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Prosecution Round Up

April 25, 2009

The liberal and I mean very liberal think tank “Think Progress” has a article up today about impeaching Jay Bybee.  My question is this, which maybe some know something the rest of us don’t.  But if we begin to set precedent for prosecution policies or opinions based on the fact there is a new administration in town.  What pray tell is the plan for when someone turns around and does the same thing with this administration? What happens when someone feels as if closing Gitmo is dangerous and poses a threat to national security and tries to to take it to court?  What if a pilot decides to get legal help to prosecute because the policy for allowing them to carry licensed weapons after 9/11 was done away with? Or a soldier’s family decides to sue because they thought cutting defense spending on certain things is what contributed to the death of there son or daughter, even if it sounds far fetched?

My understanding is that the memo’s were legal, drawn up to say what could be used.  Yes, I have seen the constant *mysterious* leaked articles of those “waterboarded” that are fed to the blogs to keep there battle cry of moral high ground going. But I also know and understand the words “classified”, “secret”, & “top secret” and I am well aware there is so much more we don’t know therefore I make no judgements based on blogs and people who are experts in there minds only.  Quiet frankly that moral high horse some are on would drastically change when the lives of not just you and yours but the entire nation is in play.  At this rate we won’t have any allies left because it is becoming apparent we are not willing to fight ourselves out of a paperbag let alone stand beside one of them and come to there defense.   Like I have stated before, catering to the *base* is going to have us standing soley with said base because changing your stance on how loud they begin to complain is not helping us at all. If WE can see it, you better believe they can.

What get’s me is the fact that they don’t realize that the individuals in question would wipe us off the map if given the chance.  They don’t care about money, they care about there idealogy and what they believe in.  Case in point the suicide bombings in Iraq which caused the MSM to label it the “24hrs of Hell”.  By two women. Yes, women.  The problem and difference is that if I am on gateguard and see one of them acting suspiciously, I see a suspect.  On the other hand, some here would see a victim. Until that “suspicious” women just took you and everyone else at that checkpoint out.  Why? Because we apply our culture, to there’s. Is it wrong? Yes and no. You cannot change the any countries culture. Period. It has to happen from within. Yes, all women should have equal rights.  But until those who live there understand that fact, we are only talking to the wind. They have to want change for it to happen.

Some cultures revolve around religion and use said religion to make laws. But even more, they, the woman, need to realize that they deserve it and fight for it. Yes, fight. It’s about how bad you want it and it may take time. Hell, I am a product of dissent. I am here today because of people like Victoria Gray, Fannie Lou Hamer and so many others who marched for me, hosed down in streets, hung and executed,  that got out there and fought for there rights and it was not easy.  I respect and honor what they have done that is why when I see those who use “race” as a tactic to achieve a goal. It’s equivalent to slamming the door to everything those in our past have done.  I am not a “victim” but I am a product of victims and there work will never be in vain.

I know the politically correct words are to say “torture” doesn’t give results. Torture is bad.  But when you are dealing with individuals who will strap a bomb to themselves to take out even just one or two soldiers. Who believe so much in there cause that they are willing to give there life in a action that will cause instant death. What can be gained by not allowing them that “ultimate sacrifice” but utilizing enhanced interrogation measures over a period of time to seek the information they may have? I am sure they are not picking up every joe blow off the street .  To believe that is strictly naive.  Would it not make sense to have guidelines on what type of enhanced interrogation measures could be used? Hence Pelosi et al being briefed on what enhanced interrogation measures could be used.

To deny it now it just piss poor and just one more thing to make those other allies look away because of all the tap dancing. I hate to say it but why would I align myself with anyone who will turn on me to make one group happy or who changes there stance depending on the MSM reporting, blogs or articles that day? The campaign is over but it’s hard to tell. We are so divided it’s like we have two seperate countries. We spend so much time attacking those here, we are doing the work for our enemies and all they have to do now is sit aside, play on the hate for the last administration in the blogs, let the MSM report it and bide there time. God help us all if China, Russia & North Korea, the North Korea who by the way is producing 6 more nukes an gleefully stating it to anyone who will listen,  begin talking together.  And considering we will have to start a “borrowin” because were broke, that should really be lovely.

I have always had the ability to look outside of the box and I believe that these released memo’s will come back and bite us in the ass big time.  Not here, but from around the world. Other countries.  I firmly believe the voices of those here posturing for 2010 and 2012 will be heard again on the international stage but this time as a defense to advocate for prosecution because it sounds so much better to say “it came from Senator so and so” or “Senator so and so believes it as well. ” Or “watch this they even reported it” or “read this they even wrote about it”. Watch.  I tried and tried to say it to even do my little *ALCON messages* that I do just so I can say when, not if, but when it happens that at least I said something. It will not make it better, but at least in my heart I know I tried.

I pay attention to everything and nothing I mean nothing good is going to come out of memogate and picturegate. Not because we have something to hide, it’s the fact that it will be used for someone elses agenda. These individuals are paying attention to the political blogs and know where to go, what to say and how to go about saying it to inflame tension to spread there idealogy and agenda. Anyone and I mean anyone doubting that does not realize the true significance of that DHS report. I have read that same type of rhetoric from the bot bloggers for almost two years and can spot em at twenty paces and I wouldn’t be suprised if one of them wrote it. I would bet my next three military pay checks that they could not produce hard core tangible, vefifyable evidence, the author or authors of the report and not that *bush initiated* it crap. Sworn statements supporting the *witness statements* names of the actual organizations, five agencies that have the exact same info, you know, supporting documentation. The past administration might of initiated it but they damn sure didnt write it.

I would rather they just come out and say the truth. “We put out the report because tea parties were happening and we wanted the world to believe they were all racist war mongors who should be happy there is a *tax break*.” Unfortunately it hasn’t reached the grocery store or anywhere else.  But it is nice to say “tax break”.  It’s those “taxes” on things we need  and purchase everyday that’s a bitch and the point.

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