraqi agreement says that on-duty U.S. soldiers aren’t subject to Iraqi law; only U.S. soldiers who commit major and intentional crimes off base and off duty are subject to Iraqi law. Disagreements are to be resolved by a joint U.S.-Iraqi committee.

It was never going to happen the last administration being prosecuted for “war crimes” in Iraq. Becasue what so many failed to see, the hole they were walking in too as so many screamed “war crimes” and attached it to the past administration.  They failed to utilize there brain that when they state  so called “war crimes” were committed in Iraq. WE are the ones deployed there and last time we checked the former president and vp did NOT deploy in support of there country or wear the uniform. So as everyone screeched *war crimes* because there sorry asses didn’t have the fucking balls or heart or spine to stand up when it counted, they do it now and place people lives in danger. Now, you have individuals who just found there *heart* and don’t realize they are doing extreme damage. They joined the individuals who would not mind seeing us wiped off the map in amping and fueling the hate. You had people claiming to be experienced in politics actually believing that just mere words would lift our moral standing around the world. Who were so damn naive to believe terrorism was only an issue because of the last president.  These are the ones who like to look the other way instead of acknowledging there are women suicide bombers taking us out or hindering the mission. Case in point the two women suicide bombers during what was called as the “24hrs of hell” in Iraq.

You can make up a bogus story with a detainee claiming “torture” and list the name of a fictional name as the one doing the questioning and state they work for the CIA and you would have everyone within hours screaming for there prosecution, stating they are a *republican*, and not once will you see anyone asking for evidence. What I hate the most about this past two years is that you are now considered *guilty* and tried in the court of public opinion instead of a court of law. Next thing you know the medias picking up the story and not one person checks the facts.

Get ready to see the words of Senators et al used as propaganda by our enemies to justify there cause and to recruit for THERE fight and gain more members by stating our very own politicians believe we are “war criminals” so killing us is justified. Look for more so called *incidents* like above from Iraqi officials wanting United States Soldier’s turned over to them for some made up offense that I am sure we will see articles on soon attempting to prove that the soldier was wrong. And when you see that shit, ask yourself who gains what from painting us in a bad light.  Pay close attention to the words being used because as I have stated before, there will be those who will regret there words because they will be used as propaganda and they will be seen again because of ignorance.

Some in these countries are looking for the chance for retribution and the ability to lock soldiers up for whatever cause they believe in. They would not of even thought to even utter anything like this within the last administration. Turn soldiers over into there custody. If this administration supports this, turning people over for some witch hunt chaos would erupt.  Watch.  What will they do when they use there own words to recruit for terrorist groups by showing videos and playing feedback of the eleted pandering officials spewing the *war crime* meme and *truth commission* narrative?  We are talking life and death the ability to execute a mission and come back safely or not at all.

Do they even get the fact that they are ruining lives and doing damage? How can anyone be that ignorant and not realize they have handed them power.  They don’t have to work with us or anything else! They now have a recruitment tool for there cause.  Now they can show: ” that soldiers are  torturin *evul americans* committing war crimes”.  Then they can zoom in and use the words of the elected pro terrorist sympathisers acting righteous calling for truth commissions after the fact.  I was 100 percent correct weeks ago that something like this would happen because I saw what others didnt.  I cant even believe this man can utter the words to ask  to turn over a U.S soldier on something manufactured. What is sad is the fact that he felt he could ask as if this administration would say yes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the true feelings of the new anti military crowd. I honestly could picture a speech about:

” how we should just turn them over despite it being a witch hunt, because we have a moral obligation to the global community after the last administration  to have a higher moral standing because we are all citizens of the world.”

Air Force One Fly Over

May 1, 2009

I am confused about something but first from:

New York Times: White House Apologizes for Air Force Flyover

 Now from Wiki:

Air Force One is the air traffic control call sign of any United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States.[1] Since 1990, the presidential fleet has consisted of two specifically configured, highly customized Boeing 747-200B series aircraft – tail codes Special Air Mission (SAM) “28000” and SAM “29000” – with Air Force designation “VC-25A“. While these aircraft are referred to as “Air Force One” only while the president is on board, the term is commonly used to describe either of the two aircraft normally used and maintained by the U.S. Air Force solely for the president.

Air Force One is a prominent symbol of the American presidency and its power.[2] The aircraft are among the most famous and most photographed in the world.[3]

Now in the eleven years I have been in the military, Air Force One carries the title only when the pres is on board the plane.  So what are they stating?

Pakistan States Taliban takes Entire Town Hostage

April 30, 2009

Being reported on Fox News…

Seperation of Powers

April 30, 2009

I do not agree or believe the government needs to be involved in the car industry.  This administration is taking this entirely to far and witnessing the President discuss the car industry is amazing.  Unions now  own 55% of the company.  Sorry,this feels way to much like Zimbabwe government.  Redistributing the wealth or in this case, ownership to the unions. Now we can’t even have the type of cars we want but what type the government says we need. I feel bad for the dealerships who have just gotten screwed.  How can anyone look at this and state this is what this country needs. The government now owns and dictates the banking industry, the automobile industry, the credit card industry, civilian volunteering. We have car czars  and economic czars and czar  czars….Hell, all that’s left is health care and we are official screwed. 

