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The Enemy is Within? Got It

April 19, 2009

In the eleven years I have been in the military, I can honestly say that what I am witnessing surpasses anything I thought would or could be possible in regards to the biased report from DHS.  That would be Department of Homeland Security.  A article in New York Times by Charles Blow, titled: “The Enemies Within”.  A play on words I find simply fascinating because Mr Blow, has just inadvertently stated that we, the military and vets, are the enemy.  Say what you will and say what you want, but the truth of the matter is, that is the connotation and conclusion to draw and the basis of the article as yet again, the forces that be, whoever they may be, are attempting to paint us in a negative light.  Then you have those individuals on the side supporting the claims like this author from this blog here. From a blog titled Brilliant at Breakfast who tells a quaint little story of a returning vet and then jumps onto how Fox should pick there battles.

Well, see, I just picked mine because for the last two years I have watched the systematic attempt to paint us in a horrible light on the blogs, the MSM and the media.  And I damn sure have the evidence to back up and support my claim.  These individuals who seem to think “wing nuts” are the individuals finding fault with this report.  So to set the record straight, from a individual who is neither, “wing nut” or “right wing terrorist”.  I find fault with this report based on the fact that there is so much focus on attempting to paint those living here as *terrorists*.  The real *terrorists* are watching and witnessing this play out.  It takes balls to attack your own military and vets and I find this administration lacking.  To set the record straight, maybe before people jump head first in writing information that makes zero sense, they should really find out for themselves what WE think.

And as a individual who plays close attention to things around them and who understands politics, I would gladly love for someone to get my opinion and point of view because when I read articles like the NYT article titled The Enemy Within. I find alot of fault with what this author is attempting to state. But that’s okay. There are many sides and opinions to a story and with this last hit job article against us, I have a feeling, no, I no for a fact that ours will be heard.

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