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I Knew it Was Coming, Things May Be Going Nuclear

March 7, 2009

There is not one individual soldier, spouse or vet that does not hold respect for the position of Commander in Chief.  When the incident with President Bush and the Iraqi journalist throwing his shoes during a presser overseas when he spent his final or farewell so to speak.  For me, it was  a direct insult to the positon and the office.  One in which I defended towards those who viewed this man’s actions and heralded his actions as the *voice* of how Americans felt.  It was not a opinion or viewpoint I shared and saw it for what it was: disrespect.  When the past administration left, I knew, as well as others that some kind of way a new *punching bag* so to speak would be born to replace the new angst for directing there anger and low and behold some found it.

My statement is backed by first hand evidence and knowledge of witnessing it which I have documented and wrote about in other posts.  There would end up being another sacrificial lamb led to slaughter to paint and shape the narrative and theme we now see playing out each day.  You can only kick a dog, figuratively speaking, for long before it turns back around and bite.  People will only read so much, see so much and hear so much before they reach a critical point.  Oh and believe in me it is there.  When you decide to go on a rant against those in uniform, when you begin to continously and consequetivly go out of your way to not only criticize, put down or demean us but for so long.  There is always that silent majority who stands by us, stands behind us and stand with us.  Not because of who we are, but what we do and what represent.

When it gets to the point that it has become a common theme and narrative for individuals to become so comfortable writing the type of remarks I have been documenting.  To the point when articles are written that feeds the frenzy and stir the masses with hate filled speech directed our way.  It is only a matter of time before someone says enough is enough and begin to move forward to show there support.  It is a true eye opener that anyone would allow things to get this bad and it is truly disappointing in a way because now you find out what some people really feel about the phrase I have come to despise and view as no more than a talking point *support the troops*.  Its rhetoric that no longer has any meaning whatsoever.

If you cannot make your point without hate filled words or accusations or slurs.  Don’t make it.  Don’t speak of it. Say nothing. Do nothing.  But don’t put yourself in the position to be on the recieving end of what is coming.

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