Seriously, is THIS what people wanted? Someone to dictate every portion of there life? Sorry. This is not what I wanted to see us go to. It didn’t work for Zimbabwe it won’t work for us. Well this makes Cantors  2 May Town Hall more interesting, they say all are welcome because none of this happening now is something I cannot  relate too. . I for one do not want this to become the norm, this just does not fit this countries values. To much of a dictatorship type feel.

UPDATED: New Lightweight Body Armor is a GO!!!

April 30, 2009


Updated: Now that things are getting on track as the real professionals step forward, now it becomes easier to address issues such as this to find the source of the problem.  It should be the priority to ensure we have the best of everything, not because of vanity but because when you send the best to do a job, having the best equipment is essential.  And plus leaders should always ensure that those with whom they lead are able to execute the task to the best of there ability.  Case in point is this below.  We should ALL have this equipment and it should be readily available. How can you verbally state that this protective gear is unnecessary? This is life savin equipment. So yes, I would want to know who believes that this is not necessary or important and explain why. They can answer the question now or waite to reelection time.

The new lighter body armor is a go! New York Times did a opinion piece last week on it being held up but now reports that Secretary Gates  stepped in and made inquiries in regards to finding out what was the hold up on us getting it and will now be headed down to Afghanistan!  


 I for one can say that this is a very good thing because when we trained in Kuwait en route to Iraq the last time, acclimatizing yourself again with the weight is a bitch in that heat.  Plus, going out on missions during convoys with all your protective gear depending on what type of vehicle you are in makes for a very uncomfortable ride and it is not like you can just take it off.  However Afghanistan is an entirely different story all together.  NYT touched on it in regards to Korangal Valley terrain:




But I was there  during Operation Anaconda when we pulled base operations in Uzbekistan before jumping sites to go to Bagram Airfield when they went into Shahi-Kot Valley and Anaconda is a PRIME reason why shit like delays and not having the proper equipement is important. We fell up under 10th Mountain and although the word *mountain* is in there name, they were NOT used to the terrain. I blogged about Anaconda many times , anyway, other than the fact that I believe the Afghan forces didn’t come through, there is a wealth of information that could be used to learn from past mistakes from back then. Especially considering the fact that some didn’t have that level of experience or training you could say to effectively navigate that area. 

But the fact that Mullah Omar,  al-Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden were said to be in that area, well we know what happened with that.  The altitude for those not used to it, the terrain and acclimatizing depending on the weather all plays a part therefore your equipment can be a asset or a problem and people just don’t get that.  It’s not like we can take it off to get comfortable and put it back on.  Maybe if some could wear it themselves, exactly what WE move out in to do our job replicating that area, they would see why this is important.  Most of the soldiers who just come in are not used to it.

Yes, when we do Sergeants Time Training we train as we fight BUT when you are in a entirely different landscape like Afghanistan it changes certain factors.  Playing *politickin* when it comes to our equipment is straight bullshit. This is what could be the difference between life and death especially if it could of been prevented by having the necessary tools to do the job.  And we damn sure shouldn’t have to put up a fight just to get said protective equipment and the fact that we do is just simply amazing in itself.  How in the world can you explain not providing the tools necessary to do a job that you can send us too? We SHOULD have the best of damn everything without having to ask. Ask? Okay. Justify and explain why? Yes. Beg, plead? Hell no. If China has one, we should have two. If Russia has two, we should have four. If someone is thinking about getting it, we should already have it. We are the United States of freaking America! We LEAD from the front!   Better believe it.

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Marine in California Tests Positive for Virus formely known as Swine Flu

April 29, 2009


The commandant of the Marine Corps says one of his troops may have swine flu and that 39 in all are being confined until tests come back, the Associated Press reports.

Gen. James Conway says an initial test indicated one Marine in California may have the illness, the AP says. Officials are awaiting another test on that Marine.

Update at 2:45 p.m. ET: CNN reports that the Marine, stationed at Twentynine  Palms, Calif., has tested positive for swine flu.

Secretary of State & Secretary of Defense being Sued in Lawsuit, Criminal Activity & Prosecution

April 29, 2009

 More to follow..

Something is Really Really Wrong

April 29, 2009

The World Health Organization reports:

A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.

Vivienne Allan, from WHO’s patient safety program, said the body had confirmed that worldwide there had been just seven deaths – all in Mexico – and 79 confirmed cases of the disease

Okay, am I missing something here with this?

Three Vials of Virus Missing from Biological Research Facility

April 29, 2009

From CNN:

Missing vials of a potentially dangerous virus have prompted an Army investigation into the disappearance from a lab in Maryland.

Fort Detrick is the home of the Army's top biological research facility.

Fort Detrick is the home of the Army’s top biological research facility.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command agents have been visiting Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, to investigate the disappearance of the vials. Christopher Grey, spokesman for the command, said this latest investigation has found “no evidence of criminal activity.

CNN Highlights:

  • Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis samples missing from Army facility
  • Virus sickens horses, can be spread to humans through mosquitoes
  • Investigators say vials may have been in freezer that was destroyed
  • So far, investigators have found no evidence of criminal activity
  • I find this article interesting. But now,  let’s talk about the “swine flu”. Now the virus is being referered to as H1N1 and watching the president speak on this H1N1 I am really amazed on a couple of things.  See, I have a very big problem understanding this.  They stated health care professionals should report suspected cases to the “appropriate” authorities. But there doesn’t seem to be a big rush to “discover”medical  info abou the “swine flu” or the virus formerly known as the “swine flu”.  But there does sure seem to be a big rush to get people quarantined in camps as well as billions more dollars for god knows what.  You know. I need a new job to be able to investigate things myself because I don’t do tin foil hat theories so I want to be able to prove what I believe wrong or right.

