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Using the Loss of Life as a Political Strategy & Tool

April 6, 2009

I was not a advocate of lifting the ban on the media being present during the return of our fallen to Dover.  Period.  Why? Because of exactly what was witnessed these last couple of days with the officers shooting.  Using the loss of life as a political tool to further your agenda.  In the back of my mind I knew it would happen but it still shocks you when you end up seeing it in effect.  These bastards will use anything to further there own cause and I have never been as disgusted as I am as of this moment that nothing is no longer sacred.   We have entered into a time where the values, the things that make this country what it is, one of the best, is slowly evaporating each day. I am sickened that I am able to see the things we used to place so much in to, what we used to hold to high regard just go on a decline. It’s as if we live in a foreign country.  I truly do not see what everyone else does. But I guess when you use your own judgement and hold your own opinion and actually look at what is before you and not what some may want you to see and believe versus those who want to believe a myth to not face reality, you would view things differently.

How can anyone in there right mind view any of this as any kind of change for the better? What I have personally experienced, with documented and detailed facts and not just “opinion”.  Horrible. Downright horrible. Those that would disagree with this assessment. Any so called *political blogger* or so called *journalist* that don’t see what I say is truth. Go undercover. Seriously. I challenge you to go undercover. Set up a blog on blogger or any of the other free blogs and create a identity and *disagree* or *question* a policy or this administration and see what happens. Be vocal. Do it for a month or two and see what happens.  I did it to an extent but what I did was document and analyze on a entire different level more on security than anything. But what I found and what happened was enough to make me say I would of rather had the last administration for eight more years than go thru this one for another two weeks.

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