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Senator Inhofe Tells it Like it is on CSPAN2

April 24, 2009

Wow. I normally don’t watch alot of television but I am watching CSPAN and there is a Senator Inhofe speaking in the Senate and I have to say I agree with him 100% on the Defense spending. I didn’t know the C-17’s were going bye bye. What?  And I had no clue that the Tarp money didn’t go to what it was suppose to go for.   The Dem from Florida speaking on legislation in regards to the China drywall situation in homes need to be more front and center because THIS  is very important as well. Watching this is very informative.  Plus, I didn’t know the individuals who voted for Tarp now regret doing so, you could never tell by the way the MSM portrays the situation.

Amazing. I am trying to watch and blog but now Senator Inhofe is making the case for NOT cutting defense spending with charts.  I like charts. And powerpoint and slides etc etc….he has done his homework.  Good point. We cant have other countries with better equipement.  Instead of watching the propaganda network people should watch this and get the real information. Plus, I will always side with anyone who believes we should have the equipment necessary to do the job. Plus Senator Inhofe is blunt as hell and on a side note he does reiterate that Secretary Gates is only using the hand dealt to him to comply with the anti military administration. (Emphasis mine).  Only a blind fool wouldn’t see that or someone who hasn’t documented and watched every word and speech like a hawk the entire election.  I am learning more on what is exactly being *cut* than what is reported and it is a chilling thing indeed.  He bought up a key point in regards to what he considered the Army’s most valuable asset that is being downgraded but five other countries now have including South Africa that I want to research because that is very interesting in itself.

The MSM is playing a dangerous game and should be reminded that THEY live here too so our *nations defense* should be important to them as well and they should report the truth. If it was up to me we would probably be listening to 24/7 foreign policy and national defense issues back to back especially with Pakistan and reading how Afghanistan is coming up short for civilians and we now may have to use our national guard. Plus, the new agency from the Pentagon. Why in the hell this type of stuff is not being discussed when people are literally clinging to the proverbial bible is unknown to me. People are scared and don’t give a rats ass about *memogate* or could care less about pictures of facilities in countries where we are currently deployed.

Because for one, they will never side with anyone who will do us harm nor anything that will cause it.  If the actions of this administration releasing memo’s and pictures and committee’s cause adverse action or repurcsussions to us overseas and the media spins it and promote it. All hell would break loose.  It’s a slippery slope they are on now with this and I hope whatever goal to be achieved is one to benefit this nation beause if not, I can see them being ran down with people with pitch forks.  The MSM better ensure there info is legit because god help them if they are pushing bogus info. Especially if being paid is based on people actually watching and viewing your show.  But anyway back to CSPAN2….

God I am loving this guy. He is about to brief about proving OTHER countries have better equipment than we do.  I know this is all political and that our former commanders hands are tied with political posturing. We understand. That’s why it’s important that our vet groups advocate and use our reps to get our voice heard. Checks and balances. That is how it works, it has nothing to do with wanting things to *fail*.  It’s about having all voices heard to come to better decisions, ideas, and plans  based on idea’s from everyone and not just those who think the way you do. This is Democracy.


Okay, the money quote so far on a light side and I am paraphrasing here but Senator Inhofe stated basicly we are all entitled to our beliefs but that some *librals* would want to do away with the military and link arms with all the world leaders while saying they will all *disarm* and basicly link hands and become friends. Not exact wording but the point being made is crucial. IT DOESN”T WORK THAT WAY.

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