    Seriousl? I agree on the Swine Flu issue with calling it by another name because it is apparent to me that no, I was off probably. Not manufactured to a degree, but probably ALREADY manufactured or created.  So what do I believe? Could it be that the vials from Fort Detrick were stolen and not missing to create some type of manufactured crisis? Let’s go back to the DHS report for a minute because one thing I have learned these last two years is that if you pay attention, I mean really really pay attention to what goes on around you, you really do end up seeing a trend.  That report was political and tells a story that allows you to understand what is happening now. That’s my opinion…

    But on a lighter note, I entered the *sweepstakes* for Fox and Friends hopefully I win something..

    It’s Not Swine Flu, it’s H1N1

    April 29, 2009

    In other words, like I said from day one, MANUFACTURED:

    U.S. officials trying to contain the swine flu are now trying to contain the use of the phrase “swine flu” itself.

    At a briefing with reporters Tuesday, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack pleaded with the media and others to start identifying the illness as “H1N1 flu.”

    “This really isn’t swine [flu], it’s H1N1

    Good god. When. WHEN can we throw people out, start investigations, impeachments, hearings?  Seriously, they need to be independent people to the point of being non existent.   Am I the only one viewing this in total amazement? Incompotent. Sheer incompotence. Unbelievable. Are they serious? What happened to investigating Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano DHS report? Why is that important? LOOK AT THIS SHIT! You got the swine flu and NO ONE can find the damn infected swine, if they even exist, but people are supposedly popping up all over the map with it in certain countries? How big does the writing need to get on the wall here to see that something is just so off about all of this. Now it’s H1N1? What IS that? Why is no one else calling it that? How do we know what it is but no one else don’t? Where is the damn proof and not all of this fear mongoring! What the hell is H1N1 and who is the “doctor” who discovered it?

    Based on previous experience with this office with evidence, supporting documentation and information,  I don’t trust nothing*at*all!

    OMG Specter did NOT Just Say that!

    April 28, 2009

    UPDATE: Did this man just state he called the president and that he stated he would campaign for him in in Pa and that Senator Reid would too and Rendell would raise money?  One thing this tells you is that this man is power hungry and does not try to hide it.  I think this man managed to get the Dems to promise the sky and the moon to him to switch over and he did. But they forgot the difference between them.  Because he had no problem stating what the pres and reid and rendell stated to him. Ooh this is going to be good.

    Dear God this is GOLDEN…. please PLEASE tell me Specter did not just state that after 29 years he did not want his career dictated by the Republican electorate?  The way he just stated that is amazing! He stated he won’t be the 60th vote, wont change his other votes and lord knows I believe him because anyone who can get up there and state this does what the hell they want.  He keeps bringing up the “medical” research to  grab the attention of the daily kos crowd for universal health care.  In other words, he ain’t going to the house in 2010.

    Arlen Specter switches Parties

    April 28, 2009

    Brilliant. I was having a bad day which I will blog about later but this, this is just amazing. I came back from UNC to this and I feel bad for the one group people seem to ignore: his constituents. There are Democrats running to the closest microphone to tout how this means there *idealogy*, the Republicans, is old. Shame on Fox News (snark/) and there commentators for setting these fools up while everyone runs out with there talking points. Normally I don’t agree with Micheal Steele, at all, but his remarks were funny as hell. Didnt  Specter say  a couple of weeks ago he stated he wasn’t leaving the Republican party ever?  Sorry, they can spin this the way they want, this man probably does not want to lose his job in the Senate and he will do whatever is needed to keep it. Plain and simple. Even more, if he feels comfortable enough to state his views haven’t changed which don’t coincide with “dem” principles and they know the results already of the election. Well we already seen this before.

    Even more, PA? PA??? Clinton County? She OWNS that state! Hell, people freaking SWITCHED PARTIES just to vote for HER! Seriously, if they wouldn’t of made Gov Palin look like the Whorish Village Idiot she would of had the white women. They were running from the ticket until:



    How many times did she have to show up in PA for the Dem ticket? Freaking HILLARIOUS!!!! KARMA… This is seen as a positive? Remember what Clinton supporters did to Chris Matthews ambition for running in PA? Good luck with that. Way to rain on those 100 days. There is a very big problem that people are missing other than the obvious point that nothing good can come from announcing your running for the opposite party in the next election thats almost a year and a half away while STILL in the current party your leaving.

    Even MORE!! Whats up with all of this “determining” the election results and saying who will win before the damn election? Hell I was going on leave just to go down to PA to help work against that asshole Matthews for the simple fact he had the audacity, among many, to do that interview with Ayers…. HEY CLINTON Supporters in PA!  They have just told YOU ALL that Specter will win by a large margin running as a Dem.  Ya’ll voted already? Didn’t think so.  Or then again, maybe there won’t be any *primary* challenger from the Dem Party, that’s the only way I can think of to be so sure a year and a half before.  I guess we proved our point because THIS is a prime example of the point being made.

