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Making my List & Checking it Twice adding A whole lot of Bloggers Who Don’t Want to Make Nice…

March 7, 2009

With our Secretary of State that is.  I guess some feel as if the sinking ship that we are currently on carries our Madame Secretary.  WRONG. Yesterday I left the Conservative bloggers alone, hey everyone needs to vent.  But today, well, I am so not even remotely amused.  Don’t get it twisted they can believe at there peril if they want that bullshit made up gaffe is  fair game.  But our SOS has a very strong, active base that make tea parties look like girl scout meetings. They better stick to bashing that one and leave Secretary of State Clinton alone while she is out saving the world so to speak around the globe fixing what some of them was party to breaking.  That bull$hit “gaffe” is just that.  Bullshit.  Which I am sure came from a certain place to make her look bad based on the fact of the MAJOR gaffe that happened.  Believe me, I learned from the best and can spot a set up from a mile. Oh and there really is a list.  Where is Richardson again?

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  1. astra14 permalink
    March 8, 2009 1:33 pm

    I feel very sorry for Hillary because she’s got do to cleanup on all the idiocy coming out of administration: 1. insulting England; 2. the stupid Russian translator that made the US look foolish; 3. the nicey nicey thing Obama is planning with the Taliban. There’s probably more out there. It looks like Favreau is not the only fratboy running loose in DC!

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