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CODE RED: Dear Military: “Wake Up” Please

April 21, 2009

Yes, Please wake up and realize that we are under ATTACK. Charecter assassination 1001 not 101 but 1001 is taking place.  I am sure you may be unable to see this political attack because we are to busy out there saving the world and all.  However, as a individual who pays very close attention to everything in the “political hemisphere”.  It is understandable that certain things may fly over or pass over your head.  But please believe me when I say that if you don’t grab hold of the message, said “message” will be ruined, torn apart and destroyed by the “anti military” crowd that is this administration.

They utilize the blogosphere to get there message out there and then, just like the paid shills some are, the pick up this “distorted” message and then the next thing you see are the Keith Olbermans of journalism spouting there propaganda, live, on MSNBC and other outlets.  If you don’t believe that, you must of missed the DHS report labeling us no better than home grown terrorists out to destroy and join militia groups world wide or you might of missed the “JSOC” assassination ring story about the secret “list” and all of that other nonesense.  Did you see anyone get up and call them out for that? NO. Or better yet how about US having to pay our own insurance for injuries suffered in a war THEY deploy us to?  See anyone get up and call them out for that? NO.

Or maybe the story about how our agencies like ACS are no better than ponzi schemes worse than what Maddox initiated?  See anyone call them out for that? NO

Or maybe the story that our WTBs treat said soldiers injuried like crap ? Did you say anyone call them out for that?  NO.

Or the story that we need to get rid of West Point because they create “lower grade officers”? Did you see anyone call them out for that? NO.

Or that we should do away with the Air Force and make “national service” a requirement at 18?  Which I am sure is all part of the plan to create that civilian “fighting force” equiavalent to our own military.  Did you see anyone clarify, ask or question that? NO

Or what about cutting defense spending while we are fighting two wars in a unprecedented time in our history when we have countries literally at war with one another while they constantly verbally attack us because they sense the weakness that is this administration?  If we continue to extend that “hand” we are going to lose a damn arm.  I am pissed. White flags are for pussies.

Quiet frankly, and I hate to say this but I have reached that critical stage where I am goddamn tired of watching people use lies, distorted truths and facts to serve there political agenda by catering to there base for the next election. What is “depressing” is not deploying. At this point some would probably run, low crawl, and three to five second rush to the first C-130 or C-17 to go because it is pissing people off watching every single damn thing created to keep this country safe get torn apart as if “terrorists” no longer exist because they “did away” with the word.  How the fuck naive is that?  These people are on the blogs pushing there idealogy and feeding off the hate people have for the last administration.  Then said administration is using there government trolls to attack people to beat down dissent.

I joined the military because we are A NATION OF DAMN LAWS that uphold the constitution of foreign soil and domestic, who don’t cater to ANY political party, and only see THREE colors when looking in the face of the american people and that is: RED. WHITE. BLUE. NO other color exists therefore when I hear the ‘YOUR RACIST”  narrative I get angry enough to chew nails. If those politicians on the “Hill” want to be party to this systematic attack on us and the attempt to strip away our values. Send the message that there ass is going to the house and not the one on capital hill. BUT THERE OWN!!! Where they can garden, play with there racist deck of cards all day, and all night with each other.

Now that the CIA has joined the military, military spouses & family, vets, clinton supporters, retired generals and below up under the bus that this administration threw us all under. How long can anyone hold back the rising tide of anger at this type of treatment? HELLO! We can read and watch the news!  Listening to back to back episodes of how we are no better than terrorists and anti military, anti american and anti everything else daily. IS PISSING PEOPLE OFF!

I for one do not live in a nation with cowards contrary to the words of race baiting Holder.  Someone needs to dig down deep and find there backbone and balls if need to be and man up before we end up back on 9/10.  WHY are we unable to respond to these people? Are we not equal? Why should we have to listen to individuals go unchallenged making these bogus claims?  I don’t see anyone running to the closest camera and spotlight to clarify.  Everyone is sooooo scared they will be called “racist”. Whatever. I listened to being called a sellout for supporting our SOS for two years and I didn’t give a flying fuck then and damn sure don’t now.  Does anyone grasp the concept that with bogus reports from DHS, which should be investigated by the way, can impact those vets returning and getting out who may try to find a job but the person doing the “hiring” just seen on CNN that our Department of Homeland Security believes us to be some kind of terrorist threat?

Just like any other form of discrimination, it will be known to the person by the individual doing the “hiring” actions.  And despite how “sorryful” Napolitono’s apology, the damage is done.  SHE NEEDS TO GO!! If campaign talking points can make it into such a important report from a important agency.  Will we be listening for the next four years a whole lot of “apologizin”.  I look at it this way.  If WE can lose our life protecting  our country, why can’t we defend our military against these attacks?  Lets move into the 21st century by choice and not by force.  We do a damn good job daily and it is a goddamn shame that we should ever have to get out there and say it when OUR actions speak for themselves daily.  But we HAVE to do this becasue we are dealing with people that would kick us to the curb and sell us out at the drop of a dime to get reelected.

The impact of the DHS report is HUGE.  The issue isn’t military and vets.  The issue is that they issued a report that gives the reader the impression that we no longer have any enemies on foreign soil because they are all domestic. Combine that with the constant “doing away” with words like “war on terrorism”, “torture”, no longer having pilots with the ability to carry licensed weapons, closing gitmo, all of these “torture” memo’s coming.  All I see is the attempt to give the impression that the world no longer facing danger and THAT is dangerous within itself because it allows a feeling for people to become complacent until the next horrific attack. I want to go on FOX, or whoever I really don’t care and respond.  We ALL should have that choice.  Unless someone out there believes we don’t deserve it because we don’t deserve a voice or they believe we deserve to be embarrassed and shamed live, around the world for even our enemies to see.

They created this scenario, not us, so they should be able to deal with the consequences before people begin to not care what ramifications there may be but become willing to face down detractors even if it may reflect negatively to them. How can anyone feel we are good enough to die for those we won’t never know but not good enough to voice our own opinion. Or defend and set the record straight when there are lies told as truth for the world to see.  We deserve so much better than that and I don’t see ANY elected officials coming forward in our defense and that tells me volumes.

Last but not least a question that has been on my mind….Secretary of State Clinton? When will you be visiting us again? We have not seen our favorite SOS and seriously, you have been EVERYWHERE except HERE!  A visit would be great, some kind of “foreign policy” speech or something to give a little motivation because at this rate,well, motivation is needed.  Please add us to your calendar for future events. Thanx!

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  1. May 6, 2009 1:37 am

    Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll probably be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good work

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