    Pssst…We are Still a Nation of Laws

    April 27, 2009

    Just a reminder:
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    more about “We are Still a Nation of Laws“, posted with vodpod



    VICTORY(Really?): CA Dem Party Will Pass Resolution of Impeachment Inquiry Into Bybee Today

    April 26, 2009

    This is the reason why I am unable to understand certain groups and why I am able to look at all of this in astonishment and amazement.  This article is on Daily Kos  and why I believe we have such a weakness at this point when rational people have truly lost there way. This shows me that anyone can spread there agenda and idealogy if they can get in and find a weakness. I analzye and sit back and put pieces together to get a picture. And the one I got here is simply astounding.  They honestly do not see what is in front of them and it doesn’t matter what side you belong to, just know that words and actions of so many will come back to haunt them.

    Case in point  Bybee.  According to Daily Kos they are starting impeachment and alot of the remarks justifying it why so many of us are sitting back in astonishment. Why I am evaluating this and wondering how it can be applied to 2010.  It’s a stunning revelation and what I think will be the ephiphany for alot of people. How can you advocate and state you want to prosecute individuals based on released articles and not all the evidence of who knew what when and all supporting documentation. Ruining peoples lives without the whole story but the ones from a administration who are not perfect and rely on these same individuals for there jobs.  No one has stopped to ask themselves why they are so willing to go on the defensive and call for all types of things without even having the  enitre facts other that selected memo’s and leaked articles.

    Have we sunk that low? Are we willing to ruin lives without having all of the facts?  What happens when people find out more information on individuals involvement they may not like? What then?  If you want to do things right, have the facts first because I have this feeling that the possibility of there being more information to be known may be the case.  No one can be naive and believe a entire political establishment does not have a clue. If so, we need to send them to the house if something this major was happening and they state they have zero clue.  The worst thing that could happen is information coming to light that proves this theory to be true. To believe any and everything and not once, not once question the source, purpose and agenda? We made the excuse that the last administration used the media to promote there agenda, talked about how when you didn’t agree with the war you were called all kinds of names, that you were told despite how you felt, you had to “stand behind the president”. But yet you turn around and become what you once hated.

    This bothers me. I don’t feel hope, and change, I feel divisiveness. I see a problem. I sat aside with so many others as everyone made excuses for a man, Bill Ayers, whose a known terrorist, whose group  the weather underground attempted to place bombs on  military installation, Fort Dix.  Who placed bombs in a federal builiding who is not convicted and in jail based on a technicality, who now teaches at a college, shown up on talk shows to tell his side of the story and who even wrote op eds on the Huffington Post.  Be defended by any and everyone.  The same type of actions we fight to prevent from terrorists around the world, excused live and in color. And we had to suck it up and take it because no one had the courage to get up and disagree so we had to suck it up and take it.

    So I look at the choices some make and wonder to myself do they even know what they believe. From pundits, commentators and the MSM to bloggers and those that leave remarks. Do you even have the ability to think for yourself and not what those would have you to believe or see what they want you to see? I witness individuals describe there political affiliation as if it’s some form of different sub division of the american race and I am astounded.  They have literally come to refer to it above any and everything else and it’s shocking to witness and see but even more to believe that others actually do it as well.  Many people know  I always state my support of Secretary of State Clinton, she earned it, however it is not blind support. I did my research and believe me when I say I wanted to know the good, the bad and the ugly before I could ever state I would give 100 percent during the primary, ge and even now.  How could I stand up against her detractors if I didn’t know fact from fiction? There was no way in hell I was going to back a person to that degree and not have the facts or even a semblance of them. To me, the worse thing that could of happened was for me to give that level of support and turn around one day and realize it was not the truth or a lie. No, I don’t know any and everything but love her or hate her, but she is the most vetted politician in our nations history. It is based on many things that I have outlined based on her past legislative accomplishments, experience to include advocating for women’s rights and civil rights, work as First Lady and the Senate.

    I may joke and state disagreeing with her is equivalent with treason, but its a joke, (maybe)but nine times out of ten the response is based on *perception* and not facts therefore setting the record straight and giving the smackdown to those with CDS and I love nothing better.  But this what I am witnessing is unprecedented.  Back up, I take that back, hell no, let me stop lying, hell yes I am not even going to lie, it’s right up there with it.  These assholes that worked with her for YEARS to include the MSM had the nerve to fucking label her all of a sudden in 2008, her  AND President Clinton racist! I don’t care if she smokes hope and snorts change, that crap was WRONG.  If we do not state this now, someone else could come along and use this as well. I for one am not willing to go through this every four years. Yes I am bitter. BITTER. BITTER. BITTER!!  Because actions like this leave a bad taste and I will always speak up against it.  I may not like the message, but I will always fight tooth and nail for the messenger.

    Perception, Misconception, and the Truth

    April 26, 2009

    A recent post I made in regards to Keith Olberman’s “challenge” on torture drew a very interesting comment  left on my post that I want to take the time out to respond to.  Due to it’s exceptional stance on what is percieved to be my view:

    “As usual, you cons have missed the point. If it’s not torture, than Hannity should have no problem with taking up the challenge. You knuckle-draggers claim that this extracts intelligence, yet what if Keith were to get Hannity to admit to having sex with ducks or molesting babies. Would you claim that to be “good” information,or would you then claim he only said that to stop the waterboarding? The fact that former Bush officials have admitted it is torture now make it clear we abandoned our American principles, and put you people on the same level as the people we are fighting.”


