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Jeri Thompson’s article The Politics of Distraction?

March 7, 2009

Who the hell is Jeri Thompson? I was with this person until I got to this part:

It’s really remarkable that the Clintons and Obamas didn’t find themselves as soul mates sooner. After all, they both love the political tactic of ding-dong-ditch at the front door while sneaking through the side window.

I have read it three times now and it stills says the same thing.  Soul mates? Are they on crack?  Who is this person? Insulting the Secretary of State in this way pisses me off  immensly.  It looks as if it is some kind of comparison that creates some form of *bond* that links the two in judgement, integrity, and morals.  I do not feel like writing this person about this article tonight.  But it will be on my to do list for tomorrow.  To lump her in with the rest of those DINO’s on Capital Hill is ludicrous.  She is out around the world lifting our moral standing those clowns up there are destroying by the second and deserves the proper respect that is her due.  I am so tired of reading smear pieces that have her thrown in for good measure. Ugh.  Someone must of forgot to tell this person there was a cure provided for those who still suffer from CDS (Clinton Derangement Syndrome).  Sadly my *cure* was loading them all on a C130 and dropping them across the border into Pakistan to blog and report the news from there.  But I don’t think that idea is very popular or will go over very well with those who actually like them.

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