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Homeland Security Secretary Public Health Emergency

April 26, 2009

After watching the WHO (World Health Organization), and then Mayor Bloomberg I was feeling relieved to get so much info on the Swine Flu.  Especially since the WHO went through line by line to state all the information to include explanations and details.  All that went out the door as soon as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano opened her mouth. Anyone looking for information and concise details look elsewhere. This woman has lost all credibility and any report bought forth from that office will be met with skepticism by me because whatever comes out is something that only benefits one group of individuals.

After watching the other briefings all I saw with this was a hot mess. I wouldn’t be suprised if the next thing you heard was how it’s some “right wing” conspiracy from *swine* left over from the last administration. After all of these rational explanations you get a public health emergency and fear mongoring.  God I know people around the world are now asking themselves the same universal question as days go by.  How can you get concise detailed un alarming information from OTHER countries on this and other officials. Then you get the *fear mongoring* brigade to come along and shit goes down hill.

You know, my internal flag aka instinct that is always on the money tells me that there is so much more but after other briefings this one was just so off. Everyone gave off the feeling of calm and now this.

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