    Jim?  First of all, thank you for leaving your opinion and remarks however first let me explain what you percieved to be my point and not what my point actually is.  The purpose of my article was to point out the hypocrisy of the individuals who have a national voice and the ability to sway public opinon towards those who hold the belief that “torture”, as I do, is wrong. But chooses to take a very serious matter, with total disregard of the consequences of there actions and use it in a form to score ratings. These individuals are the ones who believe that you never allow a good crisis to go to waste and you never lose your chance to score ratings.

    See, the thing is there are those who are standing on the sidelines who wear the same uniform that I do who are wondering and questioning will they be next to be attacked and thrown up under the proverbial bus with the intel community or what will happen because right now there seems to be some kind of media blitz and attack going against those of us in the military.  It’s not everyday that you watch back to back articles as if there is a PR campaign actually going attempting to paint us in a bad light.  Plus,  Mr Olberman, a individual who has proven and shown that he will say, do and report anything without verfying the facts for his show, case in point the JSOC “assassination” ring story told by Mr Hersch without any coorberating facts to back up his claim that JSOC didn’t have congressional oversight.  Yes, it is hypocrisy to be willing to ask for someone to go through “waterboarding” to prove a point against your advesary, for cash, ratings and to prove a point and turn around and  have the audacity to then state that the “winnings” will be donated to a military foundation or group. Then turn around and report any and everything negative about said military while hyping stories about “pictures” all week long that will show that WE are the “bad ones”  with “proof” that we may or may not have been complicit in “waterboarding”.

    As for your statement attempting to classify me into some political affiliation based soley on my article? Get real. Political party affiliation doesn’t even register on my radar and means absolutely nothing to me. I support those who support this country and I could careless what side of the political aisle they may be on but you better believe I will stand by ANYONE’S side  and go down fighting with them and for them that place this nation first and I don’t care if they are black, white, orange, stripped or purple with speckled spots and have every single letter in the alphabet behind there name. The only colors I ever see are RED. WHITE & BLUE. I am not a Democrat, Republican, Independent or anything else. I am a AMERICAN and I dont give a flying fuck about party designation. No, we did not “abandon” our american priniciples. We placed individuals in power that abandoned us.  We are a nation of goddamn laws and individuals have fought and died so we can be here till this very day. No one can take that away from us but we damn sure can kick those assholes OUT who don’t recognize that fact .

    As for your remarks of  “you people” being on the same level as the people we are fighting? Liberals are the only ones who I have met that have had the ability to compare two individuals who disagree as one being the one who is “right” and the one wrong ” a right wing terrorist”. Let me help you understand the difference and considering I have been to war and can tell you a little something about the “enemy” I doubt I would classify them as the one holding the difference of opinion with myself and more on the lines of the one holding the AK 47 to blow off someones head, or the one planting bombs, IED’s or mortars.  Last but not least, when all else fails, the “race” card is always the last one to rear it’s ugly head and manages to join the conversation. Case in point your reference to “you knuckle draggers”. Now considering the fact as a african american woman, the first thing that comes to mind are primates to include, monkey’s, apes and other animals that inhabit that category, I choose to be above those type of remarks. Because there are those who literally cannot get there point across without going negative. But it’s okay I have been down that road before and I am here to stay because I know my words and remarks have placed me in a category that threatens some. I mean what I say, I say what I mean. I stand behind my words and remarks, bow down to no one and those that don’t like it. Deal with it. The day I stop speaking truth to power will be the day they throw dirt over me in a box.

    My beliefs are simple.  I believe in many things.  I believe in the laws that govern our nation and the glue that binds it together: the people. I belive that since we are a nation of laws, we better be a nation that governs by them.

    Homeland Security Secretary Public Health Emergency

    April 26, 2009

    After watching the WHO (World Health Organization), and then Mayor Bloomberg I was feeling relieved to get so much info on the Swine Flu.  Especially since the WHO went through line by line to state all the information to include explanations and details.  All that went out the door as soon as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano opened her mouth. Anyone looking for information and concise details look elsewhere. This woman has lost all credibility and any report bought forth from that office will be met with skepticism by me because whatever comes out is something that only benefits one group of individuals.

    After watching the other briefings all I saw with this was a hot mess. I wouldn’t be suprised if the next thing you heard was how it’s some “right wing” conspiracy from *swine* left over from the last administration. After all of these rational explanations you get a public health emergency and fear mongoring.  God I know people around the world are now asking themselves the same universal question as days go by.  How can you get concise detailed un alarming information from OTHER countries on this and other officials. Then you get the *fear mongoring* brigade to come along and shit goes down hill.

    You know, my internal flag aka instinct that is always on the money tells me that there is so much more but after other briefings this one was just so off. Everyone gave off the feeling of calm and now this.

    STOP the Taliban is not a Option, it’s a REQUIREMENT

    April 26, 2009

    Anyone not paying attention must of have missed the latest news in regards to Pakistan and the Taliban. My question is why the hell are we wasting time having to issue stern *warnings* and not executing?  Not that there is anything wrong with that but it feeds into the impression and the ongoing debate and narrative that *warnings* are all we are going to give.  I knew it. I just KNEW this white flag wavin, let’s just talk, they are just misunderstood shit was going to one day come back and bite us in the ass. You think they are not going to continue on to Islamabad?

