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Another Failed Message Attempt to Secretary of State Clinton……

April 19, 2009

*long sigh*…Day 32 and still nothing on the status of my paperwork.  However the last attempt has still floating out there in cyberspace after attempting to use the “contact” feature for the SOS. Sad? Yes. Depressing? Nah.  She can’t do everything she is working hard enough as it is.  However next week is crucial and I have gotten no responses back for anything so I am moving to worst case scenario mode. I just wish I knew what the current status or anything really but these days contacting certain agencies…you dont know if your speaking with the individual who works there are a sham artist taking advantage of a situation.  All I  want to know is one simple thing: Status, what is happening with it and when will I get my money back so I can inform those who need to know to adjust past payment arraingements.  Because if not, up shit creek will not be just a phrase but a reality.

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