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Providing more Legal Protection for Terrorism Suspects: Military Commission Trials to Commence

May 2, 2009

Let’s see. They terrified and terrorized the people of New York with a fly over for a picture op reminiscent of 9/11.  The DOJ wanted to try detainee’s in federal courts in New York.  Pilots can’t carry licensed weapons, detainee’s were going to be housed here and provided with “free money” etc etc. .. Now, our very own mainstream media loves to join in on the love fest to prove that the most important individuals in this new administration just don’t happen to be us.  This is me calm because in all actuality? Furious:

The Obama administration is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting terrorism suspects held at a detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, even though the president has criticized the system in the past, the New York Times reported. Officials told the Times the administration’s first public moves on the issue could come as early as next week. The plan would amend the system created by former president George W. Bush to provide more legal protections for terrorism suspects.

More legal protection for terrorists?  Why not just come out and state there citizens of the U.S  and deserve the same rights as we do. But even more, I understand the rules of law. But I have seen the damage first hand of what these people do and are capable of and believe in me, they don’t give a flyin flip about whether the fact there actions have resulted in shrapnel causing chunks of skin and bone missing from a limb causing it to look sunk in.  But no, let’s provide more protections for terrorism suspects. Or disfigurements that require reconstruction to your face, arms or legs because we extend our hands daily to do a job but for some reason they still attempt to take it off. But no, let’s provide more legal protetion for terrorists.

You know, because when you have individuals like the two women suicide bombers responsible for the recent attack refered to as the “24hrs of Hell”.  I am sure that there are those thinking at that time that we should provide more legal protection for there actions.  We get the message loud and clear. I am under no misconceptions whatsoever about anything because actions speak louder than words and the writing on the wall is huge. This bypasses polls, opinions, remarks and speeches.  It is a whole lot bigger than what some even realize. Yes there will be repurcussions because you cannot spend over a year and a half constantly making statements to give the impression that terrorists rights are more imporantant than our own.

Or spend more time defending the ones who would see us wiped off the map than spend time standing behind the ones defending your own country. I have documented this entire thing because one day history will tell the story how we seem to be attacking our own. Proof. Evidence. Supporting information to prove a point. It’s not like it was hidden, it was plain to see for anyone wanting to see it.  The anti military articles, the soldier bashing, the threats, hate, negativity.   I tracked it all because it allows me to understand what I am witnessing now. There will come a time when some will regret there actions and when that time comes I will have zero sympathy because we should of been the last ones to get sold out. Some  might want to go back through there archives and look at some of there stories and articles and the type of  hateful and deragotory comments that look like they were written by Al Qaida or the Taliban that they allowed and then turn around and read there own writing now on how they always talk about “hate” and stereotypes. I sure did.  Then go back and read the DHS report.

Let’s look at some recommendations online which make you really wonder exactly who and where these *suggestions* come from.  Makes you wonder if you will see this “recommendation” in some agencies report. Or who agenda it serves:


Yes, this is important because I have seen remarks and comments online manage to make it into reports so I wouldn’t be suprised if we begin to hear them call for the new “detention center” to be put in DC.  You can read more here.  But even more:


State Secrets

habeas corpus

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  1. Providing more Legal Protection for Terrorism Suspects: Military Commission Trials to Commence
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