    Or will we wait until they get one or two nukes before we wake the hell up? Everyone is waving a red flag alerting that action needs to happen and happen now. But noooo, everyone else is still captivated by the *white flag* didn’t I already state before that  White flags are for fucking PUSSIES and people who want to see this country wiped off the damn map! What the hell? Do people on Capital Hill believe these people are playing pretend? That North Korea really didn’t just state they are continuing on with there facility and creating six nukes?  That the Pakistan situation is just a dream that can change with hope and a nifty heartfelt speech and strongly worded letter and  a couple of  dollars! I doubt very highly the Taliban can get the letter or money, they are TOO BUSY TRYING TO GET TO ISLAMABAD and probably won’t pass by any freaking  post offices!  Why the fuck would they want any of that when they can get hold of something that can make the world bow down! WTF? Are they serious? Are the pols in Washington serious? Maybe they should listen to the words of those who have more experience:


    Officials said last week’s outspoken remarks by Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, were “calculated to ramp up the pressure on Pakistan” to take action. Clinton warned that the terrorists’ advance had created a “mortal threat” to world security.

    She was one of several American political and military leaders to use unusually strong language about Pakistan’s failure to curb the Taliban. Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who visited Pakistan, said he was “extremely concerned” about the developments and that the situation was “definitely worse” than two weeks ago.

    General David Petraeus, of US Central Command, which oversees Afghanistan – to which America is about to commit 17,000 more troops – said Al-Qaeda and Taliban extremists in Pakistan posed an “ever more serious threat to Pakistan’s very existence”.


    In which a reply came:

    Husain Haqqani, the ambassador to Washington, accused the Obama administration of making it harder for his country to fight the Taliban.

    Yes, Mr Haqqani, deal with it. This article is 100 percent.  Just as the Secretary of State stated: the terrorists’ advance had created a “mortal threat” to world security. If THEY can’t take care of the problem as noted in this  portion of the article:

    However, reports yesterday indicated that the Taliban withdrawal was less than total. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people in the district were still at the mercy of armed militants and their restrictive interpretation of Islamic law.

     You better believe that we can take care of the situation. WE CANNOT ALLOW them to succeed. Pakistan is a nuclear power. We DO NOT want to be put in the position of not preventing something of this magnitude that would effect us globally. Mr Haqqani needs to STFU. There is nothing “hard” about this situation. Let those who can do, do, and those that attempt to block it, move aside, step down or become labeled as those blocking progress from a possible threat to ALL nations security. I cannot believe we have to even debate this. It’s mind boggling. I do understand the *fear* that stems from not wanting military *occupation* in Pakistan.  They don’t want it, and we don’t want to be there. That’s easy enough to understand but I don’t understand the problem.  Because see, that in itself tells me that there is a gap or something in the communication process because we as a whole have something for every situation. We had the Pirate situation, we sent in Navy Seals. We have Taliban forces in Swat valley and we ??????   God help us all. It does not require an entire army to go into Swat Valley. I understand that memogate and torturegate allows one to pretend that these events happening world wide don’t exist and some are literally clinging to there proverbial  bibles in fear they have to make big decisions and all and they don’t want to make the wrong ones.  But projecting weakness and indecisiveness is just as deadly as doing nothing.

    Swine Flu Out Break

    April 26, 2009

    The are reporting that:

    The World Health Organization’s director-general, Margaret Chan, said the outbreak of the never-before-seen virus is a very serious situation and has “pandemic potential.”

    Never before seen virus? I am confused, I thought the swine flu was something they had seen before. Something just seems so off about all of this. Is it possible that this virus is manufactured or created as some sort of *biological* attack? Maybe that is not the right word but what they are describing is not making sense for me at all.  Is it possible that there are two seperate strains with maybe the same markers here and in mexico? The reason I say this is because what else conclusion can you draw when the same virus is causing death in Mexico but not death here. Not that I want people to die by no means but just pointing out that you have something that is testing positive for the same virus in one place with different end results.

    If this virus derives from *swine* or pigs and you take the factor out of not having said *swines* or pigs to trace it back to the only thing that leads to is a virus replicated in my opinion. With all of the things going on around the world you have to be able to put every possibility on the table.

    Prosecution Round Up Part 2

    April 26, 2009

    Currently being reported:

    The photos, taken from Air Force and Army criminal investigations, apparently are not as shocking as the photographs from the Abu Ghraib investigation that became a lasting symbol of U.S. mistakes in Iraq. But some show military personnel intimidating or threatening detainees by pointing weapons at them. Military officers have been court-martialed for threatening detainees at gunpoint.

    Now, you know I am going to rip this to shreds right? Not just rip it to shreds but do it and prove that yes, for some unknown reason we are being attacked and that one line above proves it.  How much do they know about us and our training? Because right now,  I am truly wondering.  They are reaching here and for the life of me I do not understand this attack on military and the intel people at all.  Now some may ask what is sooo important about the highlighted sentence but I don’t know if someone is intentionally releasing flawed statements in ignorance or that they don’t care.  Because right now this is getting fascinating because they are sinking there own boat.

    But this time I am not going to play my hand and state what is wrong with that paragraph because I am sure everyone who needs to know do, and those that don’t well, thanx for the heads up confirming that this so called “attack” is real. I am just going to sit back and watch because we are witnessing history. I don’t think anyone has ever witnessed the attempted destruction of its military and intel community happen at the exact same time.

