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Military still being Attacked and the Constitution as it is, Now How you Want it to Be

March 6, 2009

Okay.  I have zero tolerance for group think.  The recent articles coming out and under fire are in regards to the lawsuits against eligibility.  I am past the boiling point on this one because they are using these to throw out into the news outlets as a red herring in my opinion for people to look the other way.   And not focus on the 100 military ones.   All I can say is that whatever gamble they are banking on I hope it is worth it. You will see below why I say this because I am seething at the attacks coming against LT Easterling.  But right now  I would rather focus on this judge from the article on Politico and the law that governs our land which our founding fathers put into place for us to govern by and not how the masses interpret them.  First up,  Ben Smith from Politico has a article titled “Birther Smackdown” in which he links to a article on Scribd wrote by a judge.  A key quote from Mr Smiths article, as short as it may be, is this quote:

As the many lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility make their way through the courts, judges appear to be getting a little fed up, and D.C. District Judge James Robertson penned a particularly harsh memo yesterday dismissing a case called Hollister v. Soetero.

“This case, if it were allowed to proceed, would deserve mention in one of those books that seek to prove that the law is foolish or that America has too many lawyers with not enough to do. Even in its relatively short life the case, has excited the blogosphere and the conspiracy theorists. The right thing to do is to bring it to an early end,” he wrote.

In the entertaining five-page memo, Robertson also describes the lawyers pushing the case as
“agents provocateurs” and their local counsel as “a foot soldier in their crusade,” and requires that he prove why he should not pay Obama’s legal fees for filing a complaint “for an improper purpose such as to harass.”

It is absolutely stunning when our legal system, an actual judge,  believes that there personal opinion outweighs the law and the job they were placed to do.  This judge, as I read this, has just placed his personal opinion above the laws that govern our land and our Constitution.  He has the audacity to believe his opinion, no matter how he may personally feel, despite what the conversation may be, is above the principles, foundation, and policies in which we govern by.  Yet the argument when it comes to the last administration is soley based on determining if laws were broken or lines crossed in interrogation measures.  Simply stunning.

But let’s look to the Associated Press for the complete statement made by this judge:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit questioning President Barack Obama’s citizenship, lambasting the case as a waste of the court’s time and suggesting the plaintiff’s attorney may have to compensate the president’s lawyer.

In an argument popular on the Internet and taken seriously practically nowhere else, Obama’s critics argue he is ineligible to be president because he is not a “natural-born citizen” as the Constitution requires.

In response last summer, Obama’s campaign posted his Hawaiian birth certificate on its Web site. But the lawsuit argues it is a fake and that Obama was actually born in his father’s homeland of Kenya, even though Hawaiian officials have said the document is authentic.

“This case, if it were allowed to proceed, would deserve mention in one of those books that seek to prove that the law is foolish or that America has too many lawyers with not enough to do,” U.S. District Judge James Robertson said in his written opinion.

The lawsuit didn’t even use Obama’s legal name but called him “Barry Soetoro,” the name he went by while attending elementary school in Indonesia. It’s one of many that has been filed claiming Obama is ineligible to serve as president.

Robertson ordered plaintiff’s attorney John Hemenway of Colorado Springs, Colo., to show why he hasn’t violated court rules barring frivolous and harassing cases and shouldn’t have to pay Obama’s attorney, Bob Bauer, for his time arguing that the case should be thrown out.

Note that the gamble they are playing on is in regards to sending the message that these individual lawsuits making it’s way into news outlets intent is to give the impression this is the opinion for all of them which they don’t mention.  The fact this game is being played this way is pathetic because it will cause the masses to come out in attack mode against the military when someone finally notices that there are actual military lawsuits as well.

And Taylor Marsh through out the first gauntlet at 1LT Easterling and I am seething and frothing at the mouth because I hate to see anyone in the military put down based on incorrect information dumped out all at one time to give the impression they are all one and the same.  Someone has a very big problem because there is no way in hell will I sit by and see them get put down, drug down, or dogged out from Taylor Marsh:

So, at the crack of dawn I open my email box to find my usual email from .com. The top story is of the active-duty Army officer who joined a California lawsuit meant to force President Obama to prove he’s a legal citizen. In essence, these soldiers are questioning whether is legally their commander in chief. It’s a story that gained traction from World Net Daily.

She  posts a quote from the article:

We are taking a look at that ourselves right now,” Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said. “We are always trying to balance our … Justice versus critical freedoms that all Americans enjoy.” requirements under the Uniform Code of

California dentist turned attorney Orly Taitz, who has brought the lawsuit, told .com Tuesday that it is her “understanding that there will not be a serious consequence to his career [for his statements], but I don’t know for sure.”

“I told him ‘you’re doing something very brave for this country, and that you can call me any time, 24/7 [for advice],’ ” she said. “If you’re investigated by [the judge advocate general] and if there are any hearings … and if an officer is defending you, I will provide documents totally proving it’s illegitimate for [Obama] to be president.” […]

Then she states:

Let’s hope Lt. Easterling runs into a career wall for this stunt.

Why .com is even covering this story, especially in the way they did today, is another issue. Stars and Stripes showed better judgment

Stunt? Stunt?  Let’s hope for the destruction of  the career of  1LT Easterling based on one email of a article you received, a old article. No facts, no nothing and lets just root for his failure?  This is what the fuck we get for attempting to adhere to the laws and help uphold them an attack from the left, silence from the right and a whole lot of individuals weighing in without any information?  Matter of fact lets recap and go to the number one “Soldier Bashing *Lets just put them all in front of a firing squad* Huffington Post” again and look at there views on us from those screen shots I took for a minute.






They better take a good luck at them because they will see these words again.  I would get a second job at McDonalds flipping burgers to ensure these make it into a campaign ad. We have and I quote, some of the sorriest  Democrats & Republicans that has ever existed within our government that will not condemn these remarks.  And this message is for them. You are weak individuals that lack the spine and backbone necessary to lead and govern this great nation.  If it was my call, I would take every last one of you and kick you to the curb because you allow something that has never been done in our history.  The total destruction by any means necessary of those who fight for what you refuse to uphold, lead or govern  by. You are not worthy to breath the air we breath or be in the room we are in. You are utterly worthless.  There is no way in hell I would ever allow the attack no matter how quietly that is being put forth.  You can showboat, ponificate and get in whatever camera or spotlight you can find.  But it does not change the fact you hide behind something you have no clue about.  But please continue.  Allow your constituents and other party members to believe you  are up there fighting the good fight for laws, policies and anything else.  But the truth is, you have no heart. You have no will. You have and lack the backbone to protect those, who protect you.  I care nothing of your party affiliation because I believe in the words of our founding fathers, I believe in the laws that govern this country and I believe in our constitution how it is written and not how you want it to be or how you interpret it.  So by all means continue to believe you are on the right side of history.

But your actions have violated the one thing, the most important thing, that is the glue that binds this country together and it is the people of this country. I care not that they are the ones doing the damage with there hurtful slurs and words because right now, they don’t know any better.  So spin what you want and spin what you will.  But if you are holding on to this belief that you are free and clear, you bastards are going to have to fight and fight hard for your seats in 2010 and 2012.  ALL of you.    This nonsense happening on your watch and is sealing your fate.

Bush  has just become the best goddamn president we have had since President Clinton in my eyes.  Because I can honestly say I would never witness what I am,  under him, directed at your very own military. It is unfuckingbelievable.  You treat detainees screaming * torture* better.  You have lost your everlasting mind if you think for a minute there will not be retribution.

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