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New Defense Budget: Close Gitmo, Get Paid-How Lovely

April 22, 2009

Due to the fact of constraints in responding  via MSM (hopefully being fixed) a recent article on Fox news  had a paragraph that caught my attention:

Military Families United, a military family advocacy organization, predicted the inclusion of money to close Guantanamo in the war-funding request “will significantly delay the passage of this legislation and delay our troops from getting the funding they need and deserve.”

“Funding for our troops cannot be made contingent on funding for an unrelated and politically divisive issue like the closure of Guantanamo Bay,” the group said.

How very clever.  Add the funding for closing Guantanamo Bay in the bill for our funding.  Meaning for the politically impaired:   That in order to keep a “campaign promise” our fate is tied into campaign rhetoric for 2010 and 2012 for an entire political establishment.  They have zero idea where they are going to house the individuals in question and have no idea what to do with “future” combatants.  Because contrary to popular belief, THEY ARE STILL OUT THERE.  No matter what you call them the individuals who would love to see our nation fall and us wiped off the map for eternity still exist.

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