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The Real World Impact of Defense Spending & OPSEC

March 7, 2009

So it would seem that the reasoning behind cutting Defense spending is being compared to a prior administration, using past numbers to calculate and articulate why the red pen is being out.  From Peter Orszag:

The President is committed to responsibly winding the war. I don’t do foreign policy, but I can tell you this: ending wars saves money – and so the Administration’s budget includes savings from ramping down overseas military operations over time.

Yet critics are claiming that, in calculating the amount saved by ramping down operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Administration is wrong to compare its proposed funding levels to the level in 2008—the last year in which overseas operations were fully funded. Such criticisms are inconsistent not only with common sense but also established practices of budget accounting (and even what the critics themselves have said in the past).

I am speechless.  But there is more:

rosterI am trying to gather and control my wording on this one so let me post this chart I made as I gather my words to coherently reflect my point:

3Can someone tell me why in gods name are not only broadcasting something that can be taken as a weakness but to the level and down to the last percentage of how much we are going to cut and where? I am astounded.  I have seen this same talking point over and over again.  This article does not even state that spending will be raised towards Afghanistan and everyone knows we are sending in thousands of more troops.  So this article tells me that those *thousands of new troops* going into Afghanistan, based on this article from Peter Orszag are shit out of luck.  What the hell is going on? The message I am getting from this is that yes they are going, but no they wont have any money.  Who the fuck would send and broadcast that type of message?   What country is this? Is this the United States of America?  These muthafuckers have just told every spouse, loved one, friend, relative, acquaintance of any single soldier about to deploy based on the 17,000 and those already there, that they are shit out of luck the money is going else where. While creating a nifty little table or copying it to prove it worked in the past.

Since they are showing that information of how it worked in the *past*.  That means the same type of situation happening now happened then.  So that means Bush 41 was sending in 17,000 soldiers into Afghanistan?  That means there was a Iraq war?  The economy was the same then as now? These people have lost there everlasting minds to compare that time period to now and it shows me we are in a very bad way if the individual who wrote this article does not  realize that these two time periods are not even remotely the same. If these people are the best we have god help us all.

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