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I am tired of Cheats, Lies, Criminals & Crooks

March 20, 2009

Unbelievable.  First it was the Internal Revenue Service and now the Department of Transportation and Education.  To *not agree* has become equivalent to a crime these days.   I am sick of my paperwork not being enough. I am sick of these people pretending to be part of whatever office they claim to be part of. I am sick of lies and half truths, cheats and crooks.  I have sent my paperwork in over and over and now it is getting ridiculous.. NO one seems to have anything worth while or help just plain attitude.  I found out about this the day after I got out of the hospital and I am still just as furious today as I was then because I have to pay $2124.00 for Oct, Nov, Dec backrent because  my allotments were sent to the wrong account and I have to waite until they process it and send it back.

However, Kirsten here have been wonderful working with me since I got to the WTB and during surgery so back in January she gave me to 1 March to catch up since I was in the hospital.  What is unbelievable to me is that the memo was part of the packet but they want a *court eviction notice*? What?  This was set up way before me finding out on 20 Feb and I said the exact same thing as the housing manager.  Why are they so adamant for you to have that when we are willing to work with you. Which was my question as well. It’s like they want me to have it, just to deny it and now I have no other choice BUT to move out based on the date of a court ordered one.   Then to top it all of this whole private insurance thing.

The military vibe right now is I would rather take four more years of President Bush than what is happening now.  I could never imagine any of this happening on his watch.   He would NEVER sic the damn IRS, and Department of Transportation on private citizens to try and *dig* shit up because they may not agree with  any of his policies or issues. If this was the other way around we would hear about it 24/7.    These people are no more than criminals masquerading as something they are not.  Corruption.  People impersanating others.  Abusing there offices and positions.   Bailing our 13 companies with almost combined 100 million owed in back taxes to include those within the administration and I HAVE to jump through hoops to get MY 3818.00 to pay my back rent and these assholes owe MILLIONS get bailed out?  They have lost my paperwork, I have had to rearrange so much before I went back to UNC Cancer Hospital just to deal with these people who are claiming they work for this department or that department. And don’t

It is sickening.  To make matters worse, people know they are doing it!! I never had to wonder about whether or not Bush supported us.  Because I could not picture what I have happening righ now with me and others  coming from our former president.   Everyday it’s something different with this administration. NO one wants to be here  and that is not good. But what can anyone expect.  We are UNDER ATTACK in our own damn country!  How ungrateful is that?  Especially when you have to take legal action  because people are going through your personal records.  This administration is sucking the fucking life out of everythin  military.  NO wonder they had to sneek in the *mandatory* service bill while they fanned the flames of AIG. If Bush was doing this shit they are pulling we would hear about it from now to eternity.   WE fighting three wars. Iraq, Afghanistan and the one in the United States.

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