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The True Realities of War

May 4, 2009

I was never a supporter of the idea of allowing the media to be there during the arrival of flag drapped  coffins of our returning soldiers in Dover like the ones pictured below:


I did not support the idea based on a hidden agenda, but the belief that one day it will be used as propaganda for someones campaign to sell there agenda.  I have seen individuals stoop to all time lows, do and say just about anything for personal gain.  Because when I first viewed the photo on a blog, my first instinct was anger because I believed it was used as a prop to push a point.  But my point is this for those who support us.  Don’t do it only when we come back like this but do it to help ensure that we don’t.  There are so many factors that can cause so many outcomes.  Political posturing can be seen everywhere.  From the smallest things to ensuring we have the necessary protective gear and equipment to the most basic supplies.

One thing I have learned is that actions speak louder than words.  Because it’s human nature to tell people what they want to hear, while doing what some don’t expect you to do.  Believe me, it pays to discover, because when I managed to stumble across the fact that our funding was tied in to Gitmo it was sickening.  Because I knew and realized it for what it was.  The actions of those who would rather see every mission we have fail just to cater to one group of people. The logistics of closing Gitmo are astounding especially when you take some things into consideration. First, the military aspect in reassigning those stationed there.  Also, the civilian contracters who realized that there jobs have just been stripped from them, just to ensure someones *base* remains excited and motivated.

To find out within a year that you will no longer have the ability to support yourself and your family in a split second decision made without sitting down and outlining where to go from here.  Then you think of all the money gone out the door for builiding and construction of various facilities. No contingency plan or ideas or even speaking and planning with the foreign countries and allies who are there as well.  What will they do when the individuals who no longer have job security because no one seems to no what will happen next, ask questions? People livlihoods are on the line while the MSM cheers on the sidelines.

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