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Please Inexperienced People, I BEG YOU- Stop Talking about National Security Issues!

April 11, 2009

Leave National Security & Foreign Policy to those who know what they are talking about. Here, read this article. Nuff said.

Obama Team Mulls Aims Of Somali Extremists

Is it just me but it just feels as if we are attempting to tie two separate things into one.  Why does it seem as if there is a frantic narrative to make everything circle around back to Pakistan?  For the last couple of days I have been feeling as if I am missing something. My internal red flag has been a wavin now it has turned into a neon blinking light.  I always trust my instincts and my impression is that something just is not right. I pay too close attention to things so I always catch a trend or common thread. Don’t know why but I have been in the game so to speak for a while. It’s important to pay attention to politicians. All soldier’s should. That way, when they are lying there asses off, while smiling saying they *support you* and turn around and *screw you over*.  That whay, you know so you can vote there asses out the next time around.   I swear politics is like crack, bad analogy but it is addictive. And seriously, military and politics do mix very well and are tied together by a common thread.

That is why I believe that there should be more individuals with military experience, recent, in this decade, in Washington.  I will be advocating for that because from what I can see. They need some discipline.  Plus, the politics of the past are no longer relevant. The game changed this election because it bought forth things some thought to never see.  In order to gain office this day forward, they will need those who got screwed the worst, Clinton supporters, who have seen first hand AND experienced every trick there is in the new *political* book.  Oh yes, coming to a bookstore one day near you:

“Race as a Political Strategy & Tool” by ME

In two years, I have learned more than I care to ever know about the so called *political process*. From the dead coming back to vote, mickey mouse making donations, acorn bullying tactics, paid trolls and bloggers, bias MSM, bogus polls, bought and paid for pundits….2010 is going to be off the chain. I  can’t waite.  Yes, I am STILL bitter. It is NEVER going away! Neva EVA EVA EVA EVA EVA going away! Matter of fact, I wouldn’t call it bitter. It’s more along the lines of Pissed. the F’ck off times ten squared multiplied by two hundred and twenty.  The level of pisstofdeness can be quadrupled and multiplied by our current deficit. I will stop being *bitter* the day Secretary of State Clinton looks me in my eye and state THE FOLLOWING:

“Patsy I really didn’t want to be President,  I was just kidding with you all.  I really didn’t want those delegates back and I am not mad that the dead came back to vote or that people voted multiple times and came in on buses from other states to do so.  Nah, I don’t think it’s weird that we almost witnessed live on CNN the attempt to stuff the ballots during the night of the NC and Indiana primary.  I am sure it was a coinkinky dink that we were in striking distance if not winning NC but because of the percentage of AA’s in NC they naturally believed and assumed EVERY SINGLE ONE voted for the person of color on the ticket. Your black you say, and didn’t vote for him? Hmmm I am sure they deducted you from the total and no, it’s not suspicious that almost EVERYONE early voted.

I think that poll workers would realize if 10,000 people supposedly came to there location during that time.  Oh and no, it doesn’t bother me that there are utube videos showing voter fraud. It was for a good cause. Because as you know, having a *historical* election is more important than anything else.  We have to lift our moral standing because that is important.  Plus, look how well that is working out. So far, North Korea has scrapped all agreements and fired a missle, Pakistan wants a bailout and for us to hand over intel to include our Drones. Ahmadinejad says HIS  country has mastered the: complete cycle of producing nuclear fuel, Russia, well Russia is just being Russia.  Oh and don’t worry about China spending around 13 percent more on defense.  There our buddies see, they own almost all our debt and since we are cutting defense spending while we fight two wars and deploying around 21,000 more soldiers.  We need to have our good friends in China who own almost as much as the U.S as we do, who are probably purchasing all the things we are cutting, have our back in case, well, if something bad happens.  Nah, we don’t need to brush up on our Chinese.  They are our friends and have nothing to gain if things go wrong.

Because overall, our moral standing and our historical history of histories during this historic time is more important than anything else. Now is about extending our hand in friendship to those who would normally chop it off at the wrist but they now understand that this historical time in our worlds history is what we have all been waiting for with baited breath.  Sadly the pirates missed the memo that they were suppose to lay down there weapons and find new employment because now that we have destroyed the word “enemy combatant”, they can no longer act that way because we have decided the word no longer exists. I am sure they heard about our new stance on national security and foreign policy because Chris Matthews already broadcasted it and said it was so.

I know I stated that between me and Senator McCain, we would bring a life time of experience, while Obama would only bring a speech written in 2002. But don’t be bitter soldier4hillary,  my favorite soldier in the whole wide world. Who will hold the first position created especially for you called: Military Ambassador for the Secretary of State. Duties and qualifications include:

  • Having the ability to put the smackdown on any one who has the audacity to question, comment or remark upon things that show minut signs on CDS by making replies that have zero baring at all to the discussion at hand
  • Point out, correct, take on, smackdown, chew up run over and spit out those within the MSM who are crazy enough to make CDS type remarks to attempt to sway public opinion with total bullshit because they believe they can get away with it.
  • Promote ALL talking points because everything she comes up with will be right
  • Be able to unashamedly admit they yes, there opinion is biased and if they don’t like it. Well deal with it
  • Support the military and national security endeavors that are focused totally on ensuring the protection of our country and it’s most prized possession: our laws  to include the constitution and the people
  • Go where the SOS goes: All the time
  • Ensure her supporters are always kept INFORMED of everything
  • In charge of a elite group of bloggers that will transform and adjust to the new form of politics bought on by the 2008 election
  • Work with groups who are continuing the agenda like health care reform and womens rights to INCLUDE MILITARY WOMEN BECAUSE WE DO EXIST? Hear that NOW? WE have a voice too! Maybe that’s why we have broken OUR brass ceiling and you have yet to even touch yours.  On a side note maybe they should change there name from National Organization of Women to National Organization of Women who help other Women who thing just like they do.  Or National Organization of Women who support women some of the time.

On another side Note: A favorite supporter: Who just happens to be wondering why I have no more special privileges (ie info)  and zero information on anything any more who campaigned there heart out and made videos that utube deleted and who is still waiting for email access and that job created soley for me in DC (one day).  Yeah I know it’s hard being the foreign policy president and secretary of state but EVERYONE needs loyal individuals on there team. And it don’t get no more *LOYAL* than moi.  Because there is a difference between *blind support* and *loyalty*.  One is bought and one is earned. END/PERSONAL RANT

Yes,  We may have all started out on different paths, but we are all on the same one now.   So don’t  none of you worry in the secret underground Clinton supporter network those idiots up there believe no longer exist.  They still don’t get it.  But I am happy where I am located, planted and rooted into the State Department just like I had to go out and state I was planted and rooted in the Senate and neva eva running for president eva eva eva eva eva again to help the wimps Democratic ticket during the primaries.  I am doing all the work and answering all the 3 am, 3:30, 3:35, 3:50, 3: 55, 4:20, 4:30, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 7:10, 7:15, 7:20, 7:45, 7:50, 8:00, 8:10, 8:30, 8:35, 9:00 phone calls.  But remember when you hear me say *smart power* one of those asshole back stabbing politicians is going  home”

So the days she tells me that PERSONALLY I will stop being *bitter*. Until then: NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN

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