    I am not worried about memogate and picturegate.  Release everything.  I mean with 58% oppossing it for whatever reason according to Ramussen, do what you do or what your political career can handle that is. Other nations and people have tried throughout history to bring our nation down. This time, it’s just coming from the inside. That’s the beauty of history, it tells a story, see, our country as a whole has risen above things in our darkest hour. Known to literally snatch victory from the hands of those who have our backs up against the wall who don’t understand the concept that when we fight, we fight to win, and we push back.  It’s that whole support through victory thing, some get it, some understand it and others don’t.

    In other news, our SOS is out there making shit happen. In another surprise visit in Beirut. Yep, you HAVE to watch this video of the press conference in Baghdad. First, no *shoes* were thrown. But even more you GOT to stop it at 17 seconds and watch this shit! LOOK at how she walks to the podium. If that doesn’t say, “I own this shit” I don’t know what does. Not only does she reeks of confidence walking up there, her words let them know that we stand behind the mission while giving compliments and praise to the U.S AND Iraq without one word of the past administration as a crutch.  Handling business by ensuring we as a whole are still a nation to reckon with that takes care of said business on a national stage. I watched that  part in the video five times because nothing brings joy like watching our success and sending a message that this entire administration is not a failure.  Now if we can only get everyone else with the program.

    This is why I back our SOS 100000.0000 percent right here.  She is out there making the case for our country to those around the world watching our MSM and politicians act like they are in a episode of college park or some other reality show or equivalent to “politicians gone wild”. So the kiddies can continue on while grown ups handle business on the world stage.  **sigh* I want to be just like her when I grow up!! Nah but seriously though too much, wayyy to much is happening around the world to be playing *gotcha* games. That’s why no matter what side of the aisle you are on you need to back those who are actually handling business despite what letter resides behind there name.

    Right now, the most important things on the table are national security, military operations, intel, foreign policy.  Lets call that “Important Agenda A” or as I refer to it as the A Team headed by those concerned with important matters with individuals like our SOS and others. A bipartisan effort by those who believe that when it comes to the things above, party affiliation doesn’t apply because these things affect ALL of us.

    Some may look at this and wonder why the “financial crisis” isn’t on the list. Well, as the days progress, or better yet the more “The man who broke the England Bank Soros” talks,  it seems that tends to fall into the category titled: “manufactured” in the *manipulation* column to benefit one designated groups agenda.  It pays to discover and anyone who can gleefully state they are having a good *financial crisis* when some are digging in between the couches for change to put gas in there car, yeah, you do tend to pay attention when someone is really happy that we are damn near all broke. Especially when they can state that they bought and paid for, now own, one political party.  This man is the gift that keeps on giving. The more he talks and the more I read, I am beginning to believe this entire thing is just one big manufactured crisis.

    To many of the policies coming forth put me in the mind of  Zimbabwe and third world countries. Czars? Get fucking real. Where the hell in our history do we have that type of shit before? Oh yeah, we did, but they were called *mastah* and carried whips while those were singing *swing low sweet chariot*. But yet, amazingly enough, the CBC seems to forget our history and all the others  when convenient.  I for one do not want an overseer no matter how well there role is explained.  This is just another form of suppression. We would of ran Bush out with goddamn  pitch forks and marched on washington if he would of came up with something like that to keep us in check and I would of been leading the pack from fort bragg in kevlar, lCE, and flak vest and went AWOL in the process to get there.

    Prosecution Round Up

    April 25, 2009

    The liberal and I mean very liberal think tank “Think Progress” has a article up today about impeaching Jay Bybee.  My question is this, which maybe some know something the rest of us don’t.  But if we begin to set precedent for prosecution policies or opinions based on the fact there is a new administration in town.  What pray tell is the plan for when someone turns around and does the same thing with this administration? What happens when someone feels as if closing Gitmo is dangerous and poses a threat to national security and tries to to take it to court?  What if a pilot decides to get legal help to prosecute because the policy for allowing them to carry licensed weapons after 9/11 was done away with? Or a soldier’s family decides to sue because they thought cutting defense spending on certain things is what contributed to the death of there son or daughter, even if it sounds far fetched?

    My understanding is that the memo’s were legal, drawn up to say what could be used.  Yes, I have seen the constant *mysterious* leaked articles of those “waterboarded” that are fed to the blogs to keep there battle cry of moral high ground going. But I also know and understand the words “classified”, “secret”, & “top secret” and I am well aware there is so much more we don’t know therefore I make no judgements based on blogs and people who are experts in there minds only.  Quiet frankly that moral high horse some are on would drastically change when the lives of not just you and yours but the entire nation is in play.  At this rate we won’t have any allies left because it is becoming apparent we are not willing to fight ourselves out of a paperbag let alone stand beside one of them and come to there defense.   Like I have stated before, catering to the *base* is going to have us standing soley with said base because changing your stance on how loud they begin to complain is not helping us at all. If WE can see it, you better believe they can.

