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Senator Burris: A Senator

March 16, 2009

Interesting that the title of this new article on Senator Burris is titled: The Replacement.  So I guess that means we can attach labels to all of the rest. Great.  I already have two for the professional *race baiters* in the party.  On a side note, give the man some damn respect.  He is not the *Replacement*, but a Senator.  Reading that article bothered me because it was a inside look at the truth.  As it is, and not how they want you to see it.  The opening paragraph is very telling and gives you a TRUE outlook how the Senate chooses to be:

Roland Burris still occupies temporary office space in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, in a suite far from the floor of the United States Senate, so when the buzzer signalling an imminent vote interrupted his lunch the other day, he put down his plastic soupspoon, left his sandwich untouched, and hustled out into the marble hallway. “I’m not missing any votes,” he said. “They’ll get on me for that, too.”

What else I found interesting was the response from other party members:

There, Burris was joined by two Democratic colleagues, first Maria Cantwell, of Washington state, then Blanche Lincoln, of Arkansas. Burris had been a senator for less than two months—he was appointed by Rod Blagojevich, then the governor of Illinois, on December 30th, to fill the unexpired term of Barack Obama—and he had yet to learn the names of all of his colleagues. “Hello, Senator!” Burris said cheerfully to each woman. They nodded, smiled back at him, and, looking slightly embarrassed, stared down at the floor.

But it was the last response that made me think:

In the basement of the building, Burris raced to catch the subway to the Capitol, and when he arrived he met Ron Wyden, of Oregon, and Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, who, having already voted, were heading in the opposite direction. “Senators!” Burris said, and the two men made the same gestures as the pair in the elevator had: a friendly nod followed by an averted gaze. Burris darted into one of the tiny elevators that take senators up to the Senate floor, and Tom Coburn, the Oklahoma Republican, wrapped an arm around his shoulder, squeezing so hard that the men’s heads were practically touching. “Hang in there, my buddy!” Coburn said.

The author came to the point that has or was in my opinion the most important one during this entire thing.  You know how some have that eccentric relative who would do or say things that would make you cringe.  Or who in Burris case *trailblazers* to the point he erected his own monument with his accomplishments.  Who aimed for higher office and never won.  The person everyone liked but really didn’t take them seriously.  Who wouldn’t dwell on the fact that they loss because despite that they would still have a cheerful word or continue on despite it all.  But who was given a chance at something like a Senate seat and took it.  This man is no more corrupt than the damn Easter bunny.  I know it and they do too.   And there is my problem.  It lies in his response:

he put down his plastic soupspoon, left his sandwich untouched, and hustled out into the marble hallway. “I’m not missing any votes,” he said. “They’ll get on me for that, too.”

Compared with what we have, hell Burris walks on water.  Nah, they like the Clyburns & Jacksons, & Holders.  Individuals who will call you racist to advance to cater to there agenda. We need some better elected officials that have there own damn mind and stop with this *party unity* theme. We didn’t send them there to be echo chambers but to represent US.

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