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Let’s Keep it Real and Let the Record Show

May 2, 2009

This is not for the weak or  faint of heart and I will challenge/debate anyone who would attempt to disagree without providing the facts to support there claim.  This is a very sensitive subject but for some reason they are opening up old wounds with rehashing the primaries.  Taylor has a article titled No Daylight that I don’t agree with at all when it comes to Secretary of State Clinton and Mark Penn. Yes, he is garbage, I could of done a better job. But a couple of things to point out because for some reason there is this belief that the Obama campaign was the best run campaign in political history.

Bullshit. It was the best PR stunt/event in history. Look, one thing about the court of public opinion, if you tell people something long enough they will begin to believe it. For instance Polls. Hell they used them against us in the primaries to attempt to beat down HRC’s support. The polls were bogus.  A fake swell of online presence and ground support to give the navel gazing media the opportunity to report things that were not even remotely true.  But to even pretend that this was historical? Yeah, it actually was historical.  The first time race baiting was used to such  advanced degree.  Even more, the media bias was astounding during the primary that is why it is literal Karma now how everyone get up in arms because ALL stations aren’t navel gazing.

A day didn’t go by when every old liberal democrat didnt drag themselves to a camera to tell HRC to “step down”.  She is *hurting* the party, when if it was not for her, said party wouldnt have the White House.  But this is interesting from Taylors article:


So if anyone can sense Obama’s high flying performance as president, as well as the reaction from Americans but also the entire world, it’s . Obama’s stature is something she has to respect, because he’s proven that in this time and place there’s no one else who can match it. It’s ’s time and if anyone knows this it’s Hillary.

There is also reality. Presidents hire, but they can also fire, which applies to everyone in his cabinet, including Secretary Clinton.

Stature?  What stature? Respect? Has to respect? Respect is earned.  As for no one being able to *match it*? Like there are no more legitimate AAs that can accomplish anything? Hell let me be president for a day and I would give you a plan for Iraq, Afghanistand and Pakistan with one hand tied behind my back.  This whole *it’s his time* meme is naive.  We are facing unprecedented situations simutaneoulsy and people are concerned about *time* in our history?  Playtime is over. On the real?  The reason why the situation is as it stands now is because although some don’t trust anyone in this administration, they are willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because certain individuals are within this cabinet. People can lie to themselves if the want but they better wake up and see the writing on the wall.  Everyone is not happy and if some would take the time and utilize there own minds and think they would see people are pissed.  They might want to stop believing the allusion that all us *black folk* are just escatic. There are going to be some really embarrassed individuals when they realize that this *groundswell* is all bullshit.  All of this shit is manufactured. Fed to people by Roland Martin, Brazille and Sharpton that entire *it’s racist*.  Life is great for those who agree. But those that don’t? I know first hand from experience exactly what happens when you actually speak up. They dont’ care who you are, that your not an elected official, they will attack you, use individuals to access your records and anything else.  For some reason I made it on the so called *radar* and  you would of thought I was part of Al qaeda.

But people don’t like to hear the truth because it would ruin there false sense of happiness because they voted on *emotions*. They dont want to see the evidence and proof to support your claims or read the hate mail, remarks or threats.  They want to believe in something so badly they ignore the truth.  They fail to realize that this country is not what it is today based on one man or for that matter woman.  WE are what binds this country together and not the idealogy nor the *catchy* phrases of an administration. How hard is it to think for yourself and actually just research on your own and quit refering to yourselves as if you reside in another country. As if your *party affiliation* is equivalent to this country. People are tired of listening to excuses of what the *past administration* has done or that they *inherited* this from the past administration or how our moral standing is bad based on the last administration. Who would want to be allies with any country that has done what agencies within this administration  has done? Do people get what has been done to us? They labeled us fucking future disgruntled right wing terrorists, countless and I mean countless articles bashing military AND vets and so much more, thats documented for those who want to act as if it’s all talk. For every denial made, there is evidence to support my claim.

Overall, I don’t know why people are bringing this up but what I do know is that history will tell a story based on the words and actions of those in the past.

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  1. JUSDATRUTH permalink
    May 5, 2009 3:30 pm

    You are so wrong. Now , if we are going to bring up facts then let’s do so. First off, how noble of you to judge a man before he has had time to do his job. Which I might add, he started doing November 5, 2008. (a fact) Then, to discredit the millions of people who helped shape his campaign, is a slap in the face. I didn’t have to be told anything long enough to believe it, I seen it for myself. So, please don’t play me that small. His campaign was smart, it was brilliant. Just ask John McCain, or even his campaign manager. And Taylor was right. Hillary has no choice but to respect him. She thought she could attack her way to a nomination. She never came off to me or plenty of our fellow citizens as being sincere. She is not the voice of every woman, she does not represent me. Everytime she was asked a question, she always attacked Obama instead. When I am asked a question, I answer. I don’t switch the subject. I don’t feel like I have to attack someone else to get my point across. As shown in the primaries, it was not her time. Nothing naive about that, it’s the truth. If it wasn’t, then why didn’t Hilary win?
    The phrase Yes We Can, coined by OUR President’s administration, was just build it and it will come. It also happens to be the truth. Only difference is now it is Yes we did! Obama is humble. He thanked numerous times the American people. (In Grant Park, November ,2008) Also on the mall, January 20,2009, and all the dates in between.
    Furthermore, as for what has been done, exactly what are you talking about? We must not live in the same America. Because NOW, we don’t have to worry about being stabbed in the back. We don’t have to sleep with one eye open. Something we were doing while Bush was in office. I don’t care what Cheney says about us being exposed and being an easy target. That is garbage. On January 20, 2009 everybody was rejoicing! Except for Mc Cain supporters, Bush Supporters, and Hilary Supporters who are still disgruntled about Obama being the President.
    If anything Hilary should be grateful, because Obama decided to put her in his administration. Something i’m not too sure I would’ve done. Time will tell.

  2. soldier4hillary permalink*
    May 8, 2009 1:27 pm

    That is the wonderful thing about opinions, we are all entitled to them. I am not *disgruntled*, I am realistic.

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