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Next Time Keep the Change

March 16, 2009

It is about to get downright, no stopping it, ugly.  I want names. I want jobs. And I want prosecution. I say again. I want names, jobs and prosecution for every last individual who has committed criminal acts with the intent defraud.   Utilizing government offices or positions to break the law  is disgusting.  Do you have any idea what you have started and with who? Nah.  I am not one of those individuals who have a problem getting something accomplished.  I go to the source of the problem and cut it off at the knee’s.   You think I care who you work for or what you do? Please. I guarantee that you won’t like what is coming next.  See the thing is, I have this uncanny ability to rally people to my side when I need them. And best believe the distress call was already sent.

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