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It has Begun….Message to ALCON

May 1, 2009

I knew it was coming.  Weeks ago when this “torture” narrative began I sent a very important email.  Those within the blogs & MSM can go back thru the ones recieved from me and note that I spoke true in regards to what the true intent and purpose was of that entire narrative.  First and foremost everyone seemed to miss the true intent and purpose of the information being released by the DOJ and others.  They all had a key denominator and factor.  One thing people refused to understand is that there hate for the past administration is what set the tone for what we are seeing now.

No, it was never about prosecution of the last administration or “torture”.  It was about idealogy. Idealogy of terrorists and there organizations.  It was about power and control. It is my opinion and belief that the whole we are currently walking towards was dug by our very own.  The thing is, the “hate” was fueled to get a desired result. First of all to be so naive to totally disregard the actual roles of the House & Senate to give yourself a false sense of security in thinking the past president and administration has sole blame is just ignorant.  Do you honestly believe that no one with a “D” behind there name did not have any idea what was happening behind closed doors?

To grandstand for votes they placed the lives of those tasked to do a job in danger just for political posturing. Because there is no excuse whatsoever why before the 2008 election they could not do anything. If they cared so much about the current issue, show the legislation put out there they initiated. Because the thing with that “moral” high horse, you can’t get on it when you want, you would always have to have been there. And don’t refer to a past “speech”, that means nothing.  Democratic party members have a very big problem, one in which I stated weeks ago was the case.  I cannot respect any leader willing to place the lives of people in danger just to serve a personal or partisan party agenda.  The individuals who postured for some *truth commission* as if they did not have the majority or been around the last eight years need to stand before an ethics committee because they are now no better than propaganda pieces for other countries. 

I stated this was what it was all about from the start:

BAGHDAD — Iraq’s prime minister demanded that American commanders turn soldiers responsible for a predawn raid on Sunday that left two dead over to Iraqi courts for possible trial, in a first test of the U.S.-Iraqi security pact concluded last year.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki issued a statement calling the raid a “crime” and said it violated the terms of the security agreement, which requires the U.S. military to coordinate maneuvers with Iraqi counterparts.

The U.S. military said it had informed Iraqi authorities ahead of the raid. The military said the raid — in the city of Kut, about 100 miles southeast of Baghdad — targeted members of Shiite militias allegedly funded by Iran. It said U.S. troops shot and killed one suspected weapons smuggler and detained six militants, and that a woman was killed in the crossfire.


A raid on Sunday by U.S. soldiers in Kut, Iraq, killed two, and Iraq called it a crime. Above, men carry the coffin of a woman killed in the raid.

Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

A raid on Sunday by U.S. soldiers in Kut, Iraq, killed two, and Iraq called it a crime. Above, men carry the coffin of a woman killed in the raid. Hundreds of Iraqi protestors took to the streets in Kut in the raid’s aftermath on Sunday, denouncing the U.S. operation. Iraqi media reported that Mr. Maliki had ordered the arrest of an Iraqi brigade commander and a battalion commander for allowing American troops to conduct the operation without proper coordination with the Iraqi government.

The issue of immunity for U.S. troops remaining in Iraq was one of the most sensitive issues during the protracted negotiations over the pact last year.

It is unclear on what basis Mr. Maliki will claim jurisdiction over the U.S. soldiers who carried out the raid. The U.S.-Iraqi agreement says that on-duty U.S. soldiers aren’t subject to Iraqi law; only U.S. soldiers who commit major and intentional crimes off base and off duty are subject to Iraqi law. Disagreements are to be resolved by a joint U.S.-Iraqi committee.

It was never going to happen the last administration being prosecuted for “war crimes” in Iraq. Becasue what so many failed to see, the hole they were walking in too as so many screamed “war crimes” and attached it to the past administration.  They failed to utilize there brain that when they state  so called “war crimes” were committed in Iraq. WE are the ones deployed there and last time we checked the former president and vp did NOT deploy in support of there country or wear the uniform. So as everyone screeched *war crimes* because there sorry asses didn’t have the fucking balls or heart or spine to stand up when it counted, they do it now and place people lives in danger. Now, you have individuals who just found there *heart* and don’t realize they are doing extreme damage. They joined the individuals who would not mind seeing us wiped off the map in amping and fueling the hate. You had people claiming to be experienced in politics actually believing that just mere words would lift our moral standing around the world. Who were so damn naive to believe terrorism was only an issue because of the last president.  These are the ones who like to look the other way instead of acknowledging there are women suicide bombers taking us out or hindering the mission. Case in point the two women suicide bombers during what was called as the “24hrs of hell” in Iraq.

You can make up a bogus story with a detainee claiming “torture” and list the name of a fictional name as the one doing the questioning and state they work for the CIA and you would have everyone within hours screaming for there prosecution, stating they are a *republican*, and not once will you see anyone asking for evidence. What I hate the most about this past two years is that you are now considered *guilty* and tried in the court of public opinion instead of a court of law. Next thing you know the medias picking up the story and not one person checks the facts.

Get ready to see the words of Senators et al used as propaganda by our enemies to justify there cause and to recruit for THERE fight and gain more members by stating our very own politicians believe we are “war criminals” so killing us is justified. Look for more so called *incidents* like above from Iraqi officials wanting United States Soldier’s turned over to them for some made up offense that I am sure we will see articles on soon attempting to prove that the soldier was wrong. And when you see that shit, ask yourself who gains what from painting us in a bad light.  Pay close attention to the words being used because as I have stated before, there will be those who will regret there words because they will be used as propaganda and they will be seen again because of ignorance.

Some in these countries are looking for the chance for retribution and the ability to lock soldiers up for whatever cause they believe in. They would not of even thought to even utter anything like this within the last administration. Turn soldiers over into there custody. If this administration supports this, turning people over for some witch hunt chaos would erupt.  Watch.  What will they do when they use there own words to recruit for terrorist groups by showing videos and playing feedback of the eleted pandering officials spewing the *war crime* meme and *truth commission* narrative?  We are talking life and death the ability to execute a mission and come back safely or not at all.

Do they even get the fact that they are ruining lives and doing damage? How can anyone be that ignorant and not realize they have handed them power.  They don’t have to work with us or anything else! They now have a recruitment tool for there cause.  Now they can show: ” that soldiers are  torturin *evul americans* committing war crimes”.  Then they can zoom in and use the words of the elected pro terrorist sympathisers acting righteous calling for truth commissions after the fact.  I was 100 percent correct weeks ago that something like this would happen because I saw what others didnt.  I cant even believe this man can utter the words to ask  to turn over a U.S soldier on something manufactured. What is sad is the fact that he felt he could ask as if this administration would say yes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the true feelings of the new anti military crowd. I honestly could picture a speech about:

” how we should just turn them over despite it being a witch hunt, because we have a moral obligation to the global community after the last administration  to have a higher moral standing because we are all citizens of the world.”

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