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March 9, 2009

Well the morning is starting off and I was suprised to find my blog as a featured post on wordpress which of course I had to take a screenshot of:

featured-blogTo include No Quarter this morning in regards to that horrible article from New York Times about us losers losing Afghanistan.  I have alot of things I want to work on but I really need to slow it down this week.  The problem with recovery is when you begin to feel as if your good, something always happens to remind you that, well, your not and still have a ways to go.  I am still kind of irked that my incisions from this surgery are different from the last two times and I know it seems petty or sounds ungracious and I should be thankful I am able to talk and that other than what they told me to expect it’s good.  But it is a very big difference from the last two surgeries because the way my doctor went in this time was a  entirely different area from the previous two.  I hope to god this is it because this last one worse than the other two which I do not get at all.  If someone told me they had someone sitting on my chest during the whole thing, which that is what it felt like when I came to, I would not be suprised.

I think that today I will just suck it up and quit fighting the *rest & recuperate* theme since I feel like crap this morning anyway and actually do it and throw that *i’m strong* attitude to the curb before I give my case manager a fit for not slowing it down.  Healing takes time but I have to do my part for it to work or it will defeat the entire purpose.  Yeah it sounds good but I always end up doing the opposite.  But I can honestly say that blogging helps.  It’s weird but then again maybe not because it would explain the success of thearuputic jobs at the WTB.  It keeps you connected without allowing you to feel or make you feel any different from anyone else. I wish I would of discovered it three years ago because it is one hell of a way to combat stress.  And speaking of that…I thought about something I did the other day and since I am the type of person able to admit there mistakes, I can honestly say that I made one the other day when I made a remark  on Taylor Marsh’s blog.

We have been up under fire for a while now in the blogoshpere but her story on LT just bothered me on so many levels because after those snapshots I took from the Huffington Post.  I just did not want to see anything negative. Which it really wasn’t even in the same category of what I saw on HF.  I had to remind myself that she extended a platform to me to be able to get my voice out there and did not deserve that.  Any of it actually.  But she didn’t know.  It gets frustrating because I can tell you that until this past year and a half I never saw the type of remarks and comments we were getting thrown our way and it was suprising to say the least.  But I intend to email her an apology later on because truthfully she did not deserve that, actually none of it really that was thrown her way.  Well at least I made it longer than a hour up. If I rest more now hopefully I will be good enough to finish that piece on Korea.  I still dont understand how I managed to delete the one on Afghanistan.

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