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Senior Military Officials Weigh in On H1N1 Antiviral Medicine

May 2, 2009

As everyone scrambles to blow up this manufactured crisis in regards to the virus formerly known as Swine Flu. On a side note, does it not feel like we are going through a plague or bad luck as we keep having incidents that seem to appear to be pushing for a certain goal for a certain reason to achieve a certain outcome? Don’t hate the player hate the game.  I believe 100% there is more. But anyway…  Once again leadership is found within the ranks, as well as common sense. FYI?  This is an example of leadership and looking out for those you are tasked to represent:

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2009 – Senior military health officials are warning against taking antiviral medicines to fight the H1N1 flu virus until a doctor has confirmed the diagnosis.Most patients treated at military medical treatment facilities for flu-like symptoms don’t actually have the H1N1 or any other kind of flu virus, officials said.

“Everything that looks like flu is not flu. Most of the cases where people think they have the flu, they actually have some other respiratory disease,” said Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Wayne Hachey, director of preventive medicine for the Defense Department’s health affairs office.

Taking the flu medicine without having the virus causes several problems, Hachey said. First, the medicine will have no effect on what actually ails the patient, so the symptoms may only get worse.

Pause.  First, is it just me or does it sound like someone wants us, the military, take anti viral medication even though as the article states, it could cause medical problems? Are they fucking crazy?  But hold on, theres more, and of course I had to put my tinfoil hat on because I really hate to say it but I honestly don’t trust to much of anything.  But let’s look back at the article: 

The antiviral medicine does not act like a flu vaccine to prevent the flu. Taking the antiviral medicine before diagnosis simply depletes the national stockpile available to those actually diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, Hachey said.

Finally, Hachey warned that all drugs have potential side effects. “Taking a medication that you don’t need subjects you to increased risks,” he said.

I would be in Leavenworth.  I am not taking, if even bought up, anything because I am sure they have zero idea how it will interact with various medications because they have researched nothing.  Giving some new anti virus meds to those in WTBs who are going through treatment and not knowning how it will interact with other medicines is a literal suicide mission/plan.   See this is why it’s hard for me to trust this administration because they put things out sometimes that would benefit those that would seek to do this country harm.  Do they know how easy it would be for someone to use it as a opportunity to bring down our military fighting force? Good god even the most naive person knows this! We have so many contingency plans in place to combat and fascilitate these type of things.  Believe me, we are waaayyy ahead of the game versus our civilian counter parts.  But it’s all a moot point anyway , speaking plainly for better understanding? “I ain’t taken nothing from these anti military individuals running around here.  Plus after that kerkuffle a while back about a company  putting live viruses into there vaccines. NO thank you. In my opinion this is all suspect and I wouldn’t put it past anyone to cause a fake crisis that is supposedly affecting the “globe” to attempt to pull off some new kind of international world order meme.  Yeah, my tin foil hat is spinning but I like to research since the MSM lacks the balls to do so cause there scared to be *gasp* racist.  It’s amazing. There are so many holes and gaps and red flags with this virus formely known as Swine Flu  narrative a 5th grader could *break*the story.

I guess being held hostage by the race card is powerful indeed.  How does it feel to be owned to the point you can’t even write what you want or report what is true?  Even more question.  It’s like watching a train wreck. That if you even attempt to say something different your called racist and attacked. Sometimes I feel sorry for the bloggers that became no more than lackeys regurgitating talking points. Believe in me, sometimes it’s amusing  watching people with the same talking points refer to themselves as if they are a entire subgroup in itself.  A I really doubt after this we will have another african american president anytime soon.  All people will remember is how everything they say is racist, from asking questions, to not agreeing. Anyone doubting that should really stop lying to themselves and ask them if this was someone like, oh lets say Gov Palin. Take everything everyone is oh so scared to talk about and turn it around and apply it to them and then ask yourself if there is a difference. People are hypocrites. Seriously. If  an article was written stating Palin was wearing a five hundred dollar scarf made with bear skin supposedly made by a detainee…the liberals would be exploding  and combusting all over the place attempting to prove she was out of touch based on the economy, while screaming “release all detainees even if they are guilty because it’s the moral thing to do” as there rallying cry.  Even more, if the past administration would of suggested we take a antiviral medicine for some new manufactured mysterious virus they would of been ran out of the white house by people with pitch forks.   THIS is why people are “disgruntled”.  The double standard is so huge it’s sickening.  People can’t help but wear the proverbial “tin foil hat” because everything looks suspect.

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