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Three Vials of Virus Missing from Biological Research Facility

April 29, 2009

From CNN:

Missing vials of a potentially dangerous virus have prompted an Army investigation into the disappearance from a lab in Maryland.

Fort Detrick is the home of the Army's top biological research facility.

Fort Detrick is the home of the Army’s top biological research facility.

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command agents have been visiting Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland, to investigate the disappearance of the vials. Christopher Grey, spokesman for the command, said this latest investigation has found “no evidence of criminal activity.

CNN Highlights:

  • Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis samples missing from Army facility
  • Virus sickens horses, can be spread to humans through mosquitoes
  • Investigators say vials may have been in freezer that was destroyed
  • So far, investigators have found no evidence of criminal activity
  • I find this article interesting. But now,  let’s talk about the “swine flu”. Now the virus is being referered to as H1N1 and watching the president speak on this H1N1 I am really amazed on a couple of things.  See, I have a very big problem understanding this.  They stated health care professionals should report suspected cases to the “appropriate” authorities. But there doesn’t seem to be a big rush to “discover”medical  info abou the “swine flu” or the virus formerly known as the “swine flu”.  But there does sure seem to be a big rush to get people quarantined in camps as well as billions more dollars for god knows what.  You know. I need a new job to be able to investigate things myself because I don’t do tin foil hat theories so I want to be able to prove what I believe wrong or right.

    Seriousl? I agree on the Swine Flu issue with calling it by another name because it is apparent to me that no, I was off probably. Not manufactured to a degree, but probably ALREADY manufactured or created.  So what do I believe? Could it be that the vials from Fort Detrick were stolen and not missing to create some type of manufactured crisis? Let’s go back to the DHS report for a minute because one thing I have learned these last two years is that if you pay attention, I mean really really pay attention to what goes on around you, you really do end up seeing a trend.  That report was political and tells a story that allows you to understand what is happening now. That’s my opinion…

    But on a lighter note, I entered the *sweepstakes* for Fox and Friends hopefully I win something..

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