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Swine Flu Out Break

April 26, 2009

The are reporting that:

The World Health Organization’s director-general, Margaret Chan, said the outbreak of the never-before-seen virus is a very serious situation and has “pandemic potential.”

Never before seen virus? I am confused, I thought the swine flu was something they had seen before. Something just seems so off about all of this. Is it possible that this virus is manufactured or created as some sort of *biological* attack? Maybe that is not the right word but what they are describing is not making sense for me at all.  Is it possible that there are two seperate strains with maybe the same markers here and in mexico? The reason I say this is because what else conclusion can you draw when the same virus is causing death in Mexico but not death here. Not that I want people to die by no means but just pointing out that you have something that is testing positive for the same virus in one place with different end results.

If this virus derives from *swine* or pigs and you take the factor out of not having said *swines* or pigs to trace it back to the only thing that leads to is a virus replicated in my opinion. With all of the things going on around the world you have to be able to put every possibility on the table.

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