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Vets to Pay for Service Related Injuries with Private Insurance?

March 13, 2009

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  How many different ways will we get sold out?  I can’t believe this is even on the table.  Do they even understand how hard it will be or expensive when you have a pre existing service related  injuries and get insurance?  I see three different specialists and they want ME to pay for a injury sustained while deployed? Amazing.  If I didn’t know any better I would believe that this type of stuff is being released to lower motivation and morale.  Sort of like kicking a dog while it’s down.  Seriously.  I am to the point where I am no longer surprised.  Every single day the “We really dont like you” narrative gets louder every day.  WE GET IT or better yet, WE HEAR YOU.   This is a slap in the face, knife in the back, insult to each and every Vet and each and every soldier in the WTBs .  If this goes through I am screwed.  To even consider this is like pouring salt in a open wound.  How many ways can you get a point across.  I get it. The message is loud and clear.  But even more, this tells me we need more prior service law makers up there on Capital Hill because honestly, the quotes on Hot Air made by some.  Well I have never seen them *fight*.  Not that disagreement type fight.  But the all out, knockdown, drag out, I believe in this issue fight and I am going down fighting for it.

As of right now, with everything, I honestly believe the military has a problem.  To the point they cannot ignore this. This is big.  I hope they explain it before they have every vet group and soldier on the steps of Capital Hill wanting concrete answers from there lawmakers on shooting this idea down.  Because just doing a article with quotes from two people in the article from Hot Air I linked to is not enough. You have WTBs getting out daily and to find out there is a change of this magnitude in the works is straight cruel.   Especially the fact that it will affect me badly.   The article is on Hot Air here.

I refuse to post any portion of that article on my blog.  The blowback from this, I don’t even want to imagine or picture it.  This should not even had been a idea even worthy to consider.  Especially considering that I will be affected by it. They attempt to pull something like this off, they need to get rid of every individual who even thinks this is a good idea.  Frankly, truth to be told, the urge to go to Washington DC  and demonstrate how you fight for something you believe in gets stronger and stronger every single time something is introduced by this administration to make our lives miserable while siphering out our motivation.  It won’t work and all….  I mean, we were already told *us losers* are losing Afghanistan. And honestly I am tired of the white flag being raised to surrender.  Better yet.  How can you expect anyone to give 100 percent, those 17,000 we are sending in, when they know if they get hurt or injured they are now just shit out of luck?

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