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Releasing the “Torture Memo’s” Serves What Purpose Again?

April 22, 2009

The releasing of the “torture memo’s” seems to be the “hot topic” and debate within the blogs. As a individual who believes  in the laws governing our land.  Pray tell what purpose does this serve?  I am really curious as to this concept of prosecution.  In order to go with the way of thinking by most pundits, liberals and those in the MSM.  Prosecution for “war crimes” is the key to prosperity.  Maybe I missed something but in order to prosecute for “war crimes” who are the individuals in question who are making the claim that WE not some other foreign country but WE, our nation, our country, OUR people committed this act against them?

Next question, will the elected officials currently holding office during that time be prosecuted as well? Because quiet frankly someone probably should find out who knew what and when before screaming for blanket prosecution. If we are to pretend as if these individuals were so very clueless. Why the lock step vote for FISA?  I am going to do something rare. Instead of addressing this as a individual “blogger”.  I am going to put on my “military hat” and address this as a non commissioned officer in the United States Army who took a oath to defend our country and uphold our constitution. In saying that, I call bullshit.

This administration is a complete disgrace. Period. I refuse. Absolutely positively refuse to support it. I say it again. I, SGT Rogers in the United States Army who has more experience in this area than half of those individuals chanting “truth commission”, ie Senator Leahy will never EVER support what we are witnessing right now. You would half to be literal the scum of the earth to go after another administration you were part of and complacent with for any campaign in order to get reelected. This is not about political affiliation for me. This is about not understanding what is to be gained by attacking the same agencies you need but are willing to attempt to sell out and attack when they were following orders from people who although you may not like, were part of the previous administration.  The military lives by orders and we know that our leaders will never give us one that would place us in danger, are unauthorized or illegal. Therefore I do not understand what the hell I am witnessing.  Sitting personal belief aside on what acts were written, were the memo’s legal? No, the question is not do you personally like what was written on the memo’s but; WERE THE MEMO’S WRITTEN LEGAL?! If they are or were……doing this now…. There are not enough words in the english language to voice my discontent. Because what people do not realize, no matter how much they HATE the past administration. Bush and Cheyney were NOT in the military therefore if you believe “war crimes” were committed. You have just fucking told ME that I committed acts of a war crimininal based on votes to deploy to Iraq from our very own Congress.

Anyone that could say that after the fact does not deserve to represent anyone. I have waited to see how far they would go and take this to keep themselves “favorable” in the publics opinion. And now that I see it, I have lost all respect for our political process and officials. WE are the ones who not only deployed to Iraq, but still there and we are sending the message that we are there in some way illegally. If they can go after individuals for acts based on a memo listing what “could be” and not what was done. Then one day we could be next. You cannot ask anyone to support individuals that when ratings are down, sometimes they say things to keep there “base” content. I for one do not want to spend the next four years looking over my shoulder wondering when someone remembers that WE are the people deployed and should be the ones prosecuted.

These people will do and say anything and I have seen it for the last two years.  What we are witnessing now is unprecedented. People are asking the same questions: ”

What war crimes?  Are they saying WE committed them? We are the only ones who are here? Does that mean we are next? What are they talking about? Can we be locked up and prosecuted here in Iraq?” 

MY question is what makes people think that no one will turn around and sue this administration? Just because they are “doin away” with using certain words does not mean terrorism no longer exists. People should not have to wonder who is “next” to be targeted. Politicians attempting to pretend they now just realized Gitmo exist are pathetic and don’t deserve to represent the heart of this country. The people. Watching individuals out there playing “righteous” with this is pure disgusting. As if for the last four years they were clueless. Instead of a truth commission they should start telling the truth.  Instead of political posturing if they are stating they have known cases of actual real life people being tortured who know who did it. Go on record. Get out there and state that you will stand behind “detainee x” against us for the fight for truth.

If you are going to label us “war criminals”. Get the fuck out there and stand behind the words of whatever detainee is manufactured that attempt to do harm to this country and state that there words are true and they didn’t deserve to be detained as a threat to this nation. I want names. I want to hear there stories. I want to know and see the intelligence gathered that supports the claim being made and not a story “broke” on one of these shill blogs where a detainee and there lawyer tell there “story” without one piece of damn evidence other than the memo’s “released” as confirmation.

They started it and now they better damn finish it. So yes, bring on the commissions and everything else because if you are willing to sell out your military, intel officials and other agencies tasked to keep this country safe based on anonymous op eds from different online venues you better be willing to put your entire career on the line to include those who regurtitate stories citing “reports” as facts. WE are the ones in Iraq and who are affected by these titles of “war criminals” being thrown around. The last administration did not deploy to Iraq and are not there now. So I think someone should spell out exactly who the “war criminals” are and where these acts took place and by whom. Because I for one don’t recall neither the president or the vp being on a C-130 going to Afghanistan or Iraq to deploy for 15 months, so yes,  I am curious.

Does that mean those who voted for Iraq including our current VP is a war criminal? What about those who voted in favor of it based on the briefing from Colon Powell? Or is he exempt because he came out and endorsed the current dem ticket? When in all actuality it was HIS words during that briefing that sealed the deal?  Do people honestly believe our moral standing will be lifted around the world  with other administrations when we are witnessing this in our own?  No values, no honor, no integrity, nothing.

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