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You Have Got To Be Fu%king Kidding Me!

April 7, 2009

Sorry. Profanity is not only necessary but called for.  Especially since we have just announced to the world exactly what weapon systems we are scrapping.  Basicly stating what are capabilities will be.  I hope I am dreaming and that this is some kind of hallucination or nightmare that I will wake up from.  Because I really really would like to understand why we would do this.  Are the people in this country not even remotely capable of understanding that something is wrong when we show our hand.  So now, not only do our enemies know that we are cutting defense spending. They now know exactly what capabilities we have.  This is so uncharacteristic of Secretary Gates. I do not get what the hell is going on. Dear god China is upping there defense spending by 13%. How much anyone want to bet that what we now lack and won’t have THEY will!!

I have never seen anything like this in my entire eleven years of service. We might as well paint a big fat X for a target on our backs.  This is equivalent to telling a known burglar that you will be leaving the front door to your mansion unlocked at 9pm and no one will be home because you will be going out to a movie .   Are we trying to get attacked? WTF is going on?  I am straight freaking out over this because it is not adding up for me in no way shape or form whatsoever.  I swear to god, I don’t know what is next but I pray that whatever it is we make it. Because right now every single defense we have  is being stripped away at a rate that has me sick to my stomach.  Defense spending cut and gone. This today. We don’t stand a fucking chance fighting anyone anywhere. I am truly in shock about this.  How in the hell can the people in this country be supportive of this? I hate *war* as much as the next person.  But I volunteered to serve my country and I do so proudly. But support this?

But how the &@!$%6  can we do our jobs if they are taking away our money and the tools necessary to do our job. We might as well as start throwing freaking rocks.  We are giving Pakistans money, ours get taken away, now with the things being cut from today. Now they have the capability to get what we will not. There is no way in hell will I believe that our Defense Secretary came up with this. I put that on my life. WE, the military, need more prior military in this damn Congress because they have zero idea OR clue what they hell they are doing when it comes to us.

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