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Thank You John Edwards

May 1, 2009

As well as the Democratic Party! Way to screw the knife in and twist it around for reminding us, yet again how politics work. Yes, we know Edwards was only there to skewer the votes. Seriously do people believe no one pays attention or grasp the true intent of Edwards during the campaign? Puh-Leeze. I don’t think people truly grasp the level of anger and bitterness about what happened. Are they serious?  Hell hath no fury and all that but even more, on live national television, they TOOK away delegates and gave them to another candidate that willingly took themselves off a ballot!!  On live national television!!! Then, guestimated, yes, GUESTIMATED, it doesn’t matter that it’s not a word, and did some ol rinky dinky math to spread the wealth delegates!

To make matters worse and this is what makes my blood literally boil, you had people donating from countries that don’t exist, cartoon characters making donations and people damn near using there sears card to contribute.  But no, the deal breaker was watching live the DNC convention as people cast there votes enthusiatically towards Obama in states CLINTON goddamn WON! Then attempted to tell us that WE had to fall in. Hell no, I wanted Hillarycare but noo they said over and over everything was *just like hillary’s*. Bullshit.  Hell yeah I am still angry. Look at what we have now. There is no way in hell if our SOS would of been president  and allow a agency to label us terrorists right wing or otherwise in a report.

Speaking of Napolitano who is currently live on Fox news wearing a shirt that resembles the hide of a dead cow.  A question would be why that report is not being investigated.  Even more, the more she talks, the less I believe. Why the hell are they bringing all of this up again? Even more, someone really needs to understand Napolitano is inspiring positively ZERO good feelings and thoughts.  After the intel from that DHS report the only way I will believe anything from this administration is if Secretary of  State Clinton sends me a memo authorizing me too with the signatures of every single missing officer to include past and present. 10 CIA officers, 5 FBI, 6 Republicans & 1,000 disgruntled veterans.

Based on what we know now, Edwards did not have a prayer of a chance and either the Democratic party did not vet him and find out about this or his purpose was to keep blond ambition from making it to the finish line. Okay, I need to get off this subject because my boyfriend knows this is a touchy subject still and he is tired of listening to me state that we need a do over while I tap out this post. But seriously, what they are doing with Spector, guaranteeing him PA without even caring that people have to vote proves what happened in this past election. How can anyone be 100 percent sure a year and a half before an event even happens that he will win? See? Point made.  But it’s all good.  Some are walking towards the end of there careers and don’t even realize it. It’s amazing people think everything is just “forgotten” .

Let’s see, what did Donna say? Hmmm. Oh yeah, to stay home on election day. Yep. Ms Brazille had the balls nerve to say *STAY HOME* and that the Democratic party would be led by the youth. Or her infamous, “my momma taught me” moment during a committee that was suppose to be up front the entire time instead of being behind closed doors after there lunch break.  So why was Edwards running for President when his affair and extracurricular activities would be discovered. Why was Richards when he was doing illegal things as well.  They knew this stuff would come up unless they were naive enough to believe if they won there secrets would not be discovered. Because if Edwards would of won and this would of came out? The Democratic parties big tent would turn into a shelter half. Plus someone would of waited to break the story until after the nomination to ensure as much bad impact as possible.

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