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Seperation of Powers

April 30, 2009

I do not agree or believe the government needs to be involved in the car industry.  This administration is taking this entirely to far and witnessing the President discuss the car industry is amazing.  Unions now  own 55% of the company.  Sorry,this feels way to much like Zimbabwe government.  Redistributing the wealth or in this case, ownership to the unions. Now we can’t even have the type of cars we want but what type the government says we need. I feel bad for the dealerships who have just gotten screwed.  How can anyone look at this and state this is what this country needs. The government now owns and dictates the banking industry, the automobile industry, the credit card industry, civilian volunteering. We have car czars  and economic czars and czar  czars….Hell, all that’s left is health care and we are official screwed. 

Seriously, is THIS what people wanted? Someone to dictate every portion of there life? Sorry. This is not what I wanted to see us go to. It didn’t work for Zimbabwe it won’t work for us. Well this makes Cantors  2 May Town Hall more interesting, they say all are welcome because none of this happening now is something I cannot  relate too. . I for one do not want this to become the norm, this just does not fit this countries values. To much of a dictatorship type feel.

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