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Out of the Net….For Now

March 10, 2009

Okay. This time I am really going to be out of the net or off that is. Figuratively.  Although I would like to have finished my email to the founder of No (Clinton supporters) in regards to there health care summit.  I think that is what it is called cant remember but anyway I need to lie down and finish up later.  The downfall of surgery, low tsh,  tired, etc.  I really want to finish my site but I am going to waite a little longer and not push to finish by a certain date and just go with the flow.  Yesterday helped alot.  One day, probably when I am able I want to research if anyone ever thought about using blogging as a *theraputic* tool.  Because I look at it this way, for some like myself which is case by case. It helps to stay connected to the outside world while not being bogged down with stress or other issues.  I guess it works with me because I am big on communication of all kinds and it did bother me that I was unable to do the things I used to.

Healthcare in my opinion is not just about doctors and nurses but YOU have to contribute something or you wont make any progress. It’s easier said than done, I personally know that and I wish I could of *figured* that out before I came to our WTB.  BUT I will not dwell on that.  I have been making so much progress in that area.  I know healing takes time and I am ready to get there but I know I won’t if I don’t do my part and that is when my body tells me to go somewhere and sit the hell or lie down I should. But then I get caught up with some new issue I see and next thing you know….still up

But not today. I feel weird that I want to ask my doctor if they had someone putting alot of pressure on my chest during surgery because it was not like this the last two surgeries.   For one, I had no problems eating but the hoarseness was explained and expected.  But I know the tiredness is caused by still getting to the right dosage of synthroid.  Plus, well, I just had surgery so it’s to be expected.  I just wish I didn’t feel like they put a elephant on my chest while under.  Rest is priority.  I hate the crappy feeling so I will finish up later.

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