    What get’s me is the fact that they don’t realize that the individuals in question would wipe us off the map if given the chance.  They don’t care about money, they care about there idealogy and what they believe in.  Case in point the suicide bombings in Iraq which caused the MSM to label it the “24hrs of Hell”.  By two women. Yes, women.  The problem and difference is that if I am on gateguard and see one of them acting suspiciously, I see a suspect.  On the other hand, some here would see a victim. Until that “suspicious” women just took you and everyone else at that checkpoint out.  Why? Because we apply our culture, to there’s. Is it wrong? Yes and no. You cannot change the any countries culture. Period. It has to happen from within. Yes, all women should have equal rights.  But until those who live there understand that fact, we are only talking to the wind. They have to want change for it to happen.

    Some cultures revolve around religion and use said religion to make laws. But even more, they, the woman, need to realize that they deserve it and fight for it. Yes, fight. It’s about how bad you want it and it may take time. Hell, I am a product of dissent. I am here today because of people like Victoria Gray, Fannie Lou Hamer and so many others who marched for me, hosed down in streets, hung and executed,  that got out there and fought for there rights and it was not easy.  I respect and honor what they have done that is why when I see those who use “race” as a tactic to achieve a goal. It’s equivalent to slamming the door to everything those in our past have done.  I am not a “victim” but I am a product of victims and there work will never be in vain.

    I know the politically correct words are to say “torture” doesn’t give results. Torture is bad.  But when you are dealing with individuals who will strap a bomb to themselves to take out even just one or two soldiers. Who believe so much in there cause that they are willing to give there life in a action that will cause instant death. What can be gained by not allowing them that “ultimate sacrifice” but utilizing enhanced interrogation measures over a period of time to seek the information they may have? I am sure they are not picking up every joe blow off the street .  To believe that is strictly naive.  Would it not make sense to have guidelines on what type of enhanced interrogation measures could be used? Hence Pelosi et al being briefed on what enhanced interrogation measures could be used.

    To deny it now it just piss poor and just one more thing to make those other allies look away because of all the tap dancing. I hate to say it but why would I align myself with anyone who will turn on me to make one group happy or who changes there stance depending on the MSM reporting, blogs or articles that day? The campaign is over but it’s hard to tell. We are so divided it’s like we have two seperate countries. We spend so much time attacking those here, we are doing the work for our enemies and all they have to do now is sit aside, play on the hate for the last administration in the blogs, let the MSM report it and bide there time. God help us all if China, Russia & North Korea, the North Korea who by the way is producing 6 more nukes an gleefully stating it to anyone who will listen,  begin talking together.  And considering we will have to start a “borrowin” because were broke, that should really be lovely.

    I have always had the ability to look outside of the box and I believe that these released memo’s will come back and bite us in the ass big time.  Not here, but from around the world. Other countries.  I firmly believe the voices of those here posturing for 2010 and 2012 will be heard again on the international stage but this time as a defense to advocate for prosecution because it sounds so much better to say “it came from Senator so and so” or “Senator so and so believes it as well. ” Or “watch this they even reported it” or “read this they even wrote about it”. Watch.  I tried and tried to say it to even do my little *ALCON messages* that I do just so I can say when, not if, but when it happens that at least I said something. It will not make it better, but at least in my heart I know I tried.

    I pay attention to everything and nothing I mean nothing good is going to come out of memogate and picturegate. Not because we have something to hide, it’s the fact that it will be used for someone elses agenda. These individuals are paying attention to the political blogs and know where to go, what to say and how to go about saying it to inflame tension to spread there idealogy and agenda. Anyone and I mean anyone doubting that does not realize the true significance of that DHS report. I have read that same type of rhetoric from the bot bloggers for almost two years and can spot em at twenty paces and I wouldn’t be suprised if one of them wrote it. I would bet my next three military pay checks that they could not produce hard core tangible, vefifyable evidence, the author or authors of the report and not that *bush initiated* it crap. Sworn statements supporting the *witness statements* names of the actual organizations, five agencies that have the exact same info, you know, supporting documentation. The past administration might of initiated it but they damn sure didnt write it.

    I would rather they just come out and say the truth. “We put out the report because tea parties were happening and we wanted the world to believe they were all racist war mongors who should be happy there is a *tax break*.” Unfortunately it hasn’t reached the grocery store or anywhere else.  But it is nice to say “tax break”.  It’s those “taxes” on things we need  and purchase everyday that’s a bitch and the point.

    Tracking Madame Secretary:Secretary Of State Clinton in Iraq

    April 25, 2009

    Our SOS is in Iraq this morning after two suicide bombings that the media was refering to as the “24hrs of Hell” in Baghdad:

    BAGHDAD – A deadly outburst of violence appears to be overwhelming Iraq’s police and military forces as American troops hand over greater control of cities across the country to them. On Friday, twin suicide bombings killed at least 60 people outside Baghdad’s most revered Shiite shrine, pushing the death toll in one 24-hour period to nearly 150.

    Amazingly enough with so much happening around the world, the MSM here turns a blind eye because you know, we can’t have those suicide bombers escalating the violence when it has already been ordained that we are leaving. No “mission accomplished” moment for Iraq as that would ruin the all important *dead line*.   Whatever happened to that saying “We train to standard, not to time” a favorite response when a soldier would ask what time Sergeant’s Time Training on wednesday’s would end.  I guess now we have to give out a time to fit with the new rules and all. Gives a whole new meaning to “We fight as we train”.  The key factor seems to be *speed* & *time*.  There are things that I like to do fast but I promise you training soldiers on tasks they might need when they deploy is defenitely not one of them.

    Read more…