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Wendy Sherman/Susan Shirk for Ambassador to Beijing & Japan? Let’s Waite & See

April 12, 2009

China & Japan Ambassadors are two appointments that should be on the table RIGHT NOW considering the trouble that we are currently facing. Right now is all about delegating authority to be able to handle the day to day operations that can change at a moment’s notice. Especially considering the fact we are in a unprecedented moment where everything is happening simultaneously and we need all hands on deck. The longer we drag out these nominations, the bigger the hole that is our weakness that can be and will be exploited by those who would seek to do harm to the people and this nation. Now is not the time for petty bickering. When it comes to national security, party affiliation is out the door and it becomes one team one fight.

To me, ensuring you have individuals in place who you know first hand can get the job done as well as promote the message is a key aspect for each department choosing there employee’s. Now is not the time for the *known unknown* but people you can trust, who are loyal, and who will ensure there agenda is first and foremost getting the job done and executed.

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