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STOP the Taliban is not a Option, it’s a REQUIREMENT

April 26, 2009

Anyone not paying attention must of have missed the latest news in regards to Pakistan and the Taliban. My question is why the hell are we wasting time having to issue stern *warnings* and not executing?  Not that there is anything wrong with that but it feeds into the impression and the ongoing debate and narrative that *warnings* are all we are going to give.  I knew it. I just KNEW this white flag wavin, let’s just talk, they are just misunderstood shit was going to one day come back and bite us in the ass. You think they are not going to continue on to Islamabad?

Or will we wait until they get one or two nukes before we wake the hell up? Everyone is waving a red flag alerting that action needs to happen and happen now. But noooo, everyone else is still captivated by the *white flag* didn’t I already state before that  White flags are for fucking PUSSIES and people who want to see this country wiped off the damn map! What the hell? Do people on Capital Hill believe these people are playing pretend? That North Korea really didn’t just state they are continuing on with there facility and creating six nukes?  That the Pakistan situation is just a dream that can change with hope and a nifty heartfelt speech and strongly worded letter and  a couple of  dollars! I doubt very highly the Taliban can get the letter or money, they are TOO BUSY TRYING TO GET TO ISLAMABAD and probably won’t pass by any freaking  post offices!  Why the fuck would they want any of that when they can get hold of something that can make the world bow down! WTF? Are they serious? Are the pols in Washington serious? Maybe they should listen to the words of those who have more experience:


Officials said last week’s outspoken remarks by Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, were “calculated to ramp up the pressure on Pakistan” to take action. Clinton warned that the terrorists’ advance had created a “mortal threat” to world security.

She was one of several American political and military leaders to use unusually strong language about Pakistan’s failure to curb the Taliban. Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who visited Pakistan, said he was “extremely concerned” about the developments and that the situation was “definitely worse” than two weeks ago.

General David Petraeus, of US Central Command, which oversees Afghanistan – to which America is about to commit 17,000 more troops – said Al-Qaeda and Taliban extremists in Pakistan posed an “ever more serious threat to Pakistan’s very existence”.


In which a reply came:

Husain Haqqani, the ambassador to Washington, accused the Obama administration of making it harder for his country to fight the Taliban.

Yes, Mr Haqqani, deal with it. This article is 100 percent.  Just as the Secretary of State stated: the terrorists’ advance had created a “mortal threat” to world security. If THEY can’t take care of the problem as noted in this  portion of the article:

However, reports yesterday indicated that the Taliban withdrawal was less than total. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people in the district were still at the mercy of armed militants and their restrictive interpretation of Islamic law.

 You better believe that we can take care of the situation. WE CANNOT ALLOW them to succeed. Pakistan is a nuclear power. We DO NOT want to be put in the position of not preventing something of this magnitude that would effect us globally. Mr Haqqani needs to STFU. There is nothing “hard” about this situation. Let those who can do, do, and those that attempt to block it, move aside, step down or become labeled as those blocking progress from a possible threat to ALL nations security. I cannot believe we have to even debate this. It’s mind boggling. I do understand the *fear* that stems from not wanting military *occupation* in Pakistan.  They don’t want it, and we don’t want to be there. That’s easy enough to understand but I don’t understand the problem.  Because see, that in itself tells me that there is a gap or something in the communication process because we as a whole have something for every situation. We had the Pirate situation, we sent in Navy Seals. We have Taliban forces in Swat valley and we ??????   God help us all. It does not require an entire army to go into Swat Valley. I understand that memogate and torturegate allows one to pretend that these events happening world wide don’t exist and some are literally clinging to there proverbial  bibles in fear they have to make big decisions and all and they don’t want to make the wrong ones.  But projecting weakness and indecisiveness is just as deadly as doing nothing.

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  1. juiceempire permalink
    April 26, 2009 9:18 pm

    It seems that, while denied by top Pakistani officials, we, the Americans, have successfully persuaded Pakistan to act.

    Apparently an offensive has been launched today, Sunday, against Taliban elements in the Lower Dir district of North West Frontier Province – a neighbor of the SWAT Valley.

    One news outlet detailing the offensive is:

    In this report, the BBC reports:

    “A militant commander was among a number of militants killed in gun battles in the Lower Dir district of North West Frontier Province, the military said.”

    And also:

    “Helicopter gunships and tanks were reportedly used in the fighting.

    There was no immediate word of casualties from the Taleban and independent sources have not been able to verify the army’s claims.

    Pakistani interior ministry chief Rehman Malik has repeated his call for the Taleban to disarm.

    ‘Enough is enough,’ told a TV channel on Sunday.

    ‘We have decided to flush them out. The peace accord was linked to peace. When there is no peace, there is no use for that accord.’

    The clashes seem to suggest that the government has finally decided to try to stop the spread of the Taleban across northern Pakistan, the BBC’s Mark Dummett reports from the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.”


    Now, the Pakistanis, to save face of course, and to try to deconstruct the image of them as puppets of Western, namely American, influence, deny that this offensive is a cave-in to American pressure to act. Such pressure as that which you quoted in this report.

    It’s quite obvious, given the near-perpetual string of high-level talks between American and Pakistan in the past number of weeks, that this offensive has been launched in response to direct advice given to the Pakistani government/military by the American military and affiliated agencies.

    I would put forth the notion that we are supplying them intelligence and logistal support regarding this most recent strike against Taliban strongholds.

    Regarding the Taliban toppling Pakistan and thereby taking control of their nuclear arsenal, there are contingency plans in place (and have been in place for a long time) that would involve the sudden insertion of American Special Operations Forces to secure nuclear sites in the country if such a thing were to happen.

    Speak soon.


  2. soldier4hillary permalink*
    April 26, 2009 9:46 pm

    Thanx! Wow great remarks! May have to steal them! Nah but thanx again, I am going to send that link out to some people who are literally thinking we are about to be blown off the earth! Well, that’s a slight exaggeration however I sure wish the MSM would dish out facts and info more often. Glad to know there is something in place, if I didn’t know better sometimes I would think the media likes for us to stay good and NOT informed!

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