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The Female Force Series: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Gov Sarah Palin

March 13, 2009


The Female Force Series Comics sold out in one day and I was unable to get one. Hopefully there will be more.  But unfortunately Secretary of State Clinton & Gov Sarah Palin comics were sold out within hours. If ANYONE comes across these two PLEASE let me know. You can email me:   The article is titled “Wonder Women” and it gives a look into the life of  the most powerful woman in the world.  As well as showcasing various pieces of her political career along the way.  This is a sneak peek they have on the comic:

The Adventures of Hillary Clinton

From social activism to rejecting Bill’s first marriage proposal, Hillary Clinton can shatter (almost) any glass ceiling in a single bound.

sarahGov Sarah Palin made it onto the list and this goes to show in my opinion that when it comes  to certain things there is no line drawn in recognizing the political capital she has.  What people don’t realize is that despite the fact that I do not hold the same beliefs and stance on the issues as Gov Palin.  But there are those who do. Who are we to say that she is wrong?  It’s called diversity. It is your right to support who you feel reflect the same  values as you do.

Yes. It is possible to give respect to someone that does not hold the same beliefs as you do.  And until women learn and understand that we will never shatter anything.

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  1. March 15, 2009 2:51 am

    Don’t you think this article is a little lopsided? I’d take Sarah Palin over Hillary Clinton any day.

  2. soldier4hillary permalink*
    March 15, 2009 9:49 am

    I wouldn’t. Think it’s lopsided that is. Plus, I think we are all entitled to support who the individuals who best addresses that person’s issues. Although Gov Palins views on the issues are different than mine. They should be. They suppose to be. She is a Republican and I am not. Although I do not carry the same beliefs that she does. That doesn’t mean I would not applaud her endeavors as well as the fact I firmly believe in defending anyone against sexism or biased stereotypes no matter what party they belong to. The sad thing is, until the day comes when we can stop putting each other down. We will never break any glass ceiling.


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