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OMG Specter did NOT Just Say that!

April 28, 2009

UPDATE: Did this man just state he called the president and that he stated he would campaign for him in in Pa and that Senator Reid would too and Rendell would raise money?  One thing this tells you is that this man is power hungry and does not try to hide it.  I think this man managed to get the Dems to promise the sky and the moon to him to switch over and he did. But they forgot the difference between them.  Because he had no problem stating what the pres and reid and rendell stated to him. Ooh this is going to be good.

Dear God this is GOLDEN…. please PLEASE tell me Specter did not just state that after 29 years he did not want his career dictated by the Republican electorate?  The way he just stated that is amazing! He stated he won’t be the 60th vote, wont change his other votes and lord knows I believe him because anyone who can get up there and state this does what the hell they want.  He keeps bringing up the “medical” research to  grab the attention of the daily kos crowd for universal health care.  In other words, he ain’t going to the house in 2010.

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