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Dear Secretary of State Clinton

March 16, 2009

Hope your having a good day!!!  However, sadly, I am unable at this moment to discuss anything because I am in combat mode.  Just wanted to tell you as a member of YOUR branch of the Democratic party to step slightly five inches to the left and take the Democrats with you that you may like so they won’t be in the way when the cleansweeper get’s started.  I am tracking some DINO’s who can’t grasp the fact that I am off limits. However, they are using the same ol lame parlor tricks. Go through your records,  etc etc…  I already sent the message out to the *4th estate* that they may want to get on for the ride or get run over. That whole *retribution* thing. We will see but you never know with them and all with the whole *selling there political souls* for 30 pieces of silver narrative.


What are they doing with the new Junior Senator from New York?  I would hate to believe they are giving her a hard time.  But I doubt they would be that stupid.

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