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Perception, Misconception, and the Truth

April 26, 2009

A recent post I made in regards to Keith Olberman’s “challenge” on torture drew a very interesting comment  left on my post that I want to take the time out to respond to.  Due to it’s exceptional stance on what is percieved to be my view:

“As usual, you cons have missed the point. If it’s not torture, than Hannity should have no problem with taking up the challenge. You knuckle-draggers claim that this extracts intelligence, yet what if Keith were to get Hannity to admit to having sex with ducks or molesting babies. Would you claim that to be “good” information,or would you then claim he only said that to stop the waterboarding? The fact that former Bush officials have admitted it is torture now make it clear we abandoned our American principles, and put you people on the same level as the people we are fighting.”


Jim?  First of all, thank you for leaving your opinion and remarks however first let me explain what you percieved to be my point and not what my point actually is.  The purpose of my article was to point out the hypocrisy of the individuals who have a national voice and the ability to sway public opinon towards those who hold the belief that “torture”, as I do, is wrong. But chooses to take a very serious matter, with total disregard of the consequences of there actions and use it in a form to score ratings. These individuals are the ones who believe that you never allow a good crisis to go to waste and you never lose your chance to score ratings.

See, the thing is there are those who are standing on the sidelines who wear the same uniform that I do who are wondering and questioning will they be next to be attacked and thrown up under the proverbial bus with the intel community or what will happen because right now there seems to be some kind of media blitz and attack going against those of us in the military.  It’s not everyday that you watch back to back articles as if there is a PR campaign actually going attempting to paint us in a bad light.  Plus,  Mr Olberman, a individual who has proven and shown that he will say, do and report anything without verfying the facts for his show, case in point the JSOC “assassination” ring story told by Mr Hersch without any coorberating facts to back up his claim that JSOC didn’t have congressional oversight.  Yes, it is hypocrisy to be willing to ask for someone to go through “waterboarding” to prove a point against your advesary, for cash, ratings and to prove a point and turn around and  have the audacity to then state that the “winnings” will be donated to a military foundation or group. Then turn around and report any and everything negative about said military while hyping stories about “pictures” all week long that will show that WE are the “bad ones”  with “proof” that we may or may not have been complicit in “waterboarding”.

As for your statement attempting to classify me into some political affiliation based soley on my article? Get real. Political party affiliation doesn’t even register on my radar and means absolutely nothing to me. I support those who support this country and I could careless what side of the political aisle they may be on but you better believe I will stand by ANYONE’S side  and go down fighting with them and for them that place this nation first and I don’t care if they are black, white, orange, stripped or purple with speckled spots and have every single letter in the alphabet behind there name. The only colors I ever see are RED. WHITE & BLUE. I am not a Democrat, Republican, Independent or anything else. I am a AMERICAN and I dont give a flying fuck about party designation. No, we did not “abandon” our american priniciples. We placed individuals in power that abandoned us.  We are a nation of goddamn laws and individuals have fought and died so we can be here till this very day. No one can take that away from us but we damn sure can kick those assholes OUT who don’t recognize that fact .

As for your remarks of  “you people” being on the same level as the people we are fighting? Liberals are the only ones who I have met that have had the ability to compare two individuals who disagree as one being the one who is “right” and the one wrong ” a right wing terrorist”. Let me help you understand the difference and considering I have been to war and can tell you a little something about the “enemy” I doubt I would classify them as the one holding the difference of opinion with myself and more on the lines of the one holding the AK 47 to blow off someones head, or the one planting bombs, IED’s or mortars.  Last but not least, when all else fails, the “race” card is always the last one to rear it’s ugly head and manages to join the conversation. Case in point your reference to “you knuckle draggers”. Now considering the fact as a african american woman, the first thing that comes to mind are primates to include, monkey’s, apes and other animals that inhabit that category, I choose to be above those type of remarks. Because there are those who literally cannot get there point across without going negative. But it’s okay I have been down that road before and I am here to stay because I know my words and remarks have placed me in a category that threatens some. I mean what I say, I say what I mean. I stand behind my words and remarks, bow down to no one and those that don’t like it. Deal with it. The day I stop speaking truth to power will be the day they throw dirt over me in a box.

My beliefs are simple.  I believe in many things.  I believe in the laws that govern our nation and the glue that binds it together: the people. I belive that since we are a nation of laws, we better be a nation that governs by them.

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