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Department of Homeland Security and there Dictionary

May 5, 2009


*special note: the certificate is fake, found it online and thought it hilarious, laugh when you can and how you can sometimes, anyway they really don’t issue out these certificates, well right now

Oh god the Department of Homeland Security is at it again!  They created a dictionary that is just over the top. What the HELL is going on? It is on Fox right now and I am just damn near amazed. Anyone wanting to truly see and know that the DHS report was truly a straight character hit job, look at the REAL annual report that the Department of State has to brief yearly on Terrorism for Congress created by the SOS for this years briefing. This is just bad and makes us look bad and yes, they are right, it is one hell of a morale dropper when it seems your own government agencies are out to make you out to be the bad guy.  The SOS needs to get into the DHS Secretaries ass on this because this is just plain damn piss poor. Her and her crew need to head over there and explain to her how this affects national security, as well as those tasked to protect and execute it.

Better yet, no, there needs to be some hirin and firin going on. To many things are happening right now world wide than to have to deal with agencies defeating the purpose. Some people can’t do everything at some point you need to have reliable people in position so you don’t have to worry about doing everyones job.  This reminds me of a story when I worked in the Orderly Room. When I used to get the reports at the beginning of each month, the UCFR (Unit Commanders Finance Report), 162, 095 or C10, just to name a few. Well, of course the UCFR was the commanders report but before I would give it to him, it would go to the 1SG.  But before it went to her, I would do all the work. Why? Cause when you have experienced trustworthy individuals in place, you trust the work they do. So I would go through with th162 and make sure everyone who was on it was there and if they were not, I did a memo to add them on as well as providing the supporting documentation like there orders arriving them to the group, battalion and unit to attach it to the memo. If there was someone that was not suppose to be there, I would do a memo to remove them and provide supporting documentation for why they should be removed ie a copy of there ETS or PCS orders.

Then I would check to ensure whatever entitlements like BAS or BAQ was on there for those who were suppose to recieve it and if there was someone on there that should be getting an entitlement that didn’t reflect on the report. I would go to there file and pull there 4187 or 5960 showing there BAS or BAQ was already submitted depending on whichever it happened to be or if it wasn’t completed, I would do the paperwork to include the supporting documentation showing they were authorized the entitlement, ie marriage certificate, apt or mortage contract certified by the commander.

After ALLLLLL of this was done, THEN I would place a routing coversheet on the 1SG folder and place it in her inbox with ALL the SUPPORTING documentation for her to review before she initialed off on the routing slip and gave it back to me to give to the Commander. But better believe, even with ALL of the supporting documentation given, if SHE had a question, you better provide a answer that is verifyable because shit rolls down hill.  Cause that report once it is turned in by me to our higher headquarters goes to someone else, who answers to someone else. And when that “someone else” has to ask questions to the first “someone else” based on what WE turned in. It better be correct.

Because ALL reports have a purpose that ties into a bigger picture. Mission readiness. Yeah , I could go on and on about this but the point I am making is that I am trying to prove a point that when mistakes are made with reports “I am sorry” just don’t cut it. This information was sent out to agencies to include local law enforcement who use this to do there job.  So what happens when they utilize this bogus info and end up targeting a person or group based on a report that has bad information?  When you have to look to your higher headquarters to provide information, you want to be able to trust the information and trust the individuals providing it.

This isn’t the “campaign trail” with *gotcha* moments where you can retract the info or come out with an apology. Lives, LIVES are on the line and the individuals tasked to do these jobs deserve better.  You can’t lift our moral standing by stripping away the morale of others to do there job. My point is that there seems to be a lack of some kind of coc in DHS. Someone needs to start putting individuals in place that can do the job and realize the importance of it and do it quickly because at this point, there are only a handful of people I feel comfortable with and I doubt those individuals can be everywhere at once.

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