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VICTORY(Really?): CA Dem Party Will Pass Resolution of Impeachment Inquiry Into Bybee Today

April 26, 2009

This is the reason why I am unable to understand certain groups and why I am able to look at all of this in astonishment and amazement.  This article is on Daily Kos  and why I believe we have such a weakness at this point when rational people have truly lost there way. This shows me that anyone can spread there agenda and idealogy if they can get in and find a weakness. I analzye and sit back and put pieces together to get a picture. And the one I got here is simply astounding.  They honestly do not see what is in front of them and it doesn’t matter what side you belong to, just know that words and actions of so many will come back to haunt them.

Case in point  Bybee.  According to Daily Kos they are starting impeachment and alot of the remarks justifying it why so many of us are sitting back in astonishment. Why I am evaluating this and wondering how it can be applied to 2010.  It’s a stunning revelation and what I think will be the ephiphany for alot of people. How can you advocate and state you want to prosecute individuals based on released articles and not all the evidence of who knew what when and all supporting documentation. Ruining peoples lives without the whole story but the ones from a administration who are not perfect and rely on these same individuals for there jobs.  No one has stopped to ask themselves why they are so willing to go on the defensive and call for all types of things without even having the  enitre facts other that selected memo’s and leaked articles.

Have we sunk that low? Are we willing to ruin lives without having all of the facts?  What happens when people find out more information on individuals involvement they may not like? What then?  If you want to do things right, have the facts first because I have this feeling that the possibility of there being more information to be known may be the case.  No one can be naive and believe a entire political establishment does not have a clue. If so, we need to send them to the house if something this major was happening and they state they have zero clue.  The worst thing that could happen is information coming to light that proves this theory to be true. To believe any and everything and not once, not once question the source, purpose and agenda? We made the excuse that the last administration used the media to promote there agenda, talked about how when you didn’t agree with the war you were called all kinds of names, that you were told despite how you felt, you had to “stand behind the president”. But yet you turn around and become what you once hated.

This bothers me. I don’t feel hope, and change, I feel divisiveness. I see a problem. I sat aside with so many others as everyone made excuses for a man, Bill Ayers, whose a known terrorist, whose group  the weather underground attempted to place bombs on  military installation, Fort Dix.  Who placed bombs in a federal builiding who is not convicted and in jail based on a technicality, who now teaches at a college, shown up on talk shows to tell his side of the story and who even wrote op eds on the Huffington Post.  Be defended by any and everyone.  The same type of actions we fight to prevent from terrorists around the world, excused live and in color. And we had to suck it up and take it because no one had the courage to get up and disagree so we had to suck it up and take it.

So I look at the choices some make and wonder to myself do they even know what they believe. From pundits, commentators and the MSM to bloggers and those that leave remarks. Do you even have the ability to think for yourself and not what those would have you to believe or see what they want you to see? I witness individuals describe there political affiliation as if it’s some form of different sub division of the american race and I am astounded.  They have literally come to refer to it above any and everything else and it’s shocking to witness and see but even more to believe that others actually do it as well.  Many people know  I always state my support of Secretary of State Clinton, she earned it, however it is not blind support. I did my research and believe me when I say I wanted to know the good, the bad and the ugly before I could ever state I would give 100 percent during the primary, ge and even now.  How could I stand up against her detractors if I didn’t know fact from fiction? There was no way in hell I was going to back a person to that degree and not have the facts or even a semblance of them. To me, the worse thing that could of happened was for me to give that level of support and turn around one day and realize it was not the truth or a lie. No, I don’t know any and everything but love her or hate her, but she is the most vetted politician in our nations history. It is based on many things that I have outlined based on her past legislative accomplishments, experience to include advocating for women’s rights and civil rights, work as First Lady and the Senate.

I may joke and state disagreeing with her is equivalent with treason, but its a joke, (maybe)but nine times out of ten the response is based on *perception* and not facts therefore setting the record straight and giving the smackdown to those with CDS and I love nothing better.  But this what I am witnessing is unprecedented.  Back up, I take that back, hell no, let me stop lying, hell yes I am not even going to lie, it’s right up there with it.  These assholes that worked with her for YEARS to include the MSM had the nerve to fucking label her all of a sudden in 2008, her  AND President Clinton racist! I don’t care if she smokes hope and snorts change, that crap was WRONG.  If we do not state this now, someone else could come along and use this as well. I for one am not willing to go through this every four years. Yes I am bitter. BITTER. BITTER. BITTER!!  Because actions like this leave a bad taste and I will always speak up against it.  I may not like the message, but I will always fight tooth and nail for the messenger.

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  1. May 3, 2009 7:58 pm

    Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be coming back to your posts.

  2. soldier4hillary permalink*
    May 3, 2009 9:06 pm

    Oh, wow thanx!

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