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“Fake Party Unity, Video Popularity, and Oops There Still Doing it Again”

April 10, 2009

You would think since the Secretary of State carried the Democratic ticket on her back to the finish line that would at LEAST ensure they could of given SOMETHING to contribute to her campaign debt. Legal donations and not any from damn Mickey Mouse or any other bogus fictional people donating using there Sears card.  I hate. I HATE the article on Fox:

Hillary Clinton Tries to Pay Down Debt By Raffling Off Day With Her Husband

The secretary of state’s long-shuttered presidential campaign is still trying to pay off a steep debt, and has launched a new fundraising pitch urging donors to give money and compete for the chance to win one of three “exclusive prizes.” One of those is a day with Bill Clinton.

Main complaint number one.  She SHOULD not have to ask.  Dems should be running to the closest ATM as we speak. Lie to yourselves if you want.  The DNC damn near went broke when they began sending in monopoly money instead of real money. Look under the bus Kaine is driving  at the DNC and ask Howie, he’ll tell ya. White women were running from the Dem ticket in droves. How soon we forget the ship was sinking:




Yep. Surely did. I remember very well and have. not. forgotten. Please. If the MSM & Liberal blogs wouldn’t of painted Gov Palin like the village idiot we would be saying President McCain and Vice President Palin.   She doesn’t need to take money from those who have questionable donations from places like Jakarta Georgia that don’t exist. Number two, yes, we are all on hard times with the economy but damn you would think these fools would be smart enough to realize karma is truly a bitch and what goes around comes around. If I had it, I would contribute however I am still trying to get my money the A team trolls screwed me over with.  But I can remind those that seem to have forgotten that she IS the only current link right now that allows some to have a good night sleep without worrying we are being sold to the highest bidder behind everyone’s back.  If five million people donated a one dollar yeah, that would do it.  Plus, speaking for me only, I would rather hang out with the SOS at State and watch her give the smackdown to people than hang out with Begala or go to American Idol.  On a side note. I am not getting ANY information on what is going on. I had to read this on FOX. FOX! Normally I have all first hand news.  But now I have to get it from second hand sources.

I mean, I am not trying to get any more *special* priveledges.  Just private email capability to include text messaging like what was on the front page of state. Daily itenerary/schedule to keep track….hmmm and my own office and job with a title like “Junior Enlisted Personal  and Highly Qualified Military Chief Executive Assistant to the Secretarty of State”.  Seems kind of long but I am sure it would fit on my door.  Anyway…

Yeah, hanging out with President Clinton would be okay.  Maybe they would let me look at the inner workings of the top secret G-14 *Clinton Machine/Clean Sweeper and see who will be up next for political destruction.  Where is Richardson these days?  And how are things going with the grand jury for Edwards? Is Kerry even still in the Senate?  Any more news on Jackson and his ethics board?  Hey where is the Camenot Princess? Did she ever get an Ambassadorship?  I still can’t believe this chic actually thought she would be the Junior Senator from New York. Get Real.

Hmm…not saying that those things are related I just miraculously thought of them.  Something else interesting is that it seems Utube is at it again.  They deleted all my videos from the primaries but a recent one I did titled *Message to Democrats & Republicans” seems to have invoked the same response from back then when they viewed me as a *threat*. I guess they believe I am a triple *threat* now.  They are back to there old, *reset* the counter clock thing again. Case in point, my video’s have ALWAYS been popular.  Utube has me at  82 views when in all actuallity it’s 88,000. Which you can see here.



This is a tactic from the primaries and ge.  Give the impression that the person is not *popular* ie blog or video. It’s all psychological.  Equivalent to the bogus polls to give people the impression that everyone is *for* something or someone. Similar to the whole “if you say it enough” it must be true narrative.  Or my favorite, which the MSM fell for hook line and sinker. The so called *ground support* meme.  Giving the impression that there are MILLIONS who are for something they are not by having paid trolls bloggers manufacture *fake* support. Puhleeze.


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