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Prosecution Round Up Part 2

April 26, 2009

Currently being reported:

The photos, taken from Air Force and Army criminal investigations, apparently are not as shocking as the photographs from the Abu Ghraib investigation that became a lasting symbol of U.S. mistakes in Iraq. But some show military personnel intimidating or threatening detainees by pointing weapons at them. Military officers have been court-martialed for threatening detainees at gunpoint.

Now, you know I am going to rip this to shreds right? Not just rip it to shreds but do it and prove that yes, for some unknown reason we are being attacked and that one line above proves it.  How much do they know about us and our training? Because right now,  I am truly wondering.  They are reaching here and for the life of me I do not understand this attack on military and the intel people at all.  Now some may ask what is sooo important about the highlighted sentence but I don’t know if someone is intentionally releasing flawed statements in ignorance or that they don’t care.  Because right now this is getting fascinating because they are sinking there own boat.

But this time I am not going to play my hand and state what is wrong with that paragraph because I am sure everyone who needs to know do, and those that don’t well, thanx for the heads up confirming that this so called “attack” is real. I am just going to sit back and watch because we are witnessing history. I don’t think anyone has ever witnessed the attempted destruction of its military and intel community happen at the exact same time.

I am not worried about memogate and picturegate.  Release everything.  I mean with 58% oppossing it for whatever reason according to Ramussen, do what you do or what your political career can handle that is. Other nations and people have tried throughout history to bring our nation down. This time, it’s just coming from the inside. That’s the beauty of history, it tells a story, see, our country as a whole has risen above things in our darkest hour. Known to literally snatch victory from the hands of those who have our backs up against the wall who don’t understand the concept that when we fight, we fight to win, and we push back.  It’s that whole support through victory thing, some get it, some understand it and others don’t.

In other news, our SOS is out there making shit happen. In another surprise visit in Beirut. Yep, you HAVE to watch this video of the press conference in Baghdad. First, no *shoes* were thrown. But even more you GOT to stop it at 17 seconds and watch this shit! LOOK at how she walks to the podium. If that doesn’t say, “I own this shit” I don’t know what does. Not only does she reeks of confidence walking up there, her words let them know that we stand behind the mission while giving compliments and praise to the U.S AND Iraq without one word of the past administration as a crutch.  Handling business by ensuring we as a whole are still a nation to reckon with that takes care of said business on a national stage. I watched that  part in the video five times because nothing brings joy like watching our success and sending a message that this entire administration is not a failure.  Now if we can only get everyone else with the program.

This is why I back our SOS 100000.0000 percent right here.  She is out there making the case for our country to those around the world watching our MSM and politicians act like they are in a episode of college park or some other reality show or equivalent to “politicians gone wild”. So the kiddies can continue on while grown ups handle business on the world stage.  **sigh* I want to be just like her when I grow up!! Nah but seriously though too much, wayyy to much is happening around the world to be playing *gotcha* games. That’s why no matter what side of the aisle you are on you need to back those who are actually handling business despite what letter resides behind there name.

Right now, the most important things on the table are national security, military operations, intel, foreign policy.  Lets call that “Important Agenda A” or as I refer to it as the A Team headed by those concerned with important matters with individuals like our SOS and others. A bipartisan effort by those who believe that when it comes to the things above, party affiliation doesn’t apply because these things affect ALL of us.

Some may look at this and wonder why the “financial crisis” isn’t on the list. Well, as the days progress, or better yet the more “The man who broke the England Bank Soros” talks,  it seems that tends to fall into the category titled: “manufactured” in the *manipulation* column to benefit one designated groups agenda.  It pays to discover and anyone who can gleefully state they are having a good *financial crisis* when some are digging in between the couches for change to put gas in there car, yeah, you do tend to pay attention when someone is really happy that we are damn near all broke. Especially when they can state that they bought and paid for, now own, one political party.  This man is the gift that keeps on giving. The more he talks and the more I read, I am beginning to believe this entire thing is just one big manufactured crisis.

To many of the policies coming forth put me in the mind of  Zimbabwe and third world countries. Czars? Get fucking real. Where the hell in our history do we have that type of shit before? Oh yeah, we did, but they were called *mastah* and carried whips while those were singing *swing low sweet chariot*. But yet, amazingly enough, the CBC seems to forget our history and all the others  when convenient.  I for one do not want an overseer no matter how well there role is explained.  This is just another form of suppression. We would of ran Bush out with goddamn  pitch forks and marched on washington if he would of came up with something like that to keep us in check and I would of been leading the pack from fort bragg in kevlar, lCE, and flak vest and went AWOL in the process to get there.

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