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More Private Citizens being Attacked, this time Bristol Palin

March 11, 2009

brisIf you ever want to know if things are bad.  The MSM brings out the old punching bag guaranteed to keep the hate flowing.  Yes, you are correct.  They bring out *gasp*, the Palins.   This time Bristol.  A special note, some may say it’s off, but considering this is an old interview should tell you something:

Sarah Palin‘s 18-year-old daughter Bristol has reportedly broken off her engagement with Levi Johnston, the father of her 2-month-old son Tripp. It’s surprising because in an interview just last month with FOX’s Gretta Van Susteren, Bristol said the 19-year-old Levi is a hands-on dad and that they planned on marrying after finishing their education.

But in a new interview with Star Magazine, Levi’s sister Mercede Johnston says Bristol actually broke up with Levi more than a month ago, is not attending school and rarely lets her baby daddy see their young son. Mercede also says Bristol even told him that she hates him and, when she learned she was pregnant, wished the baby wasn’t his.

I guess that 8 am phone call this morning was interesting as the smear merchants began there campaign.  It is truly disguisting that these people have no shame whatsoever.

Since joining the distinguished league of women that have came up against these individuals.  Don’t worry, they will get what is coming to them and get caught one day.  The irony.  Best way to keep the masses satisfied is to throw them a bone in hopes they will look the other way.

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