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The *A* Team: Internal Revenue Service & U.S Department of Education in Chicago Illinois

March 6, 2009

On the 12th when I filed my taxes, on the 19th I had surgery and on the 23rd of February I was honored with a visit from the Internal Revenue Service to my blog which you can see below. I guess they like *soldier4hillary* too.



Then, I was honored with a letter from the Department of Treasury sent out on the 27th telling me said filed taxes was going to a debt I had no idea about that no one can seem to find paperwork on but yet they did it all the same and the woman who I have been in contact sure don’t seem like she wants to call me back.


So me being me, I called and inquired and recieved a phone call from Ann Curry 312-730-1449 who told me to send my packet in and gave me a fax number 312 730 1455. So I faxed it, called, and she stated they didn’t get anything. So I faxed it again. Called back. Nada. Called again, she said mail it.


Did it. Picture above of the receipt.  Called back again this time didn’t speak to her but the rep asked what address did I mail it to while stating I had spoken to alot of people etc etc so I gave her the address. Crickets. So you mean to say, after 12 years all of a sudden, because I went one semester of college the year I joined the military in 1998, which was one of the main reasons I joined. This is miraculously *discovered* 12 years later?  You tell me to send my paperwork in but yet NO ONE gets it?

It is so convenient that the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  Theory or fact?  Whose to tell but I think it is really amazing that this is one hell of a coincidence.  Now I understand completely why my packet sent in three times just don’t seem to make it where it needs to be in the Offset Unit or anywhere else for that matter.  Especially considering the fact that I mailed it and faxed it to an address based on information given to me.  You know, if there wasn’t a history of witnessing people who don’t agree with things have there records trifled through or targeted it would be one thing.  But maybe I am popular and the IRS in DC really do like my blog and that is why they stop by and the current issue has nothing to do with anything.  Maybe my paperwork really did grow legs and get up and just disappear.  Yeah right.  $3,818.00? And no one can find NONE of the paperwork I sent in? Whatever.  I have already seen this episode before.

And I am gearing up and getting ready  to put up a fight for the record books. When you begin to mess with peoples money for whatever reason you should first know exactly who you are  or what you are dealing with.  I work hard for every damn thing I have.  Just because we are surrounded by a bunch of cowards who don’t have the backbone god gave them is THERE issue.  But it will be a very cold day in hell before it becomes mine and affect what I am trying to do. To keep intentionally losing my paperwork and saying you don’t have it,then have the audacity to come to my blog to see if I am talking about it? Priceless.  Utterly Priceless.

We have a bunch of bottom feeders in positons of power.  Individuals who will attempt to make things hard for anyone who does not *fall in* with the majority.  If I could get out of the military and run for office to kick these assholes to the curb I would. All this does is make me push harder and fight harder. What is it about the military that has so many people out on a search and destroy mission of late?  Especially me….Hmm.. I wonder…yeah right.   Whatever. I already know the answer to that question.  If this crap was happening to those who had problems with Bush we would hear about it 24/7 365 if this was being done to someone. However none of this changes nothing. Because we live in a country where we have the right to agree or disagree and no one will take that right from me or anyone else.  So this you could say is the beginning of  a revolution.

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