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Frauds, Liars & Cheats

April 12, 2009

Well, I thought I was at “peace” but that changed like two hours ago.  Number one, I really do have to actually find a damn laywer which is good as a long term goal but it does nothing for my current issue.  Every time I look at this bogus paperwork I get furious all over again.   It just goes to show how low of standards and quality of individuals that are all around us. This has shown me that some people can do and get away with just about anything.  One day when I am able to do so, this will be a cause I sure will fight for and on. But right now I have to focus on the immediate issue.  I had no intentions of blogging about it but it’s causing to many issues and since I don’t believe in *holding* anger in, I write.

I can just imagine how this conversation will go trying to get legal help.  All that information sent in and nothing. Screwed royally by the government.  The same damn ones I work for. Or then again, I have no idea who works where.  I still can’t believe this is all based on the fact that I don’t do blind faith and support just anyone. If it is based on that it is one scary thought and go to show that we are living in dangerous times when freedom of speech comes under fire this way.  I shouldn’t have to pay the price for these crooks who are no more than criminals who should be in jail.  This is a democracy.  But right now, I am going to have to do some real hard core brainstorming before Monday because I am at the point where I will need to figure this thing out on my own. I don’t trust to much of anything especially after this.

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