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A Nation without Laws is a Lawless Nation and a Lawless Nation is a Nation Lost

April 24, 2009

What could be percieved as the worst threat to national security   is happening right in front of us in full view and no one seems to see it.  Being *clueless* is one thing.  But having to witness a possible horrific tragedy before your very eyes is frightning.  The “enemy” is no longer at the gate, they are within in my opinion based on simple logic and the ability to have a non partisan view of this entire narrative by viewing it from a security perspective instead of a personal point of view.   The daily escalation of “memogate” takes a worse turn each day until now, bloggers, pundits and the MSM do not even realize that they are being used for nefarious means.  Something is not right within this administration. As god as my witness I do believe there is something wrong and I cannot grasp the concept that I am the only one who see’s it.  Yes, we SHOULD be scared right now and very afraid. Because you have huge amounts of rational individuals who are so overcome by there hatred of a previous administration. They refuse to even acknowledge the role of our Congress and Executive branch.

It’s horryfying, sickening and even slightly unreal that anyone could be so caught up in emotion of the past that they  have literally blocked out and convinced themselves into believing there has been a one party system for the last eight years, and that we did not have a majority (dems), the last two years.  They have totally chosen to ignore the actual roles of the Senate and the House.  Even more, and what is simply shocking in itself, case in point the CIA.  How in the world can anyone even remotely and naively believe every member within this agency belongs to one party? The Republicans? In every single leaked memo, article or comment, the actions are automatically deemed as coming from or done by the “right”. What people fail to understand is that this constant assumption has the ability to allow those with nefarious means to be able to use this to there advantage.

There verbage is bordering on being “unhinged” and it is comments such as these in this exchange below that is the prime example of the dangers of the partisan and biased report from DHS and the reason for resignations and investigations:

From Daily Kos:  

Is this how far we have come?  How divided?  This is just another example of what is the new narrative based on a assumption from the DHS report:


Two years ago you would never find someone stating  all “troops” (in this case those from Texas) described as  ” ugly unpatriotic republicans” based on the words of a report from one of our very own agencies in our own country. People BELIEVE these words because they came from a agency that should NOT play politics and should verify there sources instead of the rantings of those on a blogs/websites.  Even more…When. …when did we begin to use the lives lost despite the circumstances or even because of them to spread a administrations point and idealogy? Have they any shame?  Some can’t even respect us while  living but they will use and dishonor those while dead when they are used in pieces like this to serve an agenda:

Huffington Post:




This is change.  Change from the values some know and hold to be true. Change from anything like we have ever seen.  I have witnessed many viewpoints but one thing we have failed to see are those that have had the capability to be viewed as facts and truth.  So desperate in the attempt to send a message and prove a point, you have those that will use any and everything to get a message sent and destroy everything in it’s path, especially if you disagree.  We are at a dangerous point in our country. One in which lies are told as truth, and truth is no longer fact, but fiction.  Who would ever believe the day would come when an entire establishment can’t even ask the simplest question or disagree without worrying about possible retribution? Who would ever believe the day would come when the so called american dream , which was something to be achieved, would turn into now something so many abhor? Or that to *disagree* could possibly put you on the wrong side of the law? That we would be so divided we can no longer stand and can’t stand up and speak out because we are so divided?  From personal smear attacks, to hacked blogs and emails to hate mail and negative rhetoric,  to intimidation, to race baiting tactics.  To going from being a nation of laws to damn near a lawless nation.  This, this is not what this country stands for.

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  1. April 24, 2009 8:16 am

    I totally agree with your sentiment on the direction our once great country is heading, the hate speech from leaders and commentators alike. It is almost as if someone or group wants us at each others throats. I am glad to see that there are still those like yourself who know how to rise above.


  2. soldier4hillary permalink*
    April 24, 2009 12:51 pm

    Thank you. I do try but I know I am just talking to the wind. Well that’s how I feel. I just don’t understand why some just don’t see it or get what is happening before our eyes. Your right, it DOES seem like the intent is for us to be in a state of chaos.

  3. Lonni permalink
    April 24, 2009 2:42 pm

    It’s obvious that everything you just said is true. I’ve never see so much “jerking chains” in my life and I’ve lived through presidents since Eisenhower. There is something about what is going on now that has a darkness to it…an “in your face” not caring about anything except “the program”. I agree that it is a not-too-subtle(for those who can see)attempt to drop-kick this country into an uprising and uproar for nefarious reasons…like martial law. It’s too squirrely to think otherwise.

    Enjoy your blog, soldier. 🙂

  4. soldier4hillary permalink*
    April 24, 2009 4:42 pm

    Thanx! I do try to enjoy it by at least paying attention to what is happening around us. I hate to be UN informed. Plus, I like to pay attention. Knowledge is power. Plus, you are right, it is bypassing *subtle*. Time will tell.


  1. A Nation without Laws is a Lawless Nation and a Lawless Nation is a Nation Lost

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