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Arlen Specter switches Parties

April 28, 2009

Brilliant. I was having a bad day which I will blog about later but this, this is just amazing. I came back from UNC to this and I feel bad for the one group people seem to ignore: his constituents. There are Democrats running to the closest microphone to tout how this means there *idealogy*, the Republicans, is old. Shame on Fox News (snark/) and there commentators for setting these fools up while everyone runs out with there talking points. Normally I don’t agree with Micheal Steele, at all, but his remarks were funny as hell. Didnt  Specter say  a couple of weeks ago he stated he wasn’t leaving the Republican party ever?  Sorry, they can spin this the way they want, this man probably does not want to lose his job in the Senate and he will do whatever is needed to keep it. Plain and simple. Even more, if he feels comfortable enough to state his views haven’t changed which don’t coincide with “dem” principles and they know the results already of the election. Well we already seen this before.

Even more, PA? PA??? Clinton County? She OWNS that state! Hell, people freaking SWITCHED PARTIES just to vote for HER! Seriously, if they wouldn’t of made Gov Palin look like the Whorish Village Idiot she would of had the white women. They were running from the ticket until:



How many times did she have to show up in PA for the Dem ticket? Freaking HILLARIOUS!!!! KARMA… This is seen as a positive? Remember what Clinton supporters did to Chris Matthews ambition for running in PA? Good luck with that. Way to rain on those 100 days. There is a very big problem that people are missing other than the obvious point that nothing good can come from announcing your running for the opposite party in the next election thats almost a year and a half away while STILL in the current party your leaving.

Even MORE!! Whats up with all of this “determining” the election results and saying who will win before the damn election? Hell I was going on leave just to go down to PA to help work against that asshole Matthews for the simple fact he had the audacity, among many, to do that interview with Ayers…. HEY CLINTON Supporters in PA!  They have just told YOU ALL that Specter will win by a large margin running as a Dem.  Ya’ll voted already? Didn’t think so.  Or then again, maybe there won’t be any *primary* challenger from the Dem Party, that’s the only way I can think of to be so sure a year and a half before.  I guess we proved our point because THIS is a prime example of the point being made.

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