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ALCON-Something is Not Right

April 22, 2009


Stop the presses.  All hands on deck. Red Alert. Red Flag. Red Smoke.  Something is wrong and my internal alarm that I trust 1000 percent is telling me that there is a problem.  I am going to monitor this. The article from “Times” on Yahoo is utterly amazing.  For one, it is showcasing how hard “someone or someones” is attempting to go on and all out spree to paint the military as the enemy.  Nothing else makes sense. It’s like witnessing a desperate attempt of character assassination that is clumsily done.  For one this arcticle.  Read the ENTIRE thing. SOMETHING IS WRONG!:

Opponents of last week’s release of memos detailing CIA interrogation techniques argue that they will provide enemies of the United States with a training manual to prepare their operatives for capture. The irony is that the U.S. military appears to have done the exact opposite, taking a training program that had been designed to prepare American soldiers to withstand torture by communist regimes seeking to extract false confessions and twisting it into a highly controversial interrogation manual.


The story of that mutation emerges in disquieting detail in a new report by the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) on the treatment of detainees in U.S. custody. It shows how U.S. interrogators at Abu Ghraib, GuantÁnamo Bay and camps in Afghanistan based some of their interrogations on techniques taken from the military’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training program. These techniques included waterboarding, walling (slamming detainees into a flexible wall), sleep deprivation, hooding and using dogs to inspire fear. (See pictures of life inside Guant[a {a}]namo.)

First, we don’t all go through the SERE training.  First this program is for special operations and it is a VOLUNTARY program.  Let me say it again: VOLUNTARY. Now if you are a soldier who wants to say, join special forces, yes you may go through this program. However this author is just so mis informed responding would be childish.  Because the biggest fact is what is becoming apparent to a whole lot of poeple.  There is alot of “excuse” making going on and a real hard attempt to make us look bad. Does anyone grasp that we all are part of the same country and should be on the same team?  If I was a pundit, blogger or someone in the MSM, I would stop and take a real hard look at what you are reporting because it seems to me that everything being written is anti american.

There are alot of individuals waking up to the fact that this “defense” of detainee’s crossed the line into advocating for them and attempting to make this country look bad. I don’t know how I feel about this, well, in a way I do.  But something has me pausing looking at this in a different light because I am beginning to feel like we are two countries in one.  They are fighting for detainee rights so hard I don’t know when was the last time they fought for the american people here.   This article has just made me as well as others I sent the link to open our eyes to the fact that  something is wrong with this entire new narrative.

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