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Open Letter to the Justice Department & Attorney General Holder

April 3, 2009

Attorney General Holder,

I would like to address the issue of the absentee ballots, the 1,005 soldiers who are unable to participate, as is there right, in New Yorks 20th Congressional race. The ability to participate and the right to representation is a fight and battle won many years ago. Not only that, but it can be traced back to World War II and the veterans, at the time, African American veterans who were returning home. Because of the dues that they paid during that time between 1941-1945 they could be considered the cornerstone or turning point in the fight for representation and casting there vote. Although this has nothing to do with race, it’s the underlying point that is important. And it is a point that can be summed up with a man named James Hicks, a black officer during World War II when he stated: ” I paid my dues over there and I am not going to take this anymore over here.” Because you know why Attorney Holder? Because Mr Hicks knew something at that time that many didn’t believe in. That we are a nation of laws and we all deserve the right to participate, the right to cast our votes, as well as having the chance and the ability to do so and let our voices be heard.

This is not a political party issue. This is a issue fought and won by those who are no longer here this day. Individuals who left us a legacy, that originated from a dream that was turned into a reality. Despite, color, creed, gender or demagraphics. So why is it, that the people have to remind those within the Department of Justice, who suppose to work for the people, not doing the job you were selected, not elected to do. Mr. Holder, your there by priveldge, not by *right*, if you are unable to carry out and uphold for the people the laws that govern this land than it’s your duty to move aside and step down and allow those who understand that we don’t disenfranchise our own citezens our own military. Would you send the message that we don’t deserve the right to participate? As if we are not worthy to be part of this process? Do you believe we have not earned it? Either we will be a nation that upholds the law or a lawless nation.

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