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Dear Secretary of State Clinton, Your Favorite Soldier Needs Some Help

April 10, 2009

I hate to interrrupt you from what you are doing.  Not everyone can juggle all that you are.  But then again, your a Clinton,  no one can do everything all at once as well as we do. Yes, I know, I have just *adopted* myself into your family. Anyway, could you find out what is going on with my paperwork?  I don’t need you to put the smackdown on anyone, just a status before the 13th.  But then again, after how these criminals have acted they should be put up under the jail and prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law.

On a side note.  There is not a “contact me” link on the State website to send emails. As your designated favorite soldier I think I SHOULD at least be able to have email access.  How else can I keep you up to date?  Plus 2010 elections are right around the corner and I. CANNOT. WAITE .  Nothing brings me joy like that thought.  I honestly hope they don’t believe we have forgotten the primaries? Get real. We were willing to go thru four years of McCain/Palin to have you in 2012.  Well that is before they made you go out and do that damn interview about being planted or rooted to the Senate or something to that effect.  Sad. Frankly that should tell people alot that you had to go out live and state you neva eva eva eva have any attentions of running for president again to snatch all hope so they would support that ticket.  So sad.

On a good note. So far my list  of elected officials to support are Senator Gillibrand, the Junior Senator from New York. Believe me, if they attempt to *primary* her with that other chic, don’t worry, just have them look at Princess Catoline from Camelot.  She doesn’t have to worry about  Rev Al *riot in the streets* Sharpton.  And the other person is Senator Burris, if he runs that is. Are there any more we should